Ft Worth Property Management Protects Your Investment

As a landlord, you have to think about your home as a business investment. However, many landlords are not aware of the complexities of owning rental property, which puts their investment at risk. An experienced, professional Fort Worth property management company can help you minimize mistakes and protect your investment.

Ft Worth Property Management Dos and Don’ts

Your Fort Worth property management company knows owning a rental home is a full-time job. Marketing, maintenance, and rent collection are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to property management. While not an exhaustive list, here are a few property management dos and don’ts you should keep in mind as a landlord. Being unaware, or simply forgetting one of these dos and don’ts can mean costly fines or long vacancy times at your property.


    • Rigorously screen tenants to reduce turnover and evictions
    • Have a copy of the lease agreement signed by all parties
    • Inspect property with tenant prior to move in and provide a move-in inspection list
    • Keep property insured and require tenant to purchase renters insurance


    • Wait to respond when a tenant has a request
    • Break any housing laws, whether local, state, or federal
    • Evict a tenant without going through the proper legal channels
    • Hide a foreclosure proceeding from your tenant

How a Quality Fort Worth Property Management Company Helps

A quality, experienced property management company like Specialized Preperty Management knows the ins and outs of property management and can help you avoid costly mistakes. The list of dos and don’ts can be a lot to remember for any landlord, especially if being a landlord is not your full-time job. Specialized has been in the business for almost 30 years because landlords know they can trust us with their investments. From screening tenants to inspecting and maintaining your home, the Ft Worth property management at Specialized have everything covered. To hear about all the services we offer give us a call today!

Protect Your Investment By Hiring Experienced Fort Worth Rental Property Management

Some landlords get into the investment property business because they see friends or neighbors making money. Others start because they couldn’t sell their house when they needed to move. The fact is, whatever way you started, the point is to make money from your business. Paying too much for necessary items such as regular maintenance, or unnecessary luxuries can hurt your bottom line. Unfortunately many landlords put hiring professional rental property management Fort Worth experts in the “unnecessary luxuries” category and their investment is put in jeopardy because of it.

How Professional Property Management Can Help

Think about your professional qualifications. Do you have years of experience in property management? Do you understand the property management cycle and complexities of the business? Do you have the certificates and qualifications some states require of property managers? The professionals at Specialized have all of these qualifications, with references and raving reviews to back us up (not to mention nationwide clientele). We can help protect your investment from the common pitfalls and mistakes that many landlords make.

Where Should Your Money Go?

Managing rental property yourself will cost you time, and time is money. You will need take time away from another job to deal with emergency maintenance calls, needy tenants, or simply keeping up with all the law and codes so you aren’t stuck with a costly violation. When hiring rental property management, Fort Worth landlords need to factor in all the time that is saved by hiring experienced professionals.

Fort Worth rental property management will save you money by avoiding costly mistakes and getting you a better return on your investment. Specialized has been in the business for almost 30 years so you can trust our experienced professionals and proven processes. Call us today to put us to work for you!

The True Cost of Tenants Who Don’t Pay

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The True Cost of Tenants Who Don’t Pay

The success or failure of property management in Fort Worth hinges primarily on one thing: tenants paying their monthly rent. Finding Tenants who will take care of your property and pay on time is not as easy as it may seem at first. The reality is that with the pressures of time and money, landlords may cut corners in the tenant selection or screening process. Additionally, with the technology at applicant’s fingertips to falsify documents or appear more creditworthy than they are, it’s essential to hire an industry expert from Specialized who is well-versed in the completing the process well and identifying these issues.

It’s worth the upfront cost. When a tenant fails to pay, you quickly lose profits. For example:

      1. If the Tenant fails to pay rent for one month: $1,500
      1. If your tenant stays throughout the evictions process: $750
      1. If you have to repair damage to your home: $1750

    If you proceed with an eviction through court: $1,000 If you have to repair damage to the home: $1,750

    1. If you take 45 days to re-market your home and find a new tenant: $2,250

The total can come to more than $7,000. Compared to the monthly fee for property management, Ft. Worth homeowners get a bargain for their money when they hire Specialized to find tenants the first time around with the highest likelihood of paying rent. We have more than over thirty years of experience with property management in Fort Worth. Call us today capitalize on our expertise for your investment.

