911 for Rental Property Emergencies

Arlington rental property management companies

Arlington rental property management companies get their fair share of exposure to emergencies. Most of these emergencies don’t merit a 911 call, but in fact, make their way right to the manager’s phone at 1 am. Instead of calling to report break-ins, more often than not the calls report breakages. You may or may not be surprised at what renters occasionally feel merits a 1 am wake-up call, so it is important to lay appropriate parameters from the very beginning that can protect both the Arlington property management company and the tenant. If a policy is important, always, always, always get it in the leasing agreement. Having information about maintenance, non-emergency repairs, and emergency repairs in writing from the start establishes clear communication on the subject. Then continued communication about repairs breeds a positive relationship between the tenant and management.

The Landlord’s Responsibilities

Texas law requires property management companies to ensure conditions in rental units are healthy and safe for their tenants. This includes things like:

    • Damage caused by natural emergency situations like fire, flooding, and severe storms
    • Leaky roofs
    • Pest control for roaches, rats, mice, and bedbugs
    • Sewer leaks and plumbing problems that create health-hazardous situation
    • Dangerous exposed or faulty electrical wiring

The law requires that managers notify tenants in writing before entering a rental home; however, in emergency situations, like a broken water pipe, this law no longer applies, and the landlord can enter the unit without any advance notification to the tenant. Local laws can guide you in knowing the standard of repair and codes required of landlords.

A Tenant’s Responsibilities

While your Arlington property management company has certain legal obligations when it comes to maintenance and repairs for healthy and safe living circumstances, tenants also have responsibilities to maintain the property to a certain standard and to follow established protocol. As a general rule, maintenance and initial repairs for an issue are much easier to address and significantly cheaper than problems that have been allowed to fester and grow over time. A tenant has the obligation of preventing the unnecessary growth of issues by reporting concerns early. Before initiating any DIY efforts, tenants should always check with the Arlington property management company overseeing the property. Tenants are also required to keep up with rent payments and avoid excessive damage to the property. Either of these could be legal grounds for a landlord to refuse repairs.

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