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Attractive Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For Rental Properties In Fort Worth

If  you own rental properties in Fort Worth, Texas with yards or common areas, you want to keep the space looking nice, but you don’t want to put back-breaking labor into it, or need to visit more often than you would like in order to maintain the aesthetic. This is why it’s in your best interest, as a landlord, to invest in some low maintenance landscaping for your rental properties.

It is very possible to keep your yard low maintenance while still looking great. So, below are a few low maintenance landscaping ideas for rental properties in Fort Worth that you might find helpful.

1. Use Drought Tolerant Plants and Shrubs

Select shrubs, trees and plants that require very little water as well as attention in order to thrive. Plants such as Sage, Hibiscus, and types of cacti, are not only drought tolerant and low maintenance, but they also produce beautiful flowers to decorate the landscape. There are many attractive plant options available that can thrive in different quality soils and a variety of climates. Many nurseries also specifically breed yard trees, smaller shrubs, dwarf conifers, etc. for their smaller stature and for their pest and disease resistance qualities.

With these sorts of plants, you’ll need to invest some time initially, typically during their first year of growth. However, once they establish a firm root system, they will pretty much take care of themselves. You can place a weed barrier on the ground around your plants, then cover it with rocks, pebbles, or bark to prevent weeds and keep the yard looking beautiful.

2. Add Hardscape Elements such as Walkways, Courtyards and Patios

These elements increase the appeal of your yard, come with functional benefits, and reduce common landscaping chores. Concrete can look nice, but it tends to crack after some time and will require more maintenance in the long run. Instead, you can use permeable materials such as pavers, stone and gravel. Gravel lets the rainwater to penetrate into the soil beneath and thus helps prevent runoff, minimizes erosion, and irrigates plantings.

3. Replace Natural Turf with Ground Covers and Artificial Grass

As lovely as they are, lawns require a lot of care and regular maintenance. Therefore, you may have the idea to replace them with artificial grass. Technology has come a long way as far as artificial turf is concerned, and if you invest in an expensive turf, most people will find it difficult to tell the difference between the turf and the natural grass. More importantly, it is very low maintenance and can be installed by the renters themselves or by the property management company personnel during their scheduled visits for inspection and maintenance of the property.

You could also replace normally grassy portions of a yard with gravel or bark, for example. This greatly minimizes the amount of yard work that needs to be done and can also look very nice.

All of these options will reduce the amount of water and maintenance that is needed to keep your rental properties looking great.

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