The Benefits Of Hiring A Property Manager In Fort Worth

Finding the right property management company in Fort Worth can be a lifesaver for landlords. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your rental property investment may be. Professional management can relieve stress, increase efficiency, and even increase your overall profit.

The benefits of hiring a skilled property manager add up fast.

Specialized Property Management in Fort Worth offers great prices combined with proven and seamless management services. These include the best practices for screening potential tenants and staying on top of federal, state, and local regulations that affect the real estate industry. Our clients always have instant access to custom reports on all aspects of their rental property.

Our professional property management include these essential services:

• Advertising and showing apartments, and screening applicants

• Maintaining the property

• Advising you on the optimal rents to charge for your property

• Conducting property inspections to uncover small issues before they become big problems

• Managing applications, verification documents and background information on tenants

• Collecting rent electronically and depositing it immediately into your account

• Conducting criminal history and credit checks on prospective tenants

• Maintaining communications with tenants and responding to emergency repair calls, non-critical questions, complaints and requests for upgrades

• Renewing leases

Property managers handle the stressful and time consuming situations so that you don’t have to:

Unfortunately, being a landlord to more than one or two families quickly becomes a full-time job for landlords who expected “passive income.” There are usually emergency calls at the most inopportune times. Maintenance, upkeep, and accounting can be expensive and time-consuming.

Hiring a property management company in Fort Worth frees up your time for traveling, working a regular job, hobbies, or simply enjoying a well-earned retirement. The cost can be minimal when you consider the many advantages and cost savings. Fewer vacancies increase your ROI so that you can enjoy being a landlord, earn passive income, and avoid the stress of daily management duties.

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Hiring A Professional Team For Property Management In Fort Worth

Property management in Fort Worth has become increasingly challenging for investors and landlords who don’t have the resources to mitigate the risks of the Coronavirus pandemic. That in itself is a strong argument towards hiring a property management team, however, COVID-19 is not the only difficulty landlords have to face. Property management companies make things so much easier for rental property owners, that it is well worth the investment to start working with one.

Special Considerations in Today’s Efforts to Stop the Spread of COVID-19
Keeping up with all the evolving regulations aimed at stopping the spread of the Coronavirus can be exacting and fraught with hidden risks. For example, landlords must stay on top of federal, state, and local regulations. The federal government is exerting strong pressure on landlords to refrain from enforcing evictions for non-payment of rent during this high period of unemployment. The Federal Housing Finance Agency announced that mortgage payments for multi-family residences financed through Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae would be forgiven for owners who offer similar forbearance to their renters.

Professional property management companies have the resources and equipment to clean and disinfect properly, and they can afford to maintain enough staff to handle jobs that independent property owners can’t afford to be on top of full-time. The Specialized Property Management team is working to comply with recommendations for social distancing and increased cleaning of communal areas.

Property showings have become virtual, and professional companies have the resources to manage showings using video walkthroughs. Technology also makes it possible to handle lease renewals remotely. Cleanup after voluntary evacuations has become more detailed, especially in areas where people put their hands.

Cleaning and maintenance are two of the biggest benefits of hiring a team for property management in Fort Worth. Teams are protected from infection with face masks, gloves, social distancing regulations, and alternative ways to communicate with tenants. Property managers use the right disinfectants and cleaning strategies, such as increasing focus on common touchpoints in the cleaning process.

The Extraordinary Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company
The many benefits of hiring out property management in Fort Worth include getting professional expertise, knowledge of local regulations, and discounts on equipment, furnishings, and landscaping tools. Specialized Property Management provides many beneficial services, such as:

Rental Management
Our professional team has the resources and knowledge to find qualified renters faster and more efficiently than private landlords. We know where to advertise to get the best response – whether it’s on local billboards, curated rental websites, or YouTube.

Video tours help to pre-qualify rental applicants faster and avoid unnecessary time spent conducting tours for people who wouldn’t be interested.

We handle administrative jobs that often drive landlords crazy. Conducting background and credit checks are one of the biggest benefits of hiring professionals.

Inspections are performed regularly to maintain the aesthetics of your property and identify essential repairs and upgrades. We also provide mid-lease inspections to ensure that the tenants are taking proper care of the rental property.

Document Management
Our company maintains all rental documents and application information as required by the Texas Association of Realtors. We also educate tenants on how to care for leased property and fulfill their obligations to qualify for the return of their security deposits.

Our team collects rent and deposit funds as agreed contractually. We also enforce rent collection with reminders, assessment of late fees, and initiating eviction procedures.

Ongoing maintenance by professionally skilled workers is one of the biggest benefits of hiring our property management team. We handle the tenant-requested work, preventative maintenance, and interior and exterior inspections.

Turnover Management
Managing turnover is an important part of a landlord’s job. At Specialized Property Management, we handle lease renewals, advise tenants on moving procedures, get properties in rental-ready shape, and find new tenants quickly. We also handle the post-moving inspections, assess damages, and refund remaining deposits.

Emergency Repairs
Emergency calls from tenants are one of the landlord’s biggest problems. Emergency calls can interrupt holidays, vacations, sleep, and personal contentment. It’s great to have someone who will handle emergency repairs promptly, especially critical issues like failed HVAC systems or broken water pipes.

Tax Benefits
The fees you pay for property management are fully deductible, which reduces the cost you pay for professional management services. These fees are summarized for monthly tax calculation, quarterly reports, and end-of-year taxes.

Professional Insights
Landlords often make the mistake of renting property to anyone to maintain cash flow, but accepting the wrong tenant can often result in greater expenses that include legal fees, property repair expenses, and bounced check fees. It’s better to screen tenants carefully before renting to them. Our team can advise tenants of their legal rights to avoid lawsuits or heavy-handed practices. Texas courts don’t accept ignorance of the law as an excuse when awarding judgments for landlord infractions, and stiff legal fees can add thousands of dollars to the costs of defending against a lawsuit.

One of the things to look for in a property management company is multiple communication methods for reporting. The best companies provide a variety of custom reports that keep you on top of long-term repair needs, cash flow, maintenance reports, and adjusted income, which are based on monthly, quarterly, and annual income reports.

Dealing with Contractors and Subcontractors
Many private landlords hire day labor or a handyman when major repairs become necessary, but that practice can be especially frustrating and more expensive than you imagine. If the work is done improperly, it might cost more to fix the mistakes than hiring a professional in the first place.

Hiring the wrong contractor can also prove frustrating unless you have an efficient team that you’ve used before on call. Even if you have a reliable contractor, there could be scheduling delays and cost overruns for special projects.

