Tenant Emergency Preparedness

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Tenant Emergency Preparedness From Your  Arlington Property Management Company

If you have recently moved to Texas, or even if you’ve been here awhile, you may not be aware of some of the emergencies that can occur. As an Arlington residential property management company, we’d like to make sure you are aware of the possible emergencies and the best ways to prepare for them. Some natural disasters are common to all parts of the United States while others are specific to certain areas. Hurricanes are the most common natural disasters that occur in Texas. While they tend to be most severe in the Galveston area, in east Texas, they can travel anywhere across the state. Northern Texas is part of tornado alley. But again, like hurricanes, they have occurred across the state, including severe tornadoes that touched down in central Texas and also west Texas.

Prepare, Plan, and Stay Informed

As an Arlington residential property management company, Specialized recommends you visit Emergency.Portal.Texas.Gov where you’ll find valuable information about emergency preparedness. Another excellent source is TexasPrepares.org. We’ve summarized some of the information here that we’re providing as an Arlington property management company to help new tenants be prepared. Visit the appropriate sites for more information.

 Emergency kits should include:

    • Food and water
    • First aid, medications, and prescriptions
    • Radio, flashlights, and matches
    • Emergency documents and important papers
    • Pet food, vet records, and a photo of your pet

At Specialized Arlington property management company, we would also advise that you consider the possibility of whether or not you’ll be evacuating by car. Remember, if advised by local authorities or emergency notification services, you should evacuate immediately.

If evacuating by car, from Arlington, residential property management, along with Texas emergency services, recommends you do the following:

    • Take paper maps, repair items, plastic ware, tent and blankets, rain gear, towels, books, and games.
    • Fill your tank and check the tires.
    • Take cash and credit cards.
    • Call a pre-set family emergency contact.

If you’re staying in place, you’ll want the items listed above, as well as:

    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Duct tape and a roll of plastic sheeting

Be prepared so disasters don’t catch you off guard. This message is from the Specialized Arlington property management company. Because we believe that here in Texas, including Arlington, residential property management involves keeping tenants safe in addition to keeping them happy where they call home.

Faster Leasing and Shorter Vacancies

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Faster Leasing, Shorter Vacancies With Arlington Rental Property Management

As you know, every day your property is vacant, you lose money. That’s why Specialized now offers advanced leasing technology as part of our property management. Arlington, Ft. Worth, Dallas, and surrounding areas can now take advantage of our electronic showings. We’ve already put the system in place for clients, and most of them are experiencing faster leasing.

Putting Advanced Technology to Work

The vast majority of people look at rental properties online before setting up onsite visits. In Arlington, rental property management at Specialized utilizes electronic showings to capture your audience when their interest is piqued. We qualify them for an onsite visit so they can gain access as soon as possible or whenever it’s convenient for them. That way, your property remains top-of-mind.

How Electronic Showings from Specialized Property Management, Arlington, works:

  1.    A prospective tenant views one of your properties, makes a request online, and provides us with a state-issued ID.
  2.    We screen the prospect, verify his/her identity, and require an active credit card for an added measure of security.
  3.    After clearance, the prospective applicant receives a unique code which can be used, for a limited time, to open the lockbox, view the property, and continue the application process.
  4.    We also conduct in-person follow-up viewings and onsite new viewings to make sure the property leases quickly.

People are expecting technology to keep up with demand and to improve efficiency in many areas. By using Arlington rental property management  with our Specialized team, we ensure your prospective tenants are able to utilize advanced technology and view properties when they’re interested. So, in addition to improving the timing of viewings, Specialized Property Management, Arlington, demonstrates to tenants that the property is being managed securely and efficiently. We provide a good first impression before they even unlock the door. Our system is also designed to meet Texas Real Estate Commission’s requirements. Hence, you’ll find the proper disclosures included with your Service Agreement.

Specialized is the Arlington rental property management company with the leading leasing system. Put our team to work for you today and see the difference having an expert on your side makes towards your property investing success.

How Arlington Property Management Can Save You $$$

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How Arlington Property Management Can Save You $$$

Property maintenance costs are something landlords tend to ignore. After all, it can seem like wasted money. Why pay to replace a roof that still looks okay? Or, pull old wiring when it’s still conducting electricity? The fact is, there are quite a few features of rental properties—of any home or building—that require regular upkeep. And Specialized, as your Arlington property managers, can help in big ways. In addition to maintenance and repairs, we help you avoid lawsuits and comply with local and national rules and regulations. For instance, landlords are required to properly maintain the building and regularly take care of typical wear and tear. No matter how careful a renter might, maintenance is still required. And, that can get expensive.

