911 for Rental Property Emergencies

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Arlington rental property management companies get their fair share of exposure to emergencies. Most of these emergencies don’t merit a 911 call, but in fact, make their way right to the manager’s phone at 1 am. Instead of calling to report break-ins, more often than not the calls report breakages. You may or may not be surprised at what renters occasionally feel merits a 1 am wake-up call, so it is important to lay appropriate parameters from the very beginning that can protect both the Arlington property management company and the tenant. If a policy is important, always, always, always get it in the leasing agreement. Having information about maintenance, non-emergency repairs, and emergency repairs in writing from the start establishes clear communication on the subject. Then continued communication about repairs breeds a positive relationship between the tenant and management.

The Landlord’s Responsibilities

Texas law requires property management companies to ensure conditions in rental units are healthy and safe for their tenants. This includes things like:

    • Damage caused by natural emergency situations like fire, flooding, and severe storms
    • Leaky roofs
    • Pest control for roaches, rats, mice, and bedbugs
    • Sewer leaks and plumbing problems that create health-hazardous situation
    • Dangerous exposed or faulty electrical wiring

The law requires that managers notify tenants in writing before entering a rental home; however, in emergency situations, like a broken water pipe, this law no longer applies, and the landlord can enter the unit without any advance notification to the tenant. Local laws can guide you in knowing the standard of repair and codes required of landlords.

A Tenant’s Responsibilities

While your Arlington property management company has certain legal obligations when it comes to maintenance and repairs for healthy and safe living circumstances, tenants also have responsibilities to maintain the property to a certain standard and to follow established protocol. As a general rule, maintenance and initial repairs for an issue are much easier to address and significantly cheaper than problems that have been allowed to fester and grow over time. A tenant has the obligation of preventing the unnecessary growth of issues by reporting concerns early. Before initiating any DIY efforts, tenants should always check with the Arlington property management company overseeing the property. Tenants are also required to keep up with rent payments and avoid excessive damage to the property. Either of these could be legal grounds for a landlord to refuse repairs.

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The Lease Agreement

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Property managers in Arlington, TX use the lease agreement to protect both themselves and their tenants. It is an important binding document detailing the exchange of money for the temporary use of property. Beyond this simplification of the agreement, the specifics can become much more complicated and can include topics like pets, late fees, repairs, or even whether or not a tenant can put nails in the wall. Although most rental agreements are relatively standard, Arlington property management companies have experienced enough in the world to know that renters come with their unique personalities and situations. Sometimes agreements need to be tailored. Through good communication and respect, property managers and tenants can work through the details of any circumstance to make the agreement to fit individual needs.

After the signatures are in place in a lease agreement, Texas law outlines three basic ways property managers in Arlington, TX can terminate the agreement.

The Lease Expires

Most lease agreements are established with an expiration date. At the conclusion of the agreed upon time, a landlord may invite a tenant to renew a lease, but renewal is entirely voluntary, and the original lease is no longer in effect. This is the easiest way to terminate a lease.

All Parties Agree to End

A tenant’s or property owner’s situation may change over time, and this unpredictable nature of life’s circumstances may lead to a party needing to terminate the lease before its formal expiration. Arlington property management companies are required by state law to release a tenant from obligations in the lease agreement when a protective order is issued because of domestic violence, and a tenant needs to move for safety reasons. A tenant called to active military duty is also released from agreement obligations if he or she gives a 30-day notice of cancellation. The original lease agreement should detail the terms in which a tenant may request an early cancellation for any other reason. Clearly defined terms and good communication are the keys to ensuring this process also remains respectful.

One Or More Parties Void the Terms

A violated lease is the most difficult situation in which an agreement ends. When terms of the agreement are violated by either the tenant, the property managers in Arlington, TX, or both, the agreement can become void. This is typically the most unpleasant reason for ending a lease agreement. An example of a void lease could happen if a property manager fails to abide Texas state codes requiring a property be maintained to a certain health and safety level. If tenants fail to pay rent or repeatedly break policies, Arlington property management companies can evict a tenant prior to the lease’s expiration date.

