Fort Worth Property Management Offers SimpleBills to Clients

Moving somewhere new is a massive hassle between the boxes, cleaning, and trying to make a good impression on your new neighbors. On top of that, you have to worry about switching your utility bills over to your name and set up payments so that you’re not stuck with a late fee for a bill you didn’t know about or that you never received. Have roommates? Get ready to start arguing every month about who owes what. Just the idea of it can be a huge pain, but with Fort Worth Property Management’s new service, SimpleBills, the process of switching over to your new utility company is much smoother and stress-free. In fact, you won’t even need to make one phone call. Also, each month’s payment is quick and easy, evenly divided between tenants and keeping track of who did or didn’t pay their share. 

SimpleBills Saves You Time and Money

With SimpleBills, you don’t need to go to the provider to set up a service or pay a utility deposit. Online access means it’s never been easier to keep track of past, current, and future payments. SimpleBills makes life smoother for both tenants and Property Managers in Fort Worth. For property owners who worry that a vacancy will mean months of stress, utility bill hassle, and no passive income, SimpleBills takes one major thing off of your to-do list by keeping the utilities on, which can save you both time and money. Learn more about the many ways in which SimpleBills benefits property owners and their tenants and how you can get started today. 

Owner Benefits

When property managers in Fort Worth and their property owners use SimpleBills, they no longer have to worry about the time, headache, and costs of each vacancy. This is because SimpleBills keeps utilities on all the time, allowing residents to move in as soon as they’ve signed a lease without having to wait for utilities to get set up. They don’t even need to call providers to establish utilities or pay deposits. SimpleBills truly makes the process as simple as possible for Fort Worth Property Management companies by sending a monthly invoice and collecting directly from the tenant. Just some of the property owner benefits of using SimpleBills are: 

  • Reduce turnover costs that can total $200/per vacancy 
  • Eliminate utility provider late fees $20/unit annually 
  • Eliminate account turn with providers 
  • Reduce days vacant 
  • Better visibility into utility expenses 
  • Bill and Collect from residents 
  • No prefunding for resident bills 
  • Cost-saving estimated final bill (EFB) 
  • No need for you to be involved in setting up accounts 
  • Asset Protection- utilities stay on and reduce risk of frozen pipes, damage to the home 
  • Virtually eliminate utility carrying costs – up to $32 per door that can be diverted into other investments
  • Highly Rated customer support
  • Quick invoicing 

Property managers in Fort Worth and their property owners love using SimpleBills because it means one less thing they have to worry about and one less staff member to manage and pay for. 

“When we made the switch to SimpleBills, it was so easy. Before the switch, we had a full time person dedicated to trying to sort out all the billing questions and issues and concerns, and now I don’t remember the last time that it’s been a big topic of conversation. We’ve saved a ton of time. The overall experience with SimpleBills has been fantastic.”

– Demi Sterling-Kinney

Tenant Benefits

Specialized Fort Worth Property Management offers SimpleBills because it not only helps our property owner clients, it also provides great benefits for our tenants. Rather than getting 3 or 4 different utility statements in the mail, our simplified system sends you one bill only per month. If you have roommates, SimpleBills will split your bill and only send you your portion while your roommates will receive their portion. This keeps everyone accountable and creates transparency. You can easily pay online through our website and will receive helpful reminders before the due date. Other tenant benefits of using SimpleBills are: 

  • Enhanced move-in experience 
  • Financial savings of $150-$400 – no deposit 
  • No utility provider setup fees
  • No waiting on hold with providers
  • Education and conservation information 
  • Highly rated customer support
  • The convenience of all utilities on one statement 
  • Full transparency with provider bill information
  • SimpleBills reporting can help you in the future

Not only will Property Managers in Fort Worth who offer SimpleBills make tenant life easier right now, but they’ll also help you improve your future. The online dashboard will show you your monthly utility usage, averages, and helpful tips on how to lower your bills. You’ll also have access to original copies of your bill from the provider for your records. 

  • See all your utility bills in one place 
  • Receive one bill per month for all utilities 
  • Never forget about your bill with our helpful reminders 
  • Easily pay online or with our app

Build Your Credit History 

Specialized Fort Worth Property Management appreciates SimpleBills because of its methods of helping tenants improve their credit score. Building a good credit score is extremely important for your financial wellbeing and future success. SimpleBills believes that if you’re already required to pay your utility bill, you might as well be getting rewarded for it. We’ll help you improve your credit score without accumulating debt. Your credit score consists of the following factors: 

  • On-time payments (don’t be late when you pay)
  • Low credit utilization (you don’t max out your credit card)
  • History of credit (length of time you have had a credit card or have been paying a loan)

SimpleBills helps you increase your credit score by allowing you to report your SimpleBills payment history to Credit Bureaus. This means you can add another “tradeline” to your credit report and build good credit every time you pay your bill online. You won’t have to apply for a loan or get another credit card with added interest about which you’ll have to worry. The better you are about paying your SimpleBills utility bill, the more your credit score increases, and the better your interest rate will be for important future purchases like a home or a car. 

How SimpleBills Works

Our step by step process is outlined below to help you understand exactly what we do and how we help Fort Worth property management companies. 

  • We retrieve and process all utility charges directly from providers every day. 
  • As we retrieve, we’ll keep a close watch for missing bills, high variances, and excessive vacant costs in order to reduce customer service issues and utility expenses.
  • We invoice residents directly, ensuring accuracy through a monthly prebill.
  • We receive all resident payments, and our expert support specialists in Texas answer their questions. Our industry-leading collection rates free up your team to focus on other things.
  • We pay the utility bills so you can break up with prefunding and utility provider late fees for good.

Get Started

Are you a tenant or a property manager in Fort Worth? Now is the time to get started with SimpleBills. Take the stress out of paying your bill each month, make paying with roommates hassle-free, save money on your bill, and improve your credit score. All you have to do to get started is to follow the steps below. 

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Look out for an email from SimpleBills with your sign-in information. 
  3. Finish your SimpleBills account before moving in.
  4. Go to and sign in with your username and temporary password. 
  5. Sit back and relax! SimpleBills will notify you when your first bill is ready.

Specialized Fort Worth Property Management has had a great experience with the benefits that SimpleBills has to offer. We can’t wait for you to start seeing the ways SimpleBills can help you and your tenants as well. 

“I can say our experience with SimpleBills has been a positive one. Our cultures and interests are aligned and very similar. Solving a need in the industry, we’re excited about the future for Landmark Properties and we’re excited about growing our relationship with SimpleBills.” – Kevin Howe

SimpleBills Helps Fort Worth Property Management Take Better Care of You

SimpleBills was founded from a disagreement between college roommates over the utility bill. Now, they offer the solution to property owners and tenants everywhere with a company that takes care of everything for you. SimpleBills makes paying utilities the way it should be – simple. Let SimpleBills take utilities off your plate by effectively managing vacancies during the turn process and streamlining the monthly billing process for your residents. To learn more about what SimpleBills can do for you, how it operates, and how to implement it for your property, contact Specialized Fort Worth Property Management.