Faster Leasing For Property Management in Fort Worth TX

specializedrpmVacancies mean profit losses. Long vacancies is also not good for maintaining a property. Understanding how to fill empty properties faster will help maintain a steady cash flow and actually help to maintain your property. Here are a few tips to get  you started in the right direction.


Ensuring your property is ready to go from the front curb, throughout the unit, and to the back fence is what should be expected by “rent-ready.” Property management in Fort Worth TX knows that showing a property before it is completely ready can actually extend your vacancy period. Finalize all clean-up and repairs before you start advertising or showing your property.

Start Outside

Having a curb appeal for potential renters will encourage people to come in and take a look around on the inside.

Pull up to the curb of your unit yourself and do an honest evaluation of what you see. Would you want to rent the property yourself based on first appearances? Your Fort Worth property management company will cover the yard work and general repairs. Without a good start on the outside, you’ll risk potential renters leaving before even taking a look at what the inside has to offer.

Safety and Security

Safety should also be a top priority when preparing for a new tenant. Re-keying should be standard, as well as checking detectors like smoke, radon, and carbon monoxide. Property management in Fort Worth TX will help ensure you follow all regulations required for the safety and security of new tenants.

Finish Inside

Complete all repairs and remodeling before showing the unit, and always clean up after work. A Fort Worth property management company will ensure a rental  home is professionally cleaned and ready to be moved into. Check all appliances to ensure things are ready to go working properly.

Rent Cycle for Fort Worth Property Management

HOMESpecialized is the Fort Worth property management that knows the leasing cycle from rent-ready to lease renewal.

An important first step in that cycle is having your property rent-ready. Understanding what it means to have your property ready to show and move in can significantly reduce the number of vacancy days your property has. Property management in Fort Worth TX that takes the steps to prepare a rental property before it is ever shown to prospective tenants or even advertised will have greater rental success.

When a unit is vacant immediately make sure you have the property re-keyed. This is often a legal requirement in many places. It is a important safety precaution for you and your prospective tenants. Install a lock box for the convenience of future showings with leasing agents.

Now is a great time to take care of any repairs and remodels. But make sure that all cleanup is done before showing a home. Always remember safety and take care of any broken windows, mold, broken locks, exposed wires. The safety of your tenants should always be a priority to Fort Worth property management and should be taken care of long before someone is moving in.

Before you set that rent rate, Specialized can do a rent market analysis to determine the best rental rate for your specific location and unit.

When your home is professionally cleaned and all appliances checked and in working order, you are getting closer to being rent-ready. Keep utilities on so prospective tenants can really see what the property looks like in any weather and any time of day.  

Finally, take a good look at your property from the curb. Does it have that curbside appeal that will give the positive first impression you want. Just a little initial effort will make a big difference towards your leasing your property quickly and ensuring your investment is giving you a return.