3 Legal Mistakes Landlords Need to Avoid

Aledo property management companiesWhen working with people, their stuff, and real estate, you know that you will have plenty of legal things to consider. Mistakes can be costly and even cause you to lose your rental investment options. So proper management and understanding the law is more than important for Aledo property management companies. Here are 3 legal mistakes landlords should avoid.

1)  Never Refuse Repairs

A landlord has a legal obligation to provide a rental unit that is fit to live in. That usually means having utilities in good working order like heat, electricity, and clean water. States have laws of “implied warranty of habitability” for rentals to make sure that they are livable places. Roofs and windows are also needed to be kept safe and adequate. Leases and rental agreements can state who is allowed to make repairs, but ultimately the landlord is required to maintain the upkeep of a property. Refusing to make necessary repairs could lead to a lawsuit against the property owner.

2) Poor Tenant Screening practices

With careful property management, Aledo TX landlords will screen potential tenants. That’s a good idea. But choose your questions carefully. With the Federal Fair Housing Act, questions and screening processes cannot in any way be discriminatory. You cannot deny rental to someone based on race, religion, national origin, color, gender, disability, or family status. You can use standard screening tools such as credit checks, rental histories, criminal background checks, and even terrorist checks. Recognize the difference between discrimination and good business practices.

3)  Don’t Forget the right to Privacy

As much as Aledo property management companies and property owners feel they have a right to access to their rental property, once a tenant has signed a lease and the keys are handed over, that tenant has a legal right to privacy. A tenant should have at least 24 hour written notice that their home will need to be entered. Notice can be given about possible repairs or inspections that need to be done. Of course emergencies don’t require notice, but always try to be respectful to the tenant.
With conscientious landlords and property management, Aledo TX is a great place to rent a home.

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