Why Do Fort Worth Landlords Choose Specialized?

From the one-man operation to the local mom-and-pop property managers, Fort Worth landlords have a lot of choices when it comes to who manages their rental properties. So why should you choose Specialized? On the surface, it looks like we offer the same thing as the competition, but in reality that isn’t true. Let us show you a few reasons we’re an industry leading property management company.

Our Property Managers Get the Job Done

We are the property management Fort Worth landlords have trusted for almost 30 years because we have the experience and local expertise to help you get the best return on your investment. Unlike the smaller operations our office has the staff, technology, and resources to turn your investment into a success. It shows in our results. Our property managers are known for:

  • Shorter vacancies
  • Better qualified tenants
  • Lower eviction rates
  • Quality, cost effective maintenance
  • Fewer costly mistakes

With all these great results, it is no wonder we are an industry leader with thousands of properties nationwide!

The Property Management Fort Worth Landlords Choose to Save Money

Discount property management offices often end up costing landlords more than they realize. You may pay less in monthly fees, but, in the end, you pay more because of mistakes, mismanagement, and simple lack of experience. Specialized is technology driven and run like a business, because that is exactly what it is. Part of getting the best return on your investment is minimizing mistakes and streamlining processes. With our combination of local, experienced professionals, and proven processes, you know you’re getting the best in the business. So don’t wait, call us today to hear about all the services we offer!

Why should you hire Fort Worth Property Managers?

If you own an investment property you may be wondering, what can an Fort Worth property management company do for you? Will hiring property managers help or hurt your bottom line? As an investor, you want to be sure you’re getting a good return on your investment. Specialized is here to show you how hiring a property manager is an affordable and reliable way to take care of your rental home and get a better return.


Specialized is a full-service property management company, meaning we take care of every aspect of your rental property. Our Fort Worth property managers ensure the best performance in every facet of property management. We are here for the day-to-day hassles like marketing, leasing, maintenance, and accounting. You can also rely on us for the once in awhile tasks like collections, evictions, inspections, and compliance. We’ve been in the business for over 30 years. All that time has given us the experience needed to turn your investment property into a success.


At Specialized we pride ourselves on being an affordable and reliable property management company. Vacancy days are one of the biggest costs associated with owning rental property. With our experienced team and proven processes, your home will lease faster, so you can reduce the number of days it sits vacant. Our Fort Worth property management also reduces turnover by placing reliable tenants and being available 24/7 for any tenant emergency. We will save you money on costs by avoiding expensive mistakes and performing regular maintenance to ensure the longevity of your home’s systems. Thousands of investors around the country rely on us because of our professionalism, experience, and reliability. To start getting a better return on your investment, give us a call today.

Why Should You Hire Property Management in Fort Worth?

If you have decided you want to rent out your property why should you hire a team of professional property managers? Renting property is smart, but it is also hard work. Many first time landlords know the pros of renting their homes, but miss the cons. The everyday realities can start to wear you down and make your investment feel more like a failure than a success. That’s where Fort Worth Specialized Property Management comes in. With over 30 years in the business, we know the ins and outs of rental property, and we are here to make your property a successful investment.


Specialized can help you with almost every aspect of managing your investment property. We get your property rent-ready by addressing needed repairs and increasing the curb appeal to attract the best kinds of tenants. We market and show your property, screen potential tenants, and draw up the leasing documents when we find the best possible tenant. We collect rent and address any issues your tenant may have. Our property managers in Fort Worth will take care of emergency maintenance issues, so you aren’t bothered in the middle of the night. And in the unfortunate case of needing to process an eviction, we can handle that too. In short, we do everything!


Now that you know a few of the reasons smart investors hire property managers in Fort Worth, you may be wondering why you should hire Specialized. With over 30 years in the business we know what it takes to make your investment property a success. Specialized is an industry leading Fort Worth residential property management company because of our experienced professionals and proven processes. If you want to know more about how we can help with your properties, give us a call today!

