Summer Property Maintenance Tips

Preventative maintenance beats reactive maintenance any day. Small, consistent investments in maintaining the quality of your property will save you time and money. You can avoid the headaches surrounding unexpected fixes by following this summer maintenance guide from rental property management in Fort Worth TX.

Plant Growth

While small weeds and tree shoots may look harmless initially, the damage caused by their roots is pricey. During summer months, Fort Worth real estate management plan regular property walk-throughs to ensure growth is not occurring beneath concrete surfaces. Fort Worth rental management knows the importance of avoiding pavement fixes and resurfacing due to overgrowth. Also, watch for growth encroaching on walls or houses of others’ properties, or near by AC units or power lines. Overgrowth of this kind can prove annoying at best and hazardous at worse. Keeping your landscaping in check is an important part of your summer task list.

Air Conditioner and Electrical Units

Replacing AC filters monthly is a good standard practice; however, if your tenants do not keep up on monthly replacements, rental property management in Fort Worth ensures that unit filters are fresh before and after the summer heat. This step is vital to increasing the life of your systems. Replacing filters as well as getting in your annual servicing of the unit before the brutal heat of the summer hits will keep your tenants happy and your pocketbooks fuller by avoiding early system failures. And in addition to your AC units, quickly checking other electrical features for damage will help you avoid fire hazards.


Insects can be an issue for any rental. Fort Worth rental management takes precautions to curb the problem before it becomes a full-fledged infestation. During summer months Fort Worth real estate management will repair property windows and screens. Tears in screens or gaps in frames can allow for bugs to invade the property. Making these small repairs upfront will help you avoid the issue altogether. Regular pest control extermination can also prevent long-term pest problems and keep tenants happy.

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way as an investment to avoid larger, long-term problems. Before you begin your summer fun, follow these few tips for preventative summer maintenance. Fort Worth rental management knows that one of the best ways to avoid middle-of-the-night calls and tenant and management frustrations is by being a proactive landlord. Schedule a quick inspection today.

Knowing Where to Buy Your Rental Property

The old adage of “location, location, location” still stands today. When selecting a good rental property, Fort Worth property managers advise sizing up a few key aspects of the area to determine whether the property is a worthwhile investment.

Get to Know the Locals

Take some time with the people in the area. Property managers in Fort Worth TX will evaluate the quality of surrounding neighborhoods, check for significant numbers of vacancies, and have a pretty good idea of the demographics of future tenets before moving forward with a property purchase. If you’re near a university, your tenets may consist mostly of students. Knowing this can help you evaluate whether or not you would like to manage a property with consistent turnover such as student housing. A property management company in Fort Worth TX will also use government resources when available to look up crime statistics and any other available information on registered offenders and crime history in the area that could help avoid making a poor purchase decision.

Think Like a Renter

After meeting with people from the neighborhood, you should have a better idea about the demographic of your future tenants and what some of their goals might be. If you anticipate renting to families, property managers in Fort Worth know that schools and job opportunities are important to these tenants. Doing a little research on educational and employment options in the area will not only help you know if the location is a worthy investment, it will also help you in future marketing if you choose to purchase the property. Fort Worth property managers know stable companies and quality schools will ensure the area does not lose its property value over time.

Go in with Your Eyes Wide Open

In the end, a property is never an investment if it does not turn the necessary profits. A property management company in Fort Worth TX might face varying property taxes. Know your long-term tax costs to better evaluate your somewhat predictable cost-profit ratios. Taxes can bleed you dry if you are not careful in understanding up front what is expected of your building type in that city. Each city can also have individual limitations on building permits or future development permits. Doing this research before you purchase the property will ensure you don’t find yourself stuck with a headache later.
Location, location, location. It will either make you or cost you money.