Specialized Property Management has vetted in-house teams and outside contractors available to handle any construction or repair job that you might need. You can save on construction costs because the teams have been picked for efficiency and fair prices.

Getting Your Property Ready for Rental
Hiring a property management company can be a great help for new landlords because we offer a tremendous array of services. These include a platform for communicating with tenants 24/7 to respond to repair needs, answer questions, accept rent payments electronically, and post information about tenant responsibilities.

Your property management company can be a valuable business partner; that increases your annual profit. Experts can advise you about what rents to charge, establish tenant-approval criteria, and suggest upgrades that increase the cost-value of the property and the rental rates that you charge.

Qualifying Tenants
Qualifying tenants is a step that’s often skipped by new landlords; however, even experienced owners often lack the skills for picking the best-qualified tenants for a rental. Picking tenants who will stay long-term is the best cost-saving strategy in the rental business. The Specialized Property Management team finds tenants who will:

  • Rent property for a long time
  • Pay the rent on time
  • Offer fewer troublesome complications
  • Care for the property like homeowners
  • Pass a criminal background check

Did you know that you could be held liable in some cases if you rent to a known criminal who physically assaults another tenant? You must always follow the law in regard to equal opportunity rentals for people from any nationality, creed, race, or sexual orientation. Still, you can establish criteria that prevent renting to people with criminal backgrounds, poor credit history, or a history of evictions. It’s incredibly important to rent to stable tenants and families.

Choosing the right tenant helps to reduce repair calls, avoid litigation fees, and cut down on squabbles between tenants. Our property management team can screen hundreds of rental applicants, and we get a good idea of who will be a good tenant and who might prove troublesome over the long-term outlook.

Fast, professional upkeep and an easy way to pay rent can encourage any existing tenants to renew their leases. Together, these benefits of professional management can increase your return on investment, ensure prompt advertising and rental to the right type of tenant, and proper interpretation of federal, state and local laws that affect tenant rights.

Priceless Benefit: Peace of Mind
Not everyone is cut out for property management. Many people struggle just to maintain their own residences, and being responsible for multiple tenants in an investment property can be a nightmare for inexperienced landlords, those who become disabled, retirees, and those who inherit income-producing property.

Some landlords just grow tired of performing the day-to-day duties required. Hiring a team to handle property management in Fort Worth can restore your equilibrium and foster peace of mind. You can avoid tenant confrontations, maintenance emergencies, administrative red tape, and stress by hiring the right management company.

In the Fort Worth area, Specialized Property Management offers exceptional service that meets all the criteria of the best property managers. Call or contact us today for a confidential consultation and assessment of your needs. We can help shield you from the daily stresses of property management and deliver peace of mind.

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Expert Property Management in Fort Worth

As a rental property owner, you want to avoid the stress involved in managing rentals, but you also want professional service from local experts that you can trust to manage your property well.

If you’re looking for property management in Fort Worth, the Specialized Property Management team is the best in the field. We have over 30 years of experience in the Fort Worth area and a 98% rating for customer satisfaction. Using the latest in digital technology, we have systems that have been proven effective in managing all aspects of property management: finding rental clients, enabling online payment, and much more.

Professional rental management companies save you time, money, and, of course, the stress that comes with dealing with the myriad of issues involved in managing a property. With the services of Specialized Property Management, you’ll no longer have to worry about long vacancy periods, poor tenants, or the dangers of high tenant turnover. You also won’t need to worry about meeting local regulations and complying with the laws that apply to rental properties. We will also make sure that you get the best insurance coverage for your rental properties at a cost-effective rate. Experienced property owners know that insurance is of vital importance when considering renting a property, you worked hard to buy your property and you should make sure it is protected no matter what.

The services that Specialized Property Management provide include:

• Inspections to ensure the property is attractive, safe, and ready for rental.

• Advertisement of the property across a wide range of websites and online search sites, as well as through traditional marketing techniques, such as posting a sign in the property’s yard.

• Both live and video walkthroughs of the property

• Screenings of potential tenants through rigorous background checks to find the most responsible tenants for your property

• Preparation of legal documents related to leasing the property–all in accordance with requirements of the Texas Association of Realtors

• Enforced rent collection with a strict but respectful process that avoids late payment.

• Maintenance done in a timely manner and regular inspections to spot potential problems and perform preventative maintenance

Specialized Property Management provides a web portal for you to access accounting statistics and maintenance reports. You will also receive monthly reports and end-of-year tax statements, as well as weekly updates during the period that the property is being leased.

So, if you need some help with your property management in Fort Worth, feel free to contact us or check out our website—we’ve got your back!

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Excellent Rental Property Insurance is Available

Experienced property owners may know that they need rental property insurance, but often have a difficult time finding the adequate and customizable coverage they need. Often, the only rental property insurance available to property owners involves high premiums and limited coverage, especially when they’re trying to find coverage as an independent individual. 

Specialized Property Management is professional property management in Fort Worth that can help. Our 30+ years of experience combined with our position as a well-known property management company will give you access to some of the top insurance policies that you may not have access to as an individual investor. Let us help you find the right insurance policy for your specific property and save you money on unexpected out-of-pocket costs in the future. 

The Importance of Rental Property Insurance

Even if you have homeowners insurance, you will still need rental property insurance, and you’ll need to make sure it’s the right fit for your particular situation. 

According to ValuePenguin, “It depends on how long you intend to lease the property, but in most cases homeowners insurance coverage won’t be an appropriate substitute for rental property insurance. The presence of tenants in a rental property engenders unique risks that won’t be covered by homeowners insurance, particularly if you plan to lease a property for an extended period of time. The type of insurance you need will depend on how often you rent out your home and the duration of your tenants’ stays.”

What Rental Property Insurance Should Cover

The article continues on to explain, “Its coverage includes property damage, liability costs and loss of rental income for landlords renting their property. Whether you are renting your house, a vacation home or an investment property, rental property insurance is an important safeguard against the financial risk associated with tenants living on your property.”

Liability Coverage Amount

The cost of rental property insurance varies and depends on how much coverage you need. The amount of coverage you need will depend on several factors. According to ZACK’s Finance, “Typically, landlord policies cost approximately 25 percent more than homeowners insurance contracts because landlords are exposed to more risks than most homeowners are…The amount of liability coverage you will need to have in your landlord policy is contingent upon the value of the insured property, your net worth, and whether or not your property is mortgaged…”

Our expert team at Specialized Property Management can help you figure out what kind of insurance you need and how much coverage. We’ll make sure that you get the best quality insurance for the best price possible. 