Remember the Value of Landlord Peace of Mind

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Remember the Value of Landlord Peace of Mind

Renters can be a huge headache. Some tenants require more maintenance than the property itself. The neighbor’s dog suddenly becomes your problem. Or, trash day moves and they think you should haul their trash off. Even repair calls seem to come at the most inconvenient times. Fortunately, Specialized has property managers in Fort Worth who are trained to handle even the highest-maintenance tenants. We’ve seen and heard it all, and we’re prepared to hear it all again. We’ll spare you the pain-aching details. Suffice it to say, Specialized Fort Worth residential property management can save your sanity while protecting your investment.

The mental toll adds up quickly.

If you’ve decided to invest your own time and money into rental property, don’t forget to consider the mental toll, too. It’s tough to put a price on peace of mind. When you consider what Fort Worth residential property management can save you in vacancy costs and property maintenance, your personal comfort and convenience are free.

For some reason, renters tend to think landlords should be therapists, financial advisors, and 24-hour complaint departments. We have grown to know and love (or at least like) tenants of all dispositions. And they’ve grown to appreciate our local presence, fast response times, and business integrity. It’s all part of our job as property managers in Fort Worth. And it’s something you may not want as your job.

Common renter complaints (seriously, we’d be happy to handle them for you)

  •      “I want my security deposit. Now!”
  •      “Fix this. Now!”
  •      “It’s still broken.”
  •      “My neighbors are so _____!”
  •      “The internet is slow!”
  •      “I’ve already called you 20 times!”
  •      “You expect me to pay the utilities?”

Satisfied renters usually stay longer.

Your Specialized team of property managers in Fort Worth would be happy to help keep your tenants happy. Or, at least satisfied. After all, satisfied tenants tend to stay longer—which saves money in the long run. Tenants will be glad they won’t have to wait to have their calls answered, and their complaints heard. You won’t have to hear them. And, our property managers in Fort Worth get the chance to do what they do best—listen and take action. It’s a win-win-win.

Protect Yourself and your Ft. Worth Property

Ft. Worth property management

Management Tips for Dealing with Difficult Situations

Ever heard the saying, “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised?” Denis Waitley was likely talking about property management in Forth Worth. After 30 years in this business, the team at Specialized has seen it all – the best and worst of rental property management. Here’s your ‘heads up’ guide.

The Best Case Scenario in Ft. Worth Property Management

You rent the property within days of listing it. The renters have a long record of paying their rent on time and nothing in their past that would make you doubt their ability to continue paying. They move in carefully and take impeccable care of the place as if it were their own. They only call between 10 a.m. and noon to request maintenance or repairs. Each month, they pay their rent early and bake cookies for the neighbors to maintain good relations. When their job transfers this little family of three to a new city, they give you 60 days notice and leave the place better than how they found it. Your next tenants, from your waiting list, move in the next week. Cha-ching – your profit margins fatten by the minute.

The Worst Property Management in Fort Worth

Your tenants tear up the lawn with the moving truck and leave half their stuff in the driveway for weeks. Layoffs occur at work the next week, and although they are actively seeking new employment, money’s tight and their first month’s rent payment came in three days late. They apologize profusely, but then wake you up that very night to request immediate maintenance because the air conditioner broke and they have a young baby. You pay double for a repair-person to respond after-hours who later calls you to report they couldn’t even get to the utility room because the door was blocked…with more stuff. At least it’s no longer in the driveway. You question if property management in Fort Worth is really worth it. Managed this way, probably not.