Fast, Dependable Service at Reduced Rates

Spending money earlier on preventive maintenance can save you money down the road. That’s another way in which our Specialized Arlington property management team can help. We regularly inspect properties to see what sort of maintenance might be required and determine the best time to take care of them. For instance, if our Arlington property managers notice a roof is in need of repair, we’ll let you know so it can be taken care of. Then, you avoid leakage later, which also means you avoid the costly repair work for the leakage inside as well as outside the home. You also avoid wet, unhappy renters and the risk of damaging their belongings. We also make certain the work is done correctly, at reasonable rates. Because we use contractors and crews so often, we get the job done for less. And because we’re Arlington property managers, we know local professionals who will do the work on time and on budget.

Get rent ready with Specialized Arlington property management.

New renters expect the place they’re moving into to be spic and span. Carpets don’t have to be new, but they must be clean. A fresh coat of paint might be needed, or, simply cleaning the walls and doing a little touch-up paint may suffice. Our Arlington property managers can help make those decisions for you, and make sure everything is taken care of in a timely, professional manner. So, let Specialized Arlington property management save you time and money while providing some welcome peace of mind.

Remember the Value of Landlord Peace of Mind

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Remember the Value of Landlord Peace of Mind

Renters can be a huge headache. Some tenants require more maintenance than the property itself. The neighbor’s dog suddenly becomes your problem. Or, trash day moves and they think you should haul their trash off. Even repair calls seem to come at the most inconvenient times. Fortunately, Specialized has property managers in Fort Worth who are trained to handle even the highest-maintenance tenants. We’ve seen and heard it all, and we’re prepared to hear it all again. We’ll spare you the pain-aching details. Suffice it to say, Specialized Fort Worth residential property management can save your sanity while protecting your investment.

The mental toll adds up quickly.

If you’ve decided to invest your own time and money into rental property, don’t forget to consider the mental toll, too. It’s tough to put a price on peace of mind. When you consider what Fort Worth residential property management can save you in vacancy costs and property maintenance, your personal comfort and convenience are free.

For some reason, renters tend to think landlords should be therapists, financial advisors, and 24-hour complaint departments. We have grown to know and love (or at least like) tenants of all dispositions. And they’ve grown to appreciate our local presence, fast response times, and business integrity. It’s all part of our job as property managers in Fort Worth. And it’s something you may not want as your job.

Common renter complaints (seriously, we’d be happy to handle them for you)

  •      “I want my security deposit. Now!”
  •      “Fix this. Now!”
  •      “It’s still broken.”
  •      “My neighbors are so _____!”
  •      “The internet is slow!”
  •      “I’ve already called you 20 times!”
  •      “You expect me to pay the utilities?”

Satisfied renters usually stay longer.

Your Specialized team of property managers in Fort Worth would be happy to help keep your tenants happy. Or, at least satisfied. After all, satisfied tenants tend to stay longer—which saves money in the long run. Tenants will be glad they won’t have to wait to have their calls answered, and their complaints heard. You won’t have to hear them. And, our property managers in Fort Worth get the chance to do what they do best—listen and take action. It’s a win-win-win.

Does is pay to use Ft. Worth property management instead of doing it yourself?

Fort Worth property management company

Some people assume they save money by managing properties themselves. After all, why pay a Fort Worth property management company for work you can do? In actuality, turning the job over to a company like Specialized can save you money while eliminating the hassle. And, we can handle many services you may not have considered.

The advantages of our Fort Worth property management company.

  1.     Reducing and avoiding vacancies. Whenever there are vacancies, you’re losing money. We can reduce vacancies by managing tenants effectively and bringing in new ones immediately. Fewer vacancies make Ft. Worth property management worth it.
  2. Determining and enforcing the best rental rates. It seems like the more money you charge, the more you’ll make. However, there are limits that depend on each area. We’ll determine the optimum rental rates.
  3.  Finding the best tenants. We perform background checks, call references as needed, and perform a screening method we’ve found to be most effective.
  4. Dealing with tenants. Frequently, renters end up being high maintenance, calling with complaints at all hours of the day and night. Who wants that? Well, if they pay rent on time and are respectful of your property, they’re worth handling. And, the people at Specialized Fort Worth property management company are trained to do so.
  5.  Collecting and depositing rent efficiently. Every day rent is late; you lose money. And, if a check sits around, you still lose money. So, we collect and deposit rent promptly.
  6. Cost-effective maintenance and vendors. We work with a variety of maintenance specialists, contractors, cleaning services, landscapers and other vendors. Because of that, we’re able to get professional, timely service at the best rates.
  7. Your time is money, or a time to relax. On the surface, it seems that you just need to find a renter, the payments come in, and that’s it. Unfortunately, there is much more to it, which you may be learning the hard way. So, turn it all over to the Specialized team for Ft. Worth property management. Your time is valuable, whether you’re earning money or enjoying free time.
  8. Meeting and addressing legal issues. We’ll make sure that you’re in compliance with housing regulations and property laws, including local, state and federal regulations. We also offer legal services as needed.

Specialize Specialized is the Fort Worth property management company with the comprehensive list of services that maintains your unit, takes care of tenants, and gives owners a hassle-free leasing experience. Find out more what we can do for you.