Standard Rental Property Insurance

High quality rental property insurance can be the most difficult to find and negotiate because insurance companies are wary about the long list of unpredictable damage that may occur over time and between varied tenants. In this case, they will only cover the very basic scenarios and leave you to pay for everything else out of pocket. For example, most standard rental property policies won’t cover the following scenarios: 

  • Vandalism/theft
  • Pollution and exhaust, such as carbon monoxide
  • Dog bites on the property
  • Sprinkler water damage
  • Fire caused by lightning
  • Hostile fire/arson liabilities

Better Rental Property Insurance

Thankfully, not all insurance policies are created equally and our expert managers can help you decide what policy you need to cover your rental property. With the help of professional property management in Fort Worth, you’ll have no problem getting adequate coverage at a desirable rate. Specialized Fort Worth Property Management has seen it all over our 30 years of managing thousands of rental properties, including various types of insurance policies. We are very familiar with the best insurers and the top rated insurance plans, designed specifically to cover rental property. 

What We Offer

Our clients enjoy insurance that provides better coverage, lower premiums, and properly managed Fort Worth homes. You can expect the following services from your rental property insurance company: 

  • Excellent Coverage: full combined limit of $1M
  • A+ Rated Carrier and national underwriters
  • Vacancy Coverage
  • A Broad-Form Policy for more protection
  • Replacement Cost 
  • Ordinance and Law: $50K with increased limits possible
  • Sewers and Drains: $25K for backups in all locations
  • Additional Flood and Earthquake Coverage available 
  • 24-Hour Customer Service
  • Simple Billing 

Coverage With Professional Property Management in Fort Worth 

Specialized Fort Worth Property Management offers convenient rental insurance coverage that is consolidated for all of your properties and customized to each property’s individual needs. Our InvestPro Residential policies cover the following: 

  • Texas weather including wind, hail, tornadoes
  • Fire damage from lightning
  • Assault and battery
  • Sprinkler water damage
  • Vandalism and theft 
  • Volcanoes
  • Carbon monoxide, exhaust, and pollution liability

When you trust us to help you with your insurance coverage, you can rest assured that you won’t be left hanging out to dry-wondering how you are going to pay for that unexpected disaster. We will help prepare you for anything and everything and make sure that you, your tenants, and your property are well provided for. 

Our Rental Property Insurance and Management Services

At Specialized Property Management Fort Worth, our team of property management experts are the ones to trust for top-rated rental property insurance. We provide insurance coverage through InvestPro Residential, which offers the option of customization for your specific property’s needs. We also offer a comprehensive list of property management services and insurance coverage options that you can trust. Just some of our management services include: 

  • INSPECTING: Our team ensures the rental unit is “rent-ready” with curb appeal, making recommendations where necessary.  We also conduct mid-lease inspections to ensure lease compliance and care of the property.
  • MARKETING: We aggressively advertise your rental property across dozens of websites, post an eye-catching sign on the property, and post the vacancy to our high-traffic rentals listing and Youtube channels.
  • SHOWINGS: We prepare and post quality video tours of the property and take care of live showings.
  • SCREENING: We conduct rigorous background checks on all prospective tenants 18 years and older to place the most reliable tenants.
  • SIGNING: We prepare and execute all leasing documents in accordance with Leases & Addenda promulgated by the Texas Association of Realtors.  We secure rents and place deposit funds into escrow, and provide a formal new tenant training on how to care for the property.
  • COLLECTING: We enforce the rent collections cycle with a strict, yet respectful, process that helps avoid late payments.  We then quickly deposit rent funds to your account electronically.
  • MAINTAINING: We respond quickly to your tenant needs and emergencies, handling repair requests with our cost-effective team of qualified, insured maintenance professionals.  We also conduct periodic proactive interior and exterior inspections and preventative maintenance.
  • RENEWING: We actively work to retain tenants longer with excellent service and perks like our Resident Club.  As we proactively renew leases, we help you avoid costly turnover.
  • MOVING: When the tenant does move on, we process notices, educate the tenant on the process for a smooth transition, conduct the walk through and manage deposit disbursements.
  • REPORTING: In addition to the 24/7 client portal with on-demand, detailed accounting, activity and maintenance reports, we provide detailed monthly reports and year-end tax statements. During the leasing process, owners receive weekly updates.

Choose Professional Property Management in Fort Worth 

“SPM’s reporting and accountability is excellent. I have been impressed with the courteous, professional and efficient manner in which the affairs of my properties have been conducted. I recommend Specialized as an agent for handling rental properties.”

William M., Owner

Specialized Property Management has been advising property owners all over Fort Worth and helping them manage their properties and rental property insurance effectively and efficiently for over 30 years. With a 98% customer satisfaction rating and a #1 listing out of 270 property managers, you can rest assured that your property will be protected and well taken care of. Our technology-driven processes save you time, money, and stress while making it easy for tenants to pay rent online and access online information. Let us help make your life easier by managing your property for you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you select the right insurance policy for your property. 

Specialized Specialized Property Management is not an insurer or an insurance agent and does not engage in the business of insurance.  InvestPro Residential refers to a master liability and property insurance program issued by one or more top-rated insurance carriers under which clients of Specialized Specialized Property Management can be included as insureds.   The InvestPro Residential master policy is brokered by Swingle Collins & Associates, an independent, licensed Texas insurance agency.  Swingle Collins & Associates is the point of contact for all questions concerning the InvestPro Residential master policy.

The information on this website is provided for general informational purposes only and does not include all the terms, coverage, exclusions, limitations or conditions that may be contained in the actual insurance policy. The InvestPro Residential policy itself must be read for those details. A sample policy form can be made available upon request to Swingle Collins & Associates.

How Specialized Property Management Protects Our Owners and Tenants During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are truly concerned for you and your family’s well-being and hope that you are staying healthy and taking necessary precautions to protect yourself from the recent outbreak of COVID-19. We truly appreciate your unwavering trust in our abilities during these uncertain times and want you to know what we are doing to help owners and tenants move forward with confidence. We have had to make a few necessary modifications because of COVID-19, but thanks to our advanced technology systems put in place years ago, we feel we have a unique advantage in our ability to both safeguard and maximize your investment during this precarious time. 

Specialized Property Management is continuing to provide quality services and assurance for our property owners, their properties, and their tenants by using our time-tested processes and advanced technology to doing the following: 


You can trust the proven systems listed below which allow us to lease your property to the best prospective tenant in the shortest amount of time possible and at their convenience. 

