What Rights do Texas Tenants Have?

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As an Arlington rental property management company, knowing the laws and rights that protect tenants is crucial to avoid being in violation of these laws. Without careful adherence, a landlord might find him or herself legally unable to collect rent, facing heavy fines, or tied up in lawsuits within the court system. Arlington rental property management companies can provide expert support and training to protect you from these unwanted repercussions. Among others, here are some of the topics we can provide counsel on:

  • Landlords must provide a healthy and safe place to live.

SB 1448, effective January 1, 2010, legally obligates landlords to resolve conditions on the property that negatively affect a tenant’s safety or health, and authorize justices of the peace to enforce this measure. This means that a tenant can get a repair order directly from the court without needing to involve an attorney.

  • At the landlord’s expense, basic security must be provided.

Although Texas law permits some specific exceptions, an Arlington property management company must ensure security devices such as window latches, keyed deadbolt locks on exterior doors, and reasonable locks and protections on sliding doors.

  • Landlords must respect a tenant’s right to live in peace.

The law provides tenants what it refers to as the right to “quiet enjoyment.” Arlington rental property management companies cannot evict a tenant without proper cause. Interruption of the rental agreement terms by the landlord gives the tenant cause for legal action.

Landlords must be careful to fulfill all terms of the rental agreement and respect basic protections for a safe and healthy living environment. If a landlord is found in violation of a tenant’s rights, the tenant can take action to correct the violation (ex: initiate a repair if a landlord refuses or delays) and then subtract the cost of the action from their rent. The tenant can also involve the law and initiate a fine for the violation, or a formal lawsuit may be filed within the courts. You may think that because you own a property that your rights are more important. Your tenant even has legal protection from your entering your property without notice after it is leased. Ultimately, landlords should rely on their Arlington property management company to ensure they are always within the bounds of the law to avoid any of these unwanted repercussions.

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Negotiating Lease Agreements Takes Work

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Your lease agreement forms are legal and binding documents that can serve to protect both you and your tenants if drafted well. Quality forms don’t just happen, and need to include a lot more than simply that the property owner agrees to provide housing and the tenant promises to pay rent for that housing. Quality forms take time and effort, as well as the skills that come from experience in this industry. A well-written lease agreement will arm Arlington property managers with a tool that can help them succeed.

Arlington Property management companies can guide you through the process of drafting an adequate lease, and legal counsel from a licensed attorney can also be appropriate if you need help certifying the quality of the drafted document. But to get you started, here are a few items to consider including in a lease agreement.

  • Security Deposit Information

Texas law does not mandate a cap for security deposit amounts. The law does, however, require that a tenant receive the deposit back within 30 days of leaving the property. Detailed information about deposits for pets would also be appropriate if you choose to allow pets and require an associated deposit.

  • Rent Collecting Policies

To establish payment policies, you need to do more than merely document the rate and tell your Arlington property managers to collect payments. If you expect to see a monthly payment come your way you should clearly document and explain all aspects associated with the rent collection including:

    • Due dates
    • Location for submitting payments
    • Types of payments accepted
    • Fees charged for Insufficient Fund returns
    • Late fees
    • Pet fees

The expectations for each of these items could be documented in the lease agreement, and further explanation could be offered for each to ensure your future tenant clearly understands the what, when, and how.

  • Lease Termination Policies

If both parties agree to terminating a lease, there are no other legal boundaries in place that would prohibit the termination from happening. If one party, however, wishes to terminate and the other does not, the process to resolve this situation should be clearly outlined in the original lease.

  • Eviction Policies

Situations meriting an eviction can be quite sticky and are often a real pain. Having Arlington property management companies at your fingertips to help with this process can be really liberating to you as the owner. There are laws protecting tenants from evictions without cause and so understanding eviction laws and clearly documenting policies for all people involved can be incredibly important when the time for an eviction actually comes.

These topics are a good place to start, but if you’d like more help in drafting a well-written, quality leasing agreement, reach out to your Arlington property managers at Specialized.