Prepare to Be Surprised

The worst will happen – we have the stories to prove it. Nothing about property management in Fort Worth surprises us at Specialized. But, we have the proven processes and expertise to prevent most of the negative experiences. We are prepared. If you partner with us, you will be too.
Putting the Specialized team to work for you means putting us to work finding and screening reliable tenants, showing and leasing your property, and performing ongoing maintenance. Your tenants call us with every care and concern, not you. It’s the best way to plan for the worst but expect the best – with no surprises. Call our team for a free consultation. Property Management in Fort Worth can be hassle-free and save you money. Ask us how.

How Your Arlington Property Management Company Helps you Avoid Scary Landlord Stories

Arlington residential property management

A scary landlord tale can be from either the perspective of the tenant or the landlord. Property owners who stay in the business of Arlington residential property management long enough will have stories to tell about interesting tenants and situations. And, tenants with long-term rental experience can have some strange landlord experiences. An internet search of scary landlord stories will bring up stories of property damage, rental maintenance problems, and even landlord home invasions. Even though some situations can’t be predicted or avoided, Specialized is your Arlington property management company that has a few hints on how to avoid the scary rental story whether you are an owner or a tenant.

Landlords Should Never Skip the Tenant Screening Step

A landlord needs to make careful decisions about who will live in their rental unit. Even though applications can’t have discriminating questions about race, color, religion, or disabilities, a landlord can screen every potential tenant over the age of 18 with a background, employment verification, criminal, rental history, terrorist list, and sex offender list checks. Applicant screening is the best way for landlords to get a better picture of who is wanting to live in their units. Specialized always screens tenants as part of the proven process for their successful Arlington residential property management leasing service.

Don’t Forget the Regular Inspection Schedule

Once a lease is signed, and tenants have moved in, landlords should still keep in contact with the residents and check on their rental property with regular inspections. Seasonal, maintenance, and simple drive-by inspections give your Arlington property management company opportunity to check on maintenance needs and lease compliance. Your tenants will appreciate a well-kept property as inspections help you take care of problems before repair needs turn into big ugly monsters.

Specialized has over thirty years experience with Arlington residential property management. Our expert managers work hard to prevent scary situation with tenants and property problems. There is nothing scary about our business integrity and professional management services that have earned us a 98% customer satisfaction rating. And, don’t be afraid to learn more about our services and what we can do for your individual rental property needs at www.specializedrpm.com

Can I afford a Property Management Company in Fort Worth TX?

Rental property management in Fort Worth TX is a complex job.  Rental property brings its own bag of financial risk to its owner. You also have to consider being available to tenants anytime there is a need. People are unpredictable. And tenants also have their own unique situations. We don’t like to think about it, but sometimes there are regular unpleasant situations. What does Fort Worth property managers really do? And can I really afford not to have Fort Worth rental property management help.

Getting Your Property Rented

Before a property can have a for rent sign placed in the front yard, the property needs to be properly inspected and maintained.  The right property management company in Fort Worth TX can offer volume discounts on maintenance supplies that saves you money. Market experience will help you rent your property fast.

Dealing with The Unthinkable

Experienced Fort Worth property managers have seen it all.  Even with careful screen of tenants, undesirable situations can happen. You can have tenant issues like drug problems, legal situations, personal tragedies, and even expensive tenant evictions. Any of these experiences can stop your rent flow.  Then you also have other headaches with fires, floods, and natural disasters. You want an expert to professionally take care of problems and get your unit back on track.  The prime goal of rental property management in Fort Worth TX is to keep your investment property running smoothly even if the unthinkable happens.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Common mistakes made by rental property management in Fort Worth TX can be avoided when you have proper understanding of rental and leasing laws and regulations. Fines for code violations is a hard way to learn that laws are serious and can not be ignored. Other mistakes are made in the pre-leasing and tenant screening  process. Making sure you have the right tenant is a protection to your property and will help avoid possible tenant damage to the unit and also can help with tenant retention. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Fort Worth rental property management is a job with many responsibilities to consider. Do you really want to wear all of those hats? And the honest question is do you really have all of the need expertise to manage efficiently and professionally.  The honest answer may be that you can’t afford not to have that professional support working with you to ensure your rental property investment does the most for you that it can.