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When working with people, their stuff, and real estate, you know that you will have plenty of legal things to consider. Mistakes can be costly and even cause you to lose your rental investment options. So proper management and understanding the law is more than important for Aledo property management companies. Here are 3 legal mistakes landlords should avoid.

1)  Never Refuse Repairs

A landlord has a legal obligation to provide a rental unit that is fit to live in. That usually means having utilities in good working order like heat, electricity, and clean water. States have laws of “implied warranty of habitability” for rentals to make sure that they are livable places. Roofs and windows are also needed to be kept safe and adequate. Leases and rental agreements can state who is allowed to make repairs, but ultimately the landlord is required to maintain the upkeep of a property. Refusing to make necessary repairs could lead to a lawsuit against the property owner.

2) Poor Tenant Screening practices

With careful property management, Aledo TX landlords will screen potential tenants. That’s a good idea. But choose your questions carefully. With the Federal Fair Housing Act, questions and screening processes cannot in any way be discriminatory. You cannot deny rental to someone based on race, religion, national origin, color, gender, disability, or family status. You can use standard screening tools such as credit checks, rental histories, criminal background checks, and even terrorist checks. Recognize the difference between discrimination and good business practices.

3)  Don’t Forget the right to Privacy

As much as Aledo property management companies and property owners feel they have a right to access to their rental property, once a tenant has signed a lease and the keys are handed over, that tenant has a legal right to privacy. A tenant should have at least 24 hour written notice that their home will need to be entered. Notice can be given about possible repairs or inspections that need to be done. Of course emergencies don’t require notice, but always try to be respectful to the tenant.

While many think that owning investment properties is an easy way to make money, the truth is that it takes a lot of hard work, time and dedication to turn a profit with these properties. This is why so many local real estate investors are turning to the Aledo, Texas property managers at Specialized for help. While the help of these professionals will cost you a little money, the benefits far outweigh the price you will pay for the provided services.

  • Stress Reduction: For many real estate investors, the greatest benefit of hiring professional property managers in Aledo, Texas is the amount of stress that is instantly gone! Good property management professionals will handle the majority, if not all, of the issues associated with your rental properties. This means that you will not have the stress and worry that comes with having to do all of these things on your own. Therefore, ultimately you are giving yourself a more enjoyable life when you hire an Aledo property management professional to manage your rental properties!
  • Customizable Services: One of the biggest misconceptions associated with property management in Aledo is that the services provided are “all or nothing,” meaning that if you have to pay for all of the services to get the one or two that you want. This isn’t true at all. In fact, we companies are willing to customize our services to meet your needs, as well as, your budget. You have the ability to be as involved or non-involved as you want!
  • Affordable: Another misconception regarding Aledo, Texas property managers and the services they provide is that they are not affordable and cost more than what they are worth. This also is false. First of all, your rental properties will benefit greatly from receiving specialized care from Specialized’s professional property management in Aledo, making it well worth the cost. Secondly, when you take the time to visit with our property management firm about the services provided and the rates, you’ll be surprised to find that they are affordable. Additionally, as mentioned above, Specialized Property Management offers customized services to ensure that clients are able to afford the services provided.

Above are just three of the many positives associated with property management in Aledo provided by Specialized. If you are interested in learning more about how our Aledo, Texas property managers can help your business boom, contact the professionals at Specialized Property Management. We will happily answer all of your questions and concerns!

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Rental Property Management Business Greener

Fort Worth property managersThe buzz word is green. Almost everywhere we hear about “going green”. Even if you don’t always eat granola or drive a hybrid car, you will agree that being environmentally responsible is a good idea. Responsible property management in Fort Worth TX could include changing a few habits around the office that help the environment. Here are just a few of many ideas that can be used right now to make an office, or home, more environmentally conscious.


— Light Bulbs

Check what types of lighting your office is using. LED lights use so much less energy and last longer than other types of light bulbs. It may seem like an expensive swap at first, but changing fluorescent and incandescent lights for LED is a wise investment for Fort Worth property managers to consider. Not just an energy choice, LEDs don’t contain mercury or toxic gases found in other types of bulbs.


–Ditch the plastic water bottle

Millions of tons of plastic waste is thrown away every year. Some of this waste can be avoided by replacing plastic water bottles in your office. Installing a water filtration system is a great way to save on water bottles. Your water may even be fresher and taste better. Now property management in Fort Worth TX can solve some of the world’s biggest problems with those conversations around the water cooler.