Time Is Money: Making Sure Your Time Is Well Spent

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Often new property investors will come on the scene of property investment and think that they can be a one-man-band and run the show as a side job to make some extra cash. Property managers in Fort Worth, TX, however, know that there is more time involved to “running the show” than a few hours here and there. Investors often learn that a full-time commitment is more along the lines of what’s needed for effective property management. In the end, owners need to evaluate the worth of their time. Hiring professional property managers in Fort Worth, TX does cost money, but when crunching the numbers you will find that passing along time-consuming tasks can free up your time and run the business better. Consider passing on some of these time-consumers to a property manager:

The Tenant’s First Point of Contact

Filling vacancies means aggressive advertising that will generate lots of interested callers. If you don’t have time to give attention to those calls, you could become the roadblock to your own cash flow. Meeting potential tenants and doing walk-throughs of the rental property can be incredibly time consuming. Even after vacancies are resolved, midnight maintenance calls, chasing rent checks, and relationship mediation between tenants and neighbors are always a possibility waiting to eat away at your time.

The Office Work

Paperwork can seem never ending. Administrative office management record keeping, preparing reports, accounting, contracting maintenance, creating budgets, and writing lease agreements requires a lot of time. These tasks are all vital to the success of your business, and procrastinating the work can lead to disorganization, the loss of a potential tenants, or ultimately the loss of dollars. Careful management is key to maintaining a business. Why not let your business maintain itself with the help of Fort Worth property management companies?

The School Work

Did you know that you could be required to attend classes or meetings for your property? If your unit is in an Home Owners’ Association community, you need to represent the unit at association meetings. There are also a slew of management classes you can take to stay current about rental laws, tax information, and the latest approaches to property management. Community meetings, local board meetings, and property investment meetings can guide you through rental business. Having an expert on your team is an even better time saver.
Go ahead and crunch the numbers. The time (and consequently the money) you save by delegating these tasks to property managers in Fort Worth, TX means that these managers pay for themselves. Give the leading property management experts at Specialized Property Management a call to see how they can help save you time and headaches while they professionally take care of your property.

Monthly Review of Texas Economy for Fort Worth Property Managers

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Specialized Specialized Property Management keeps an expert eye on the economy to ensure our clients are well informed about the local and national trends in the rental market, and how the economy can have an impact on their bottom line both tomorrow and long-term. Informing our clients on economic trends empowers them to make strategic choices amid the ever-changing landscape of the real estate market. Our Fort Worth property managers are local experts that can help your business profit in any economy.

Texas Economy Overview

Our current economic status here in Texas is one of continual growth. Unemployment has dropped slightly and Texas-based companies are faring well on the stock market. Oil prices have slightly risen as well which is always good for Texas. Texas Leading Index shows two consecutive months of positive numbers.

Housing Market Overview

Housing sales have gone up. Particularly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area we’ve seen some growth thanks to new businesses attracting move-ins. Statewide we’ve seen a 2.1% increase in single-family housing construction permits, which is another solid indicator of the growing market. Housing supply hasn’t been able to keep up with demand, however, as a shortage of skilled labors or available developed lots slows new home construction. Still, numbers show that new home starts in the $300,000-$349,000 range jumped 81.2%. New homes at $200,000 and under dropped 14.6%. The demand for lower-priced housing is high, and again, there is not enough supply to meet the demand. Home prices may stabilize some, but trends are still predicting that prices will continue to inch in an upward fashion. Low-cost options will simply not be available for those on the hunt. To learn more about the current state of the Texas economy and the housing market visit https://www.recenter.tamu.edu/.

So What Now?

Potential buyers wanting a lower priced new home will either have to be patient and put their hopes on hold, or they may find themselves moving their search from a purchase to a rental. Preparing your properties to attract this type of potential renter allows you to target your marketing strategies to this audience. The market is hot and ready for summer renters, so get your management team ready for the summer fun.
For all your needs with property management in Fort Worth, TX, give Specialized Specialized Property Management a call. We will put you on the road for success if today’s changing real estate market.