Faster Leasing and Shorter Vacancies

Arlington rental property management

Faster Leasing, Shorter Vacancies With Arlington Rental Property Management

As you know, every day your property is vacant, you lose money. That’s why Specialized now offers advanced leasing technology as part of our property management. Arlington, Ft. Worth, Dallas, and surrounding areas can now take advantage of our electronic showings. We’ve already put the system in place for clients, and most of them are experiencing faster leasing.

Putting Advanced Technology to Work

The vast majority of people look at rental properties online before setting up onsite visits. In Arlington, rental property management at Specialized utilizes electronic showings to capture your audience when their interest is piqued. We qualify them for an onsite visit so they can gain access as soon as possible or whenever it’s convenient for them. That way, your property remains top-of-mind.

How Electronic Showings from Specialized Property Management, Arlington, works:

  1.    A prospective tenant views one of your properties, makes a request online, and provides us with a state-issued ID.
  2.    We screen the prospect, verify his/her identity, and require an active credit card for an added measure of security.
  3.    After clearance, the prospective applicant receives a unique code which can be used, for a limited time, to open the lockbox, view the property, and continue the application process.
  4.    We also conduct in-person follow-up viewings and onsite new viewings to make sure the property leases quickly.

People are expecting technology to keep up with demand and to improve efficiency in many areas. By using Arlington rental property management  with our Specialized team, we ensure your prospective tenants are able to utilize advanced technology and view properties when they’re interested. So, in addition to improving the timing of viewings, Specialized Property Management, Arlington, demonstrates to tenants that the property is being managed securely and efficiently. We provide a good first impression before they even unlock the door. Our system is also designed to meet Texas Real Estate Commission’s requirements. Hence, you’ll find the proper disclosures included with your Service Agreement.

Specialized is the Arlington rental property management company with the leading leasing system. Put our team to work for you today and see the difference having an expert on your side makes towards your property investing success.

Does is pay to use Ft. Worth property management instead of doing it yourself?

Fort Worth property management company

Some people assume they save money by managing properties themselves. After all, why pay a Fort Worth property management company for work you can do? In actuality, turning the job over to a company like Specialized can save you money while eliminating the hassle. And, we can handle many services you may not have considered.

The advantages of our Fort Worth property management company.

  1.     Reducing and avoiding vacancies. Whenever there are vacancies, you’re losing money. We can reduce vacancies by managing tenants effectively and bringing in new ones immediately. Fewer vacancies make Ft. Worth property management worth it.
  2. Determining and enforcing the best rental rates. It seems like the more money you charge, the more you’ll make. However, there are limits that depend on each area. We’ll determine the optimum rental rates.
  3.  Finding the best tenants. We perform background checks, call references as needed, and perform a screening method we’ve found to be most effective.
  4. Dealing with tenants. Frequently, renters end up being high maintenance, calling with complaints at all hours of the day and night. Who wants that? Well, if they pay rent on time and are respectful of your property, they’re worth handling. And, the people at Specialized Fort Worth property management company are trained to do so.
  5.  Collecting and depositing rent efficiently. Every day rent is late; you lose money. And, if a check sits around, you still lose money. So, we collect and deposit rent promptly.
  6. Cost-effective maintenance and vendors. We work with a variety of maintenance specialists, contractors, cleaning services, landscapers and other vendors. Because of that, we’re able to get professional, timely service at the best rates.
  7. Your time is money, or a time to relax. On the surface, it seems that you just need to find a renter, the payments come in, and that’s it. Unfortunately, there is much more to it, which you may be learning the hard way. So, turn it all over to the Specialized team for Ft. Worth property management. Your time is valuable, whether you’re earning money or enjoying free time.
  8. Meeting and addressing legal issues. We’ll make sure that you’re in compliance with housing regulations and property laws, including local, state and federal regulations. We also offer legal services as needed.

Specialize Specialized is the Fort Worth property management company with the comprehensive list of services that maintains your unit, takes care of tenants, and gives owners a hassle-free leasing experience. Find out more what we can do for you.