  • Rental IQ™ is an advanced, industry-leading software that screens tenants both efficiently and expertly by cross-referencing the largest rental payment history database with thorough credit and background checks. By applying improved behavioral and statistical factors, it can easily recognize and place high-quality prospective tenants. Using this technology will both increase property owner income and lower the risk of high tenant turnover, vacancies, and eviction expenses. 
  • Secure Electronic Lockboxes let interested tenants safely view homes-for-rent without risking either getting or spreading COVID-19. This keeps our property owners, leasing agents, and tenants safe with the added benefit of scheduling ease. To see the home on their schedule, the prospective tenant just needs to submit credit card information and some personal information. This electronic lockbox feature has increased showings by 34%. 
  • 3D Virtual Tours are another way that prospects can see a home on their own time. We use the latest and most advanced 3D Virtual Tour technology available which gives a feeling of walking through a home. It also features a floor plan of the home, a property video, and 4K/HDR still photos that capture three angles of a room in various lighting and combine, resulting in the best-quality images in the industry. Since using this technology, we’ve seen an increase in applications received for every home. Tenants love the virtual experience and the ability to sign a lease in real-time through this technology. Click here for a Virtual Tour.
  • Premium Paid Zillow Listings. Paid listings on Zillow are required if property management companies want to market vacancies on their sites. We now pay for premium listing placement so that your rentals are showcased in the best possible spot. This means a huge increase in the number of people who will see and inquire about our rentals compared to other property management companies who aren’t paying for premium listings. The more interested tenants you have, the less you’ll have to worry about vacancies and a loss of income. 
  • “No Security Deposit” Option for Tenants. Specialized Property Management understands that not everyone has a large amount of cash on hand for up-front security deposits. Our unique system allows qualified tenants to use a surety bond instead. Though we continue to thoroughly screen our tenants, this option makes it possible for them to reduce their upfront costs when moving in. Property owners appreciate this feature because it helps widen their prospective tenant pool while keeping their investment safe. Additionally, because the deposit process is performed digitally, Specialized Property Management can process and payout deposit itemization claims more quickly than ever before. Since we have started providing this option, tenant satisfaction has improved by 80%. 

Last month’s numbers show that we had a 22% increase in the number of homes we leased (total of 62) for our clients and the number of homes with existing tenants that we renewed (total of 64). This percentage is higher than the previous four months. 


Long before the coronavirus outbreak, our focus was on the safety of our owners, tenants, vendors, and staff. Thanks to our advanced technology, we can continue to make sure that maintenance issues are taken care of quickly and effectively, making life safer for all. When a maintenance request is submitted, we are able to respond right away, track the status and completion of repairs in real-time, and make sure that property code laws are being adhered to by maintenance workers. We are also able to evaluate the tenant’s experience for each work order we fulfill. 

Thanks to this feature of our technology, we know that 77% of tenants said that maintenance quality and responsiveness were the two most important factors in their choice to renew their lease. We listen to and respect our tenants’ opinions, which is why we put extra effort into ensuring that repairs are both efficient and effective. In fact, repairs performed by SPM managers are completed 3.2 times quicker and have a 20% higher satisfaction rate than a repair done by an owner or a home warranty company. Other companies might think that maintenance isn’t a big deal, but we listen to our clients and their residents and we know that faster and better service means happier tenants who want to renew their lease. This, in turn, means saving our owners thousands of expense costs in rehab, vacancies, marketing, and more.

COVID-19 Protocols

  • Non-health and safety-related maintenance orders will only be completed if both the vendor and tenant both agree to it. If either wants to postpone, we will wait until the COVID-19 threat has passed and then schedule the repairs. 
  • If both decide to move forward with the repair, we will adhere to strict COVID-19 guidelines to reduce the chance of exposure for either party.
  • In an effort to protect our staff and the tenants, we have decided to put regular inspections on hold until the pandemic is over. 

The month of March did not affect our business as much as some might think. Our average maintenance requests for this time of year is 1,439 and we completed a total of 1,377. Many other property management companies have stopped taking service orders altogether which is causing a variety of problems and headaches for tenants. We are dedicated to minimizing the effects of this pandemic while continuing to serve our clients to the best of our ability. 


In order to collect rent in a timely and effective manner, we make sure to regularly remind tenants about rent due before the 1st of each month. We provide multiple payment options to make the process convenient for everyone. In light of COVID-19, we are also offering contingency agreements. 

  • Multiple Payment Options are available for paying rent, including through our online portal, with a credit card, and through a variety of local cash-pay locations.  
  • Contingency Agreements are being negotiated when necessary. We communicate directly with owners and their tenants to figure out a legal rent agreement for the time being with a variety of options. For example, owners can let tenants use their deposit money to pay part of their rent if need be. 

We keep a close eye on rent collections and will let you know as soon as possible if we have more information in regard to your property. As of April 10th, we were able to collect 91% of all rents due and had 5% of tenants ask for payment plan options. We are organizing those with our owners and their tenants. 

We express our appreciation to you for continuing to trust our company with your investment. We have every confidence in our proven processes and technological systems to support you and your tenants during this uncertain time. We will never stop striving to be as prepared as possible for the future, be transparent in our management methods, communicate quickly and effectively, and keep you up to date as we move forward. 

Please be safe, stay healthy, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever. 

Advantages of Using a Property Management Company’s Technology

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably doing so from your computer, phone, or tablet, and out of those three devices, two are most likely nearby, within reach, if not all of them. Technology has developed and improved at a rapid pace in the last decade and continues to get better. Meanwhile, people rely on technology more and more every day, using apps for everything from alarm clocks to international conferences and letting the internet dictate where they eat, how they travel, and where their attention goes at any given moment during the day. 

According to the Pew Research Center, “Smartphone ownership is especially high among younger Americans, as well as those with relatively high income and education levels.” 

When you invest in and own a property, it’s important that you hire a Specialized Fort Worth property manager that understands how to market to a tech-driven world and use technology to help you be more efficient, effective, and profitable. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of using a property management company and the ways that Specialized Fort Worth Property Management uses technology and its various methods of communication to help property owners like you succeed.

Communication Through Technology

Every good relationship has to have good communication for it to work properly, and the same goes for tenant-owner relationships as well as owner-property manager and tenant-property manager relationships. The best way to go about it is to set clear expectations and boundaries from the start. Knowing whether you should email, text, or talk in person is something you or your Fort Worth property manager should discuss with your tenant before they even sign their lease. Specialized Fort Worth Property Management can advise you on how to properly execute your meaning through various forms of communication. 