Be the Best Fort Worth Property Management Landlord

Property management in Fort Worth put simply means dealing with people and things. People have unpredictable lives and things can break. New property owners do not always realize that managing property and houses is also managing relationships. Thinking of the individual while making management decisions can make a difference in how you respond to situations. Understanding a few steps to prepare yourself to work with people and things will make you a better landlord.

Consider the Things

Getting a unit rent-ready is a vital step in get that home rented. Never try to rent the home before the work is finished. Potential tenants shouldn’t have to try to imagine what a home might look like when repairs and remodels are done. You want your property to be as inviting as possible when it is shown. Completing repairs and maintaining the “things”  are money saving decisions that prevent bigger repairs later and can shorten the number of vacancy days of your property. Appliances and electrical units like air conditioners are also maintained for easier Fort Worth rental property management.

Consider the People with the Things

Always being prepared is a good rule of thumb for property management in Fort Worth.  A mistake many landlords make is not budgeting for future maintenance problems. A good estimation is to have at least one months rent in savings for possible repair needs. Here is where it effects the people. The number one reason for tenant turnover in the rental industry is maintenance requests that get no response. Imagine living in a home with plumbing problems, or heating problems and the problem never goes away. For the tenant the fix for the problem could soon be moving out to a new residence. And tenant turnover will always cost the property owner more money in unit preparation to re-rent on top of the repairs already needed. So good Fort Worth property management means being conscientious of the needs of the tenants and responding quickly to those needs.

Be the Landlord You Would Want

So if tenant turnover is caused by non-responsive maintenance request, then it is easy to understand why the number one Fort Worth property management focus is on tenant retention for your investment’s success.  Your tenant is your rental customer. Successful business keeps the customer happy so they keep wanting to buy what you have. In real estate that means you want your tenants to want to stay in your property. Communication, quick response to maintenance requests, and attentive managing all help the tenant landlord relationship. When you are the landlord that you want to have, your tenants will feel a genuineness to your business relationship. Then you are managing people and the things with financial success.

Why Are Regular Property Inspections a Good Idea?

To help Fort Worth property managers know what is really happening with their property, regular inspections of your property scheduled with professional trained inspectors can save you money down the road. If you are only inspecting your property when a tenant moves out, you are not allowing yourself to know how to best take care of your property when a fixable problem occurs during an occupancy time. As tenants see you care for your property, they will have more care as well.

Regular Inspections Catch Problems Early

It is a good Fort Worth property management strategy to make sure your rental property is regularly inspected. You should plan and schedule regular inspections of your property on a quarterly or semiannual basis to make sure you keep ahead of problems before they turn into expensive repairs. These inspections can be scheduled during the leasing process and be part of the leasing agreement.

Good Communication

Fort Worth property Managers should take photographs of the property and outline a regular schedule of inspection at the time of lease signing where this schedule can be clearly communicated. This helps the renter know that the property owner cares about proper care of the property and plans to keep up on the maintenance of the home. Renters should have an advanced notice before each inspection. Knowing that plumbing, water heater, exterior, and other potential problem areas will each be carefully inspected for potential problems communicates a proactive attitude towards the care of your property. Renters then learn to help watch on their own for potential problems to catch these problems early. During the inspection it is a good idea to use photographs to help document and identify areas that need attention. A Fort Worth management company can help identify these potential problems while they are small and still an easy fix at little cost.

As the owner, you want to know what is happening with your investment. Online owner portal allows you to view inspection and maintenance reports as well as uploaded pictures of your property at the time of inspection.

Regular Inspections Can Help Assure Lease Compliance

During inspections it is easy to also evaluate lease compliance with little additional disruption. The number of occupants in the home, the number and kinds of pets, and other issues connected with lease compliance can each be evaluated while checking for building or appliance problems and mechanical issues. This can be done discreetly and with respect to the tenant.

Regular inspections can only benefit your Fort Worth property management situation, protecting both you and your tenant. It gives you the opportunity to make sure your property is not in any code violation, it keeps you in aware of any landlord tenant issues, and helps you monitor  real estate regulation compliance.