–Choose green vendors

Anything from paper, cleaning supplies, or other office supplies, consider buying for vendors and companies that offer green options and supplies. This could be natural soaps in your rest rooms or using products made from recycled materials. Supporting other companies concerned with the environment is a way to show your Fort Worth property manager’s green intents.


–What paper are you using

Much of our lives is now paperless, but paper is still necessary in an office setting. Look for PCW (post-consumer waste) paper options. This type of paper is made completely from paper that has been placed in a recycle bin.


–Look at your computer

It is easy to just walk away from your computer and have it ready to go the next day. A simple thing of putting your computer to sleep when not in use can save an average of $30 a year per computer and will use less energy.

Fort Worth property managers can do just a few seemingly small office changes that can have bigger environment effects in the long run. Every little caring act towards the planet we live on is great.

How to Handle a Tenant’s Noise Complaint

Denton property management
Handling various noise complaints when owning rental property is something any
Denton property management company will need to deal with from time to time. Noise problems can either come from the actual rental unit’s tenants or from the surround neighborhood and disturb your tenants.

Noise from Your Tenant

A noise issues should be addressed long before there is a problem. At the time of lease signing, noise expectations, quiet hours, and penalties for noise policy violations should be discussed and adequately explained and understood. Understanding policies up front is always a good Denton property management rule of thumb.  If a complaint is made about your tenant’s noise, let the tenant know that a complaint has been raised. Often good communication can resolve most situations before a full blown problem occurs. Repeated complaints need to be dealt with as explained in the lease. Always make sure that if a complaint is being made about your tenant that the complaint is legitimate.

Noise Bothering the Tenant

You can’t do too much about the noise someone else makes surrounding your rental unit. Again letting the person making the noise know about the situation with good communication may be all that’s need to resolve a problem. If communication doesn’t help the situation, learn what local quiet and curfew laws are in the area. Property management in Denton TX is a resource to help tenants feel comfortable in their homes and help resolve problems with favorable outcomes.

Your home is a place to feel safe and have peace. As much as you want your personal safe respected, be aware that you are also respecting the peace of others. Noise problems can quickly escalate to bigger problems. Never do anything illegal or damaging to the property of others in retaliation or out of frustration. Specialized is the property management in Denton TX that tries to choose rental units in peaceful neighborhoods, has clear lease agreements, and wants residents to feel at home. We also serve surrounding areas of Fort Worth, Aledo, Keller, Arlington.

Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention: What Property Owners & Landlords Need to Know

property management Fort Worth TXWhether from old buildings being renovated or lead in the water supply or recycling batteries, the potential for lead poisoning is real. Fort Worth property management companies need to be conscientiously concerned about the potential lead in rentals units that would negative health effects on tenants. Trey Brown is a metals toxicologist and faculty associate at the University of Texas at Arlington. He said  that, “childhood lead poisoning in the #1 environmental contaminant-driven disease in the country, and nobody knows this.” Responsible property management in Fort Worth TX requires strict attention to this environmental problem when renovating older rental properties.

Many homes that were built before 1978 may still have lead base paint on the walls. If the exterior of a home had lead based paint then there is also the possibility of the ground around the home having lead contamination. Lead can also be in the water and cannot be seen, tasted, or smelled. Older pipes were often lead or the soldering was lead.

Some tips for Fort Worth property management companies for lead paint in your rental unit:

–It is best to work with one room or area at a time. With heavy mil plastic sheets seal off doorways, vents, and any air ducts to prevent contaminated dust getting all over the house.

–If paint isn’t peeling, you can simply repaint over the lead based paint and “seal” the paint from being exposed. This isn’t a time to skrimp on paint price. Find a quality paint that will last and not just peel off in short period of time. The goal is to completely seal the old paint from exposure.

–If paint is peeling and needs to be removed, it may be best to hire a professional with experience with lead removal.

Choosing to remove lead paint means you need to take extra precautions to keep lead dust contained and keep your exposure at a minimum. Wear disposable work clothes, hair coverings, and gloves. Always use goggles and respirators.

Caring property management companies in Fort Worth TX know the condition of their rental units and the hazards that may need to be addressed with those properties. Where lead poisoning is something that can be prevented with proper care, let’s all work together in the goal to eliminate this hazard.