Communicating Through Email

Good communication can be the difference between an effective tenant-owner relationship and a non-effective one. Though there are a variety of quick and easy ways to let your tenant know about an issue or vice versa, everyone has their personal preference. The Radicati Group discovered that 86% of professionals put email as their favorite way to communicate. In fact, there are 3.7 billion email accounts worldwide, and 269 billion emails sent per day. Email is quick, straightforward, and easy to revise before sending. It’s also a great way to send attachments and keep a record of communication back and forth between you and your tenants. Just remember to ask tenants if they prefer email, texting, phone calls, social media messaging, or something else and set expectations for when you will be giving them notice of a property inspection, visit, or repair. 

Let them know that there may be certain times that you won’t be reachable, but your Fort Worth property manager will be, and through which methods of communication. Keep subject matters as professional as possible and respect your tenant’s privacy. Once clear expectations are met, you should be able to communicate effectively and efficiently, all while using technology to your advantage. The advantage of using a property management company like Specialized Fort Worth is that we will set expectations and be available to communicate clearly with tenants 24/7. It will be our job, not yours, to handle everything tenant related and we’ll be in charge of deciding, with your tenants, the what, when, how, and why’s of communication.

Communicating Through Texting

If your tenant tells you or your Fort Worth property manager that they prefer texting over email, which is very likely in today’s smart-phone driven world, you may be excited – it’s the fastest and easiest way to get your message to someone. Or, it might make you nervous. Texting can create misinterpreted meanings and feel casual and unprofessional. 

Some of the pros of texting your tenants are: 

  • Texting is very convenient. You can text wherever and whenever you want, and you don’t have to worry about background noise.
  • It’s extremely quick.
  • You don’t have to spend time on small talk; you can be straightforward
  • You can answer texts on your own time. If your tenant sends an angry text, you can think about your response and be professional when you’re ready

And some of the cons of texting your tenants include: 

  • Texting eliminates the tone of voice and certain messages can be misread.
  • Text messages can be easily lost or deleted. 
  • Some people don’t use their phone all the time and may not see your message until it’s too late.
  • There is no Federal Rule of Evidence that specifically states that a text is acceptable as evidence in court. While Rule 1001 says that a “‘writing’ consists of letters, words, numbers, or their equivalent set down in any form,” a judge can interpret that in any way that they want to. If you’re involved in an eviction case, and the only proof you have of written communication between you and your tenant is text messages, you might find yourself out of luck.

You or your Fort Worth property manager should include a section of the lease agreement where the tenant can acknowledge that they give permission for you to text them and vice versa. In this section, be clear about what kinds of information you’ll be texting and include what kind of information the tenant may text to you. 

Communicating the Old Fashioned Way

Some people believe that because technology is everywhere, it can be a sign of both professionalism and sincerity to send a handwritten note. It’s a great way to send a welcome letter or a thank you note, and most people consider it both a kind and professional gesture. Keep in mind that written notices, which are usually typed up letters sent by mail, are another way to communicate more serious matters. In some cases, written notices are the only way to communicate in order to protect yourself and your investment property. For example, if there is a case of a late rent payment, eviction, or notifications of move out dates and times, a written notice is necessary. The best Fort Worth property managers know that keeping all records of your communication with tenants in a safe location is crucial to your success as an owner.

Online Portals

Specialized Fort Worth property managers believe in making things simple and easy for owners and tenants. That’s why our website has an owner portal and a tenant portal where things like rent collection, rent payment, online applications, tenant screening, maintenance requests, and more can take place in an efficient and effective way. Our online portal makes life easier for everyone; saving you, your tenants, and us time, money, and stress. Our technology-driven processes are not just one of the advantages of using a property management company, it’s what sets Specialized Property Management apart from the rest. 

Electronic Showings

Specialized Fort Worth property managers understand how seriously harmful vacancies can be to your business. That’s why we have worked hard to ensure that we do everything we can to avoid vacancies and effectively market your property for you. One way we do that is through electronic showings, or virtual walk-throughs. Instead of spending days trying to schedule a time for tenants to meet with an agent and then losing the interest of tenants because of the hassle, we have come up with a solution that will help increase your bottom line through fewer vacancies. Our process goes like this: 

  1. An applicant sees your property listed online and wants to view it.
  2. The applicant completes an online request and provides a credit card as a security measure.
  3. A Specialized Fort Worth property manager prescreens the applicant and provides a code to access the property during a short, predetermined time. 

If the applicant just wants to view your property online, we offer virtual tours as well. Either way, we are ensuring that prospective tenants don’t lose interest just because it’s too long of a process to see your property. Every applicant is a potential tenant, and the more information we can provide them with right away, the more likely they will be to turn into actual tenants who are paying rent and creating steady income for you. 

The Advantages of Using a Property Management Company

Specialized Fort Worth Property Management is considered one of the best property management companies in Fort Worth because we have over 30 years of knowledge and experience to help your investment succeed, as well as the technological processes outlined above. When communicating with your tenant, remember:

  • To set clear expectations at lease signing for acceptable means of communication 
  • Keep texts and emails straightforward and professional
  • Draw up necessary written documents and save them in a safe place
  • Sometimes a face-to-face conversation is necessary and important

Let our team of experts at Specialized Fort Worth be the ones to handle all of the important aspects of managing your property with our technology-driven systems. We’ll communicate clearly and professionally with tenants and make showing properties, screening tenants, and collecting rent a breeze with our proven processes. You’ll no longer have to worry about unnecessary vacancies with Specialized Fort Worth property managers in your corner. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you.

Advantages of Using Fort Worth Real Estate Management

There’s a common real estate misconception that properties are easy to manage among those who have never tried it. Those who have tried it know that the opposite is true. Owning any type of property is a lot of work, but a rental property is all that work and then some. Trying to do it all on your own is unwise, especially if you’re new to the game. Relying on one-man operations and local mom-and-pop property managers may save you money in the beginning, but they most likely don’t offer expertise in every area of management (even if they claim as much) and can end up costing you more money in the long run than a professional team of Fort Worth real estate management like Specialized Property Management offers. 

We understand that renting out a property, and doing it correctly, takes a team of experts in every area from marketing and tenant screening to collecting rent and complying with legal laws. It’s your decision how much your time is worth, but when you think about the amount of money and time you’ll save in the long run by investing upfront with a property management company you can rely on, you’ll realize that trusting Specialized Fort Worth Property Management is the wise choice. We’ve listed all the services offered at Fort Worth Property Management, and how they can help you live the dream of enjoying your ROI without the management headaches.  