Time Is Money: Making Sure Your Time Is Well Spent

property managers in Forth Worth

Often new property investors will come on the scene of property investment and think that they can be a one-man-band and run the show as a side job to make some extra cash. Property managers in Fort Worth, TX, however, know that there is more time involved to “running the show” than a few hours here and there. Investors often learn that a full-time commitment is more along the lines of what’s needed for effective property management. In the end, owners need to evaluate the worth of their time. Hiring professional property managers in Fort Worth, TX does cost money, but when crunching the numbers you will find that passing along time-consuming tasks can free up your time and run the business better. Consider passing on some of these time-consumers to a property manager:

The Tenant’s First Point of Contact

Filling vacancies means aggressive advertising that will generate lots of interested callers. If you don’t have time to give attention to those calls, you could become the roadblock to your own cash flow. Meeting potential tenants and doing walk-throughs of the rental property can be incredibly time consuming. Even after vacancies are resolved, midnight maintenance calls, chasing rent checks, and relationship mediation between tenants and neighbors are always a possibility waiting to eat away at your time.

The Office Work

Paperwork can seem never ending. Administrative office management record keeping, preparing reports, accounting, contracting maintenance, creating budgets, and writing lease agreements requires a lot of time. These tasks are all vital to the success of your business, and procrastinating the work can lead to disorganization, the loss of a potential tenants, or ultimately the loss of dollars. Careful management is key to maintaining a business. Why not let your business maintain itself with the help of Fort Worth property management companies?

The School Work

Did you know that you could be required to attend classes or meetings for your property? If your unit is in an Home Owners’ Association community, you need to represent the unit at association meetings. There are also a slew of management classes you can take to stay current about rental laws, tax information, and the latest approaches to property management. Community meetings, local board meetings, and property investment meetings can guide you through rental business. Having an expert on your team is an even better time saver.
Go ahead and crunch the numbers. The time (and consequently the money) you save by delegating these tasks to property managers in Fort Worth, TX means that these managers pay for themselves. Give the leading property management experts at Specialized Property Management a call to see how they can help save you time and headaches while they professionally take care of your property.

What do Professional Arlington Property Managers really do?

There is more to managing rental property than just putting a for rent sign on the front of your unit and collecting rent immediately. Here are some tips for Arlington property managers to help ensure you rent to good tenants and have fewer vacancy days. Arlington rental property management does much to help your cash flow from rentals keep coming.

Pre-screening tenants

In your excitement to have your property rented, you may be tempted to let the first interested person that answers your ad sign that lease. But wait! What do you really know about this person who wants to occupy your unit. A professional Arlington property management company will take the time to screen each potential tenant carefully.  They know what to look for and to look for it.  Background checks can determine any criminal behavior in a person’s past. There are even background checks for potential terrorist activities. Ask for references from employers and former landlords. References are more accurate if they come from more than just family and friends.  Income of a potential tenant should be at least three times more than then unit rental cost. So be sure to check the income of the rental applicant.

Be legally wise

Do you know all the laws related to leasing and renting property? Lawyer fees are high. One legal issue against an Arlington property management mistake can completely drain your cash reserves.  A professional Arlington property management company knows and how to properly comply with those laws to help you avoid legal risks that will cost you money.  You need to understand fair housing rules and make sure you are not discriminating against race, religion, service animals other protected groups.

Rent Collection Process

Rent collecting is the ultimate goal of owning rental property. The rent collecting process can be made easier and more regular with an experienced Arlington property management company on your side. Online payment options and online tenant portals giving access to 24 hour a day, 7 days a week to tenants makes payment on time easier. When a tenant moves in, a clear understanding of a firm but fair payment policy helps to avoid confusion and keeps the process professional and not personal.

With the expectation to be available at any time any day, Arlington rental property management can be a very stressful experience. The Arlington property management job can be made easier for you when you partner with an experienced and professional management company.  You are protected legally, prepare your property more efficiently, and get that cash flow started as soon as possible.