Even if a void lease is inevitable, to prevent the situation from becoming an unfriendly headache, try to apply some of these principles preemptively:

    • Communicate clearly and repeatedly in writing
    • Be respectful and courteous, even if the other party is not
    • Document everything
    • Ensure the lease is void before pressing the issue   

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Ten Ways Property Managers in Fort Worth, TX Calm Neighborhood Tension

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  • Communication

Clear communication is not only necessary between landlord and tenant, but also between landlord and neighbors. Always let the neighbors know when something happening to your property could potentially affect them.

  • Careful Tenant Screening

Having quality tenants in your rental will be appreciated by the neighbors. Respectful tenants take better care of your property and have better relationships with the neighborhood. Properly screening rental applications is the best way to find high-quality tenants.

  • Clear Expectations

When a lease is being signed, Fort Worth property management companies explain rental policies and property expectations before the home is occupied.  If policies are violated and a problem does occur, tenants already will know actions that need to be taken.

  • Noise Caused by Neighbors

Noise from neighbors can be frustrating. A friendly request is usually all that is needed to resolve a problem. But property managers in Fort Worth, TX should know local noise ordinances and be able to support tenants when there is a conflict.

  • Noise Caused by Tenants

The easiest way to disturb the peace of a neighborhood and spark tension is with noisy tenants in your rental. Noise policies need to be explained at the time of lease signing and strictly enforced during the term of the lease.

  • Proactive Maintenance

Keeping your property well maintained is always good for the neighborhood. Regular property inspections allow you to know what the property needs. Property managers in Fort Worth, TX working with HOA communities will need to know what additional property maintenance is required.

  • Pet Policies

If your home has a pet-friendly policy, those policies should also be neighborhood friendly. Tenants need to clean up pet messes, be respectful of the property of others, and keep pet noise under control.

  • Smoking Issues

Smoking policies help to respect the space of others, especially in a neighborhood with children. Tenants should avoid smoking close to the neighbor’s property to avoid smoking-related conflicts.

  • Responsive Management

When Fort Worth property management companies have policies in place that reflect respect for neighbors proactively maintain the rental unit, neighbors feel more comfortable about having quality tenants in the neighborhood.

  • A Friendly Attitude

Conflicts can always be diffused quicker when tenants, landlords, and neighbors have a positive, established relationship. Being friendly and open with neighbors lay the foundation for smoother conflict resolution should any problem arise in the future.

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With the Right Property Management in Fort Worth, TX, Rentals Lease Faster

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Summer is always a busy season for real estate. Families move between school sessions. People like to relocate in weather that is not wet and cold. Investors can attract tenants and fill vacancies faster during summer and any season with the proven process for success from Specialized Specialized Property Management. Here are a few tips to get you working in the right direction:

Fort Worth Property Managers Need to Have Property Rent-Ready

Being rent-ready means your property is completely ready on the inside and out for a tenant to move in. Seeing a home that is in the middle of a remodel job requires the prospective tenant to use their imagination to see what the end results will be. You want your applicants to walk in the door and immediately see themselves at home in your rental.

Always Check for Safety Issues

Tenant safety should always be a priority for Fort Worth property managers. Remember to re-key a home immediately after it is vacated. Then, before you have new tenants move in, you need to give the house a thorough inspection for any safety issues that need attention. Knowing the state and federally required safety regulation will help you know what to look for. Always check for exposed electrical wires, shaky handrails, or lose stairs. Smoke detectors and other monitors need to be checked to see if they are in good working order with new batteries installed.

Finish All the Work

Remodeling and maintenance are dirty jobs. Always clean up construction leftovers, tools, and personal belongs before you show a home to an interested tenant. Fort Worth property managers are liable when equipment is left laying around, and unfinished construction projects create an unsafe zone for applicants to walk through.  When a home with fresh paint and clean appliances is shown, people know you are ready for business.

Get Ready to Advertise

Your home is rent-ready. The yard looks good. All your maintenance and remodeling work is finished and cleaned up. Now you can put out the “For Rent” sign. Now is also a good time for your property management in Fort Worth, TX to conduct any final walk-through inspections to make sure your property is completely up to code and following all federal and state housing requirements.
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