Reducing and Avoiding Vacancies

The last thing you should be worrying about when you own a rental property is vacancies. When no one is occupying your unit, you’re losing money, which means you have to stress about how to market your property and find new tenants fast. This can lead to accepting any willing tenant and causing problems later on because of insufficient screening. Our Specialized Fort Worth real estate management company can reduce vacancies and save you money by managing tenants in a professional way, collecting rent consistently and efficiently, and always marketing your property using the best marketing techniques to keep new, reliable tenants on the horizon and ready to move in at a moment’s notice. 

Selecting and Enforcing the Best Rental Rates

Most property owners want to charge enough to cover their expenses plus make a profit, but aren’t sure what’s marketable for the area. Our property management company will assess the area and see what current rental rates are. We’ll also compare with the quality and location of your property and set the best rental rate to ensure your costs are covered, tenants are happy, and you’re not exceeding any rental rate limits for the area. The right price will increase the marketability of your property, help make you more money on a consistent basis, and attract the right tenants. 

Tenant Selection

Specialized Property Management is the rare Fort Worth real estate management company that will make sure to screen each and every tenant so that you don’t have to worry about unreliable income or disrespectful neighbors. We screen potential tenants by performing background checks, calling references, checking their credit and income, and requiring a thorough questionnaire. The best tenants will pay their rent on time, keep your property clean, and renew their contract year after year. We target those people through our marketing techniques and setting the optimal rental rate for the area. 

Dealing with Tenants

The number one reason you should trust our property management company rather than try to do it all yourself? You don’t have the time or energy to deal with tenants or their 1am phone calls. We have an entire team dedicated to handling all your tenants’ needs efficiently and effectively, in a way that makes them happy and doesn’t take up your time or interfere with your schedule. We’ll answer their phone calls and complaints in a timely manner, scheduling high quality maintenance from reliable vendors when needed as soon as possible. 


If you want to fill vacancies, you’ve got to be ahead of the game when it comes to advertising. Our team includes marketing experts who will advertise aggressively and generate lots of interested callers. Don’t block your own cash flow and slow down the process by trying to do it all yourself. We’ll meet with potential tenants, perform walk-throughs, and mediate the relationships between tenants and neighbors while you focus on spending your time however you want to. At Specialized Fort Worth real estate management, we now offer the time saving tool of electronic showings. We understand that some people don’t have the time or patience to coordinate a walk-through with one of our team members and we don’t want to lose their business because of a scheduling conflict. That’s why we allow them to view your property on their own time through access to a lockbox after they’ve been screened and had their identity verified for security purposes. This process helps speed up the process, reducing vacancies and establishing trust with your future tenant. 

The Office Work

The paperwork alone of owning a rental property is a headache. Let us take care of administrative office management record keeping, preparing reports, accounting, contracting maintenance, creating budgets, and writing lease agreements. All of this paperwork is time-consuming and easy to make simple mistakes on. Our team of Fort Worth real estate management professionals will stay on top of everything for you, keeping the office part of management organized and mistake-free. Trying to do all these tasks on your own can be time-consuming and lead to the loss of potential tenants or legal issues due to mere disorganization or procrastination. 

The School Work 

If your unit is in a HomeOwners’ Association community, you may be required to attend classes or meetings for your property. These classes help you stay up to date on rental laws, tax information, and the latest approaches to property management. Your representation will be desired and possibly mandated at community meetings, local board meetings, and property investment meetings. Save yourself the time and hassle by hiring our team of experts at Specialized Fort Worth real estate management. We are experts on the topics you’ll learn about in those classes and if need be, we can represent your property for you at meetings. 

Collecting and Depositing Rent 

“My check is still in the mail” sound familiar? Every day that you sit around waiting for a check to arrive or for rent to come through, you’re losing money. We’ve created systems like online payment options and a 24/7 online tenant portal to make sure that rent is collected quickly and in turn, deposited to you right away. Our effective tenant screening system combined with our smooth rent collection process makes payday something you can finally rely on from your property.

Cost-effective Maintenance and Vendors

One of the hardest parts about trying to manage your own company is finding maintenance specialists, contractors, cleaning services, landscapers, and other vendors on whom you can rely. These kinds of businesses are known for being hard to find and even harder to form a long-term relationship with. Most Fort Worth real estate management companies won’t take the time to find quality vendors, costing you more money when one doesn’t show up to a job or perform a task correctly and efficiently. Because we are a reliable source of income for these types of companies, we’ve collected a list of vendors that we know we can trust to not only perform high-quality work, but to show up, be on time, and charge fair rates. 

Meeting and Addressing Legal Issues

There are so many codes and laws on both the local, state, and federal levels and keeping track of them plus the constant changes is exhausting. That’s why you should trust our experts who know exactly what the laws are and will update you as they change. We can protect you from making any mistakes that you may unknowingly commit which could lead to costly fines. Work with us and we’ll make sure that you’re in compliance with fair housing rules, discrimination laws, and property laws on every level. We also offer legal services as needed.  

Fort Worth Real Estate Management 

Being wise about your property investment means setting realistic expectations. Owning a property itself is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Renting it out to tenants is even more so. Turn over all the stress and hassle of the management duties to our team of experienced professionals at Specialized Fort Worth real estate management company to avoid common mistakes made by Fort Worth property managers, and enjoy your free time while the rent payments roll in each month. 

When you actually crunch the numbers, you’ll see that the time and money you save by delegating each of these tasks to our team of professionals who work together to manage every sector for you is undeniable. With over 30 years in the business, the knowledge and expertise we have at Specialized Property Management is worth the investment. We are one of the industry leaders in Fort Worth real estate management because of our proven systems. Trust us with your property for complete peace of mind. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help with your properties and increase your return on investment.

The Advantages of Fort Worth Rental Property Management

Property owners think about the homes they own as a business investment. So focused on the possible profit and benefits of owning a home and renting it out, they often lose sight of the potential risks involved. Every investment that promises reward comes with its own risk. That’s why it’s important to beware of the potential for things to get scary. This Halloween, don’t let spooky mishaps and haunting management mistakes get in the way of your fun. Take advantage of your local Fort Worth rental property management. At Specialized Fort Worth, we handle every issue for you so you don’t have to worry and your investment stays protected. 

