Arlington Property Management and Real Estate Agent Referral Program

Specialized is an Arlington property management company that can help with your management needs of single family homes and small multi-unit complexes. Real estate agents know the business of buying and selling property. Specialized knows the ins and outs of Arlington property management. We partner with real estate agents in the Arlington area to help agents find more income, more sales referrals, and more time to build your real estate business. As a real estate agent, you can get paid for your rental management referral to us.

Our Management Services

We focus only on leasing and managing property– not the business of selling. With our managing skills, we can get your client’s property rent-ready, conduct inspections, and ensure that the property meets all codes and rental regulations. Specialized has an aggressive advertising process that can attract and screen for the right tenant quickly so vacancy days are shorter. Maintenance and repairs are not a problem for our Arlington property managers who can take care of repair needs as they happen to any property.

Specialized is the Arlington property management company that understands lease agreements and can expertly go from the lease preparation to lease signing.

Watch for the Partner Opportunity

You have different opportunities to offer the services of an Arlington property management company to your clients. Seeing these opportunities can start earning you extra income. Rental property investors will look to you for your advice and experience in finding the best property deals for their investment goals. You know the market trends and where the best rental property opportunities can be found. As you are making those incredible deals, remember the demands of property managing and refer your client to our trusted managing services. Managing those properties yourself will take time and effort away from your real estate business.

Other referral opportunities may come when a client wants to sell when the market isn’t at its best. It could be a good time to move that home into the rental market. Specialized is the Arlington property management company that can take the stress out of the renting process.

The Bottom Line

Partnering with Specialized is a simple choice. We pay you $350 per property. Simply refer a new property owner to us, and you get paid when they sign a management agreement. You have no limit on what you can earn. With our superior rental service, your name and reputation are protected. When the homeowner is ready to sell the property, we refer them back to you.

It’s simple. Just register and refer. That extra income will just keep coming.

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