Avoiding Legal Problems in Fort Worth TX


Owning residential rental property means there are regulations, codes, and laws that property management in Fort Worth TX needs to know, understand, and comply with.  If a property owner is in violation of any of these legal statues, you cannot claim ignorance to the law. Non-compliance to the law and failure to comply to regulations and codes come with hefty fees that you will want to avoid.  A single legal issue can wipe out any profit from your investment.  You want to avoid the legal pitfalls associated with rental property and be prepared.


Americans with Disabilities Act

When looking for the perfect tenant for your rental unit, you will want to carefully screen your applicants. But you also have to be aware that you cannot deny a tenant application because of a disability. You also need to allow for adequate access to your property and install necessary features for your tenant. You can as the property owner require that the property is put back to its original state when the tenant leaves your property. Property managers in Fort Worth TX know to never deny an application, or restrict a resident, or charge a resident extra fees for their having a service animal.


Fair Housing Act

Fort Worth rental property management needs to understand the Fair Housing Act which protects tenants from being discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability and the presence of children. Your tenant screening process should not reflect that you are attempting to limit your tenant selection based on any of these criteria.


Habitability Laws

All states have some kind of law that ensures that renters have a liveable place to stay. That means The environment is safe and comfortable from the elements. Property managers in Fort Worth TX need to make sure that their units have clean running water, electricity, plumbing, and heat.  Also take care any garbage or remodel leftovers to keep you from being liable of injuries.



Problems can occur anytime of the day or night.  When a tenant has a real need you can be held liable for not responding in a timely way.  Responsiveness is an important part of Fort Worth rental property management. Also check the laws in your area to see if repairs need to be made by licensed  service workers. Being aware of the laws in your area keeps you from being liable.


Be conscientious of your tenants and be fair and keeping the law will be easy.

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