Scary Landlord Stories are Everywhere

As soon as you decided to invest in real estate, you probably heard all the ghoulish tales. “My tenant completely destroyed my home” or “I didn’t know about the local regulations and was unexpectedly fined!” Or perhaps you’ve fallen prey to your own scary stories with your experiences as a tenant, facing awkward encounters with your landlord and not getting the maintenance your home needed right away. These stories are well known in the real estate industry and one of the big reasons why many hesitate to invest. Some, though they’ve heard the stories time and again, are sure that these nightmares won’t happen to them and don’t take advantage of necessary Fort Worth property management services. Be prepared this Halloween by becoming informed on all the reasons why property management companies, especially Specialized Fort Worth, can protect you. Very first on the list of things not to do when you get started as a property owner is to assume that you’ve got it all figured out. 

The Advantages of a Fort Worth Rental Property Management Company

Property owners who think they know the ins and outs of real estate, even if they have done their research, are most likely still missing a few things. It takes years and years of experience managing properties and being on top of the constantly changing local and federal housing laws and regulations to really understand the Fort Worth rental property management cycle and the complexities that go along with the business. Certificates and qualifications are required of property managers in some states and small mishaps can lead to costly fines. At Specialized Fort Worth, our extremely experienced team of experts have all of these qualifications, with references and raving reviews to back us up (not to mention a diverse clientele all across the nation). Trusting us with your property can protect you from the horrors of realizing that you don’t have the experience, qualifications, know-how, or time to self-manage your property. 

Save Time and Money 

Making money is one of the greatest benefits to owning a rental property and can easily become the focus of your endeavors. Wanting to make money can lead to the mistake of not spending it where you should. Many people think of Fort Worth rental property management as a luxury that they don’t need, when in fact, taking advantage of Specialized Fort Worth’s property management services will save you money in the long run. Trying to self manage your property will cost you a lot more time than you think. Taking time away from another job to handle emergency maintenance calls, tenant complaints, or keeping up with all the codes and laws costs money. Every minute of your time is worth something, and if you could be spending that time focusing on what’s most important while letting your trusted property management company handle the little details, you could be saving money. Consider how much time you spend self managing your property and compare it with how much hiring a Fort Worth rental property management company would cost and you’ll quickly discover that it’s worth it.  

What the Wrong Tenant Could Cost You 

Tenants paying their rent on time vs. those who don’t can be the difference in how successful you are as a property owner. Those who consistently pay their rent provide you with steady income, meaning that finding tenants who are responsible and financially able is crucial to your future financial success. It’s easy to hope and assume that every tenant will be reliable and your rapid success will quickly ensue, but it’s just not the case. The reality is that many landlords don’t take their time finding a tenant they can trust because they’re in a hurry to get their property occupied and start making money. Tenants are also more able than ever before to falsify documents or appear more creditworthy than they are, just by using widely available technology. Specialized Fort Worth’s property management services include a thorough screening process that identifies these issues and saves you from the terror of not getting paid consistently and potentially dealing with dreadful eviction issues. When a tenant fails to pay, you quickly lose profits. For example:

  • Tenant failing to pay rent for one month: $1,500
  • Tenant staying throughout the eviction process: $750
  • Repairing damage to your home: $1750
  • Solving eviction through court: $1,000
  • Re-marketing your home and finding a new tenant: $2,250

As you can see, the out of pocket costs for you can total over $7000 just because your tenant wasn’t screened properly or falsified information without you detecting it. When compared to the monthly fee for Fort Worth rental property management, homeowners save money by hiring Specialized Fort Worth to perform the tenant screening process and find the tenants who are most likely to pay their rent on time and consistently as well as continue their contract, decreasing your overall vacancies. 

What’s Your Price for Peace of Mind? 

Property owner responsibilities can mess with your head and personal life, taking up your physical time as well as your mental energy. Only you can determine the price of your personal peace of mind, but consider how much of yourself you really want to devote to your property. Hiring Specialized Fort Worth’s property management services can give you back your peace of mind by taking on the daily hassles and stresses that become mental burdens. Your personal comfort and convenience are free when you consider what Specialized Fort Worth can save you in vacancy costs, property maintenance, tenant duties, legal fees, and more. Some examples of common renter complaints we can handle for you are: 

  •      “I want my security deposit. Now!”
  •      “Fix this. Now!”
  •      “It’s still broken.”
  •      “My neighbors are so _____!”
  •      “The internet is slow!”
  •      “I’ve already called you 20 times!”
  •      “You expect me to pay the utilities?”

With Specialized Fort Worth rental property management, you no longer have to occupy your time answering complaints and questions. We take care of everything for you and do it right the first time to help you avoid costly fees from little mistakes. If you’re not sure where your responsibilities as a property owner end and ours as a property management company begin, we’ll let you know. We believe in being transparent and communicating openly and often to make sure that we are on the same page and managing your property in the most effective way possible. 

Prepare for the Worst

Though we all go into any investment with certain expectations and hopes for a high reward, it’s safer to expect the worst and be right or pleasantly surprised. With over 30 years of experience in the property management industry, Specialized Fort Worth rental property management knows that the worst will happen, and we won’t be surprised when it does. Our proven systems and expertise will prevent most of the negative experiences and help solve any unexpected ones. When you partner with us, you protect your investment and don’t have to worry about any scary surprised. Specialized Fort Worth property management services include: 

  • Finding and screening reliable tenants
  • Showing and leasing your property
  • Performing maintenance and regular inspections
  • Corresponding with tenants and collecting rent 
  • Ensuring curb appeal and managing marketing
  • Staying up to date on rental and leasing laws and regulations
  • Communicating weekly updates during the leasing process 
  • Providing detailed monthly reports and year-end tax statements 

Specialized Fort Worth Property Management Services

With our list of services, the advantages are obvious. Spending money on a property management company now will be worth it in the end. You’ll start seeing the peace of mind benefits right away and soon after, realize how much money you are starting to save, just by trusting the experts with your property. Rather than try to do it all on your own, let Specialized Fort Worth rental property management take care of the details and get it right the first time. We believe that truly professional management should actually shield owners from the common stresses of rental property ownership, and that you should never have to settle for less. That’s why we back our service with THE SEVEN SPECIALIZED GUARANTEES—seven serious commitments we stand by so our clients enjoy greater peace of mind that no one else can offer.  No other company can offer what we do at such an affordable price. Trust us with your property for complete peace of mind. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help with your properties and increase your return on investment.

Fort Worth Property Management: The Seven Specialized Guarantees

When people ask us what makes Specialized Property Management Fort Worth special, we always tell them it’s the seven specialized guarantees. We promise our clients more peace of mind than anyone else can offer through our specialized services. Hiring a property manager can help you avoid costly errors, especially if you’re just starting out with your rental property. 

“For a property investor who is just starting out, hiring the wrong repairman or taking too long to fill a vacancy can quickly eat into your potential income. Mistakes such as being accused of discrimination because you did not understand the Fair Housing laws, or of being a slum lord for not getting the heat fixed in time, can lead to the demise of your investment. It is also important to note that hiring a bad property manager can also destroy your investment. This is why it is so important to do your research and thoroughly screen a property manager if you decide hiring one is right for you.” –

80% of property owners manage their property themselves and end up making simple mistakes, feeling frustrated, and wishing they had someone else to do the hard work for them. That’s where we can help. Our services and guarantees take all the stress out of owning a property. Not only do we handle the everyday hassle and maintenance of owning a property, we also take care of official business and paperwork with exactness, meaning you don’t have to be stressed or worry about making mistakes. The seven specialized guarantees of Fort Worth Property Management back our services and give you peace of mind.

1. 10-Month Quality Tenant Guarantee

We know how important low turnover and a consistent income are to you. We take the responsibility of vetting tenants by performing rigorous background checks to ensure that your property is being occupied by responsible people who can pay the rent. We also enforce collection of rent and take care of the rent payment process for you. Specialized Property Management Fort Worth’s 10-month quality tenant guarantee is that the tenants we place will live at your property for a minimum of ten months. If a tenant we placed breaks their lease and doesn’t comply with the lease terms, we will cover the cost. Previous tenants, tenants placed by the owner or another property manager, tenants in the military that are required to move due to orders or transfer, or tenants who abide by the terms of their lease in breaking the lease by paying all required fees are not covered by this guarantee. 

2. Eviction Protection Guarantee

Though we work hard to make sure that tenants are reliable, pay their rent, and stay in your property for a long time, we have prepared for the unexpected at Fort Worth Property Management. Our eviction protection guarantee will pay for the cost of an eviction for the first 10 months of the management agreement. You can opt-in for the Eviction Protection Plan by paying only $14 per month starting in the 11th month. This will cover the costs of the eviction plus the costs of a Writ of Possession. This protection plan saves you from having to pay thousands of dollars. Evictions can be expensive, require extensive time and legal expertise, and be a huge stress on you. Our clients have the Eviction Protection Plan as a worry-free alternative if an eviction does become necessary. 

3. Price Match Guarantee

At Specialized Property Management Fort Worth, we know there are other property management options out there. Our excellent customer service and these seven guarantees are what set us apart. If you find a competitor that offers equivalent property management services to what we do, we will happily match that competitor’s price. You won’t have to worry about sacrificing incredible customer service and proven processes just to save money by going with a different property management company. All you have to do is present the competitor’s proposal to us before signing the management agreement and we will adjust pricing to match it. This is valid on new contracts only and is not retroactive. This way, you get the price that is right for you, along with all the benefits of our services and guarantees.

4. Legal and Accounting Compliance Guarantee

The last thing you need is for your property manager to try to cut corners and leave you with a violation that can cost much more than the management itself. Our Fort Worth Property Management guarantee protects you from managers who are either ignorant, neglectful, or unethical in the way they do business and end up violating trust accounting, fair housing, property code, landlord/tenant regulations, or complex accounting compliance procedures. If your property manager doesn’t know or care enough to be meticulous about what they are doing, it puts you at risk both financially and legally. Our firm guarantee promises that 1) your property will comply will all laws; municipal, state, and federal, 2) all criteria required by the State Department of Real Estate and CPA GAAP regulations will be correctly met by your financials, and 3) your records will be organized properly if you are audited. These guarantees will not only provide you with immense peace of mind, they will also keep you organized and your financial matters safe. 

5. Customer for Life Price Guarantee

Some property management companies will raise their fee every time a lease is renewed. At Specialized Property Management Fort Worth, our clients won’t have to deal with that for the first three years. When you sign your service agreement, the fee that is set in that meeting is locked in for three years. This way you can manage your money wisely, know what to expect, and not have to worry about increased fees. If you hire us for any additional rental properties you acquire over the three years, your fee will be the same as the initial fee for those properties as well, even if our fee policies have changed for new clients. This guarantee takes the pressure off and lets us prove to you that our services are worth your investment. Read this article from Part-Time Money for more information about if a property management company is really worth the fees. 

“Of course only you can truly answer if a property manager is worth their fee. You will have to consider your profit margin. Is the rent you are able to charge your tenants barely covering your mortgage, insurance, private mortgage insurance (PMI), taxes, homeowners association fees, maintenance, and the host of other costs of owning residential rental real estate? Like most things in personal finance, the answer is that it depends. What do you want to do with your property? How involved do you want to be–or can you be? For many landlords, it makes sense to hire someone who can manage your property for you. But often it is simply a profit calculation you have to make and live with.”

6. Money-Back Guarantee

We know that just like any relationship, your relationship with us may change. We don’t want any of our clients to feel stuck if they are unhappy. That’s why Fort Worth Property Management guarantees a refund of your first two months’ management fees if you’re not happy with our services in the first 60 days. If you have a sudden change of plans for some reason and no longer need property management, we completely understand. We guarantee a smooth, easy transition without stress, drama, or cancellation fees. As long as your notice is written and sent to us 90 days before you want to cancel and all your vendor invoices are paid in full, we can ensure that both you and your tenant have a satisfying transition and that you meet all your legal and financial obligations. 

7. 100% Customer Satisfaction

Our clients at Specialized Property Management Fort Worth are the number one priority. You can enjoy our unsurpassed service and efforts to make sure that you are 100% satisfied when you trust your property management with us. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations, or accept responsibility and make it right. Our level of service goes far above the industry standard while keeping fees affordable for you. The combination of our committed customer service, superior experience, highly qualified team, and proven processes, offers you the ability to save money long-term and complete experience peace of mind. 

“We would like to thank you for all the years that you have stood behind us…It has been a pleasure renting from you and having you as our property management company.” – Ricky L., Owner

The seven specialized guarantees are why many of our clients know they can trust us and have no regrets about working with us. Because we have earned the trust of our clients, we can better serve them and form positive, lasting relationships with them. The reason that our Fort Worth Property Management team and our company in general has received the highest online ratings and customer levels in our industry is that our seven specialized guarantees make life easier for both old and new clients alike. Stop trying to do everything yourself and start minimizing your daily stress. Call today to find out how you can gain greater peace of mind by trusting us to manage your property.

Communicating with Your Fort Worth Property Manager: What to Know

You have decided to entrust the management of your rental property to a professional property manager. Congratulations. Smart investors know that this is the best way to earn more on your investment and have a more profitable and successful experience. Read more