Why Single Family Homes are a Wise Investment in Fort Worth

Specialized Property Management started out over 35 years ago, and we went into the property management business with a focus on managing single-family rental properties. At that time, most rentals units were found in multifamily properties like plexes and apartment buildings. Read more

Paying Rent with Specialized Property Management: What to Know in Fort Worth

If you are a new Specialized Property Management resident, we want to welcome you to your new rental home in Fort Worth. We understand how stressful the moving process can be, so we’re hoping to provide you with a little bit of information about how expect rent to be paid every month. Following the terms of your lease agreement is an important part of being a responsible tenant. Read more

Top Mistakes Fort Worth Landlords Must Avoid

Making mistakes with your rental property is easier than you think.

Many new landlords and even experienced investors think managing a property is as easy as finding a tenant and collecting rent. But, owning and operating a rental property is a bit more complex than that, and a lot of expensive mistakes can be made. If you want to have a good experience with your Fort Worth rental property, make sure you can avoid these common errors. Read more

Getting Your Property Rent-Ready in Fort Worth

When you want to find the best tenants for your Fort Worth rental property, you need to catch their attention with some great marketing and a positive showing experience. But, before you can advertise your home or let prospective tenants see it, you have to make sure it’s rent-ready. Getting it ready for the rental market means making it clean, functional, and attractive. Read more

What Types of Fees Can I Expect with a Fort Worth Property Management Company?

Smart investors know that working with a professional Fort Worth property management company can help increase the return that’s earned on their investments. While you’ll need to pay for expert leasing and management services, you can more than make up for those fees with higher rents, better tenants, and lower expenses. The value that you receive when you work with good managers is more than worth the costs you incur. Read more

How to Deal with the Eviction Process in Fort Worth


The best way to handle evictions in Fort Worth is to avoid them. They don’t work out for anyone, and unless you know what you’re doing, they can be expensive and time-consuming. You want to reduce the chances you’ll have to evict by screening tenants thoroughly, enforcing your lease, and keeping the lines of communication open with your tenants at all time. Read more

How Much Should I Charge in Rent for my Fort Worth Property?

Picking the right rental price for your Fort Worth rental property does not have to be complicated.

Both underpricing and overpricing your home comes with risks. If you charge a price that’s too low, it will mean less monthly income for you. A rental price that’s below market will also make it hard to catch up; you may not be able to raise the rent to market levels until you’re looking for a new tenant.

You don’t want to charge too much, either. You’ll have a hard time renting it quickly to good tenants. A longer vacancy period is a lot more expensive than a lower rental price.

Properly pricing your Fort Worth investment property requires a deep understanding of the local rental market, and a willingness to do some research. There are a few things you can do to ensure you’re pricing your home correctly to attract the best tenants for your propertyRead more

Finding the Best Tenants for Your Fort Worth Property

For Fort Worth landlords and investors, a successful rental experience starts with tenant selection.

A good tenant offers you many things, mostly predictability and profit. You’ll earn a reliable rental income every month, your property will increase in value, and your ROI will steadily grow throughout the tenancy. A bad tenant, however, will lead to problems and expenses. Bad tenants come with risks, including the risk that they won’t pay rent. Bad tenants can also cause property damage or lead you towards evictions, which are expensive and time-consuming.

No one can predict with 100 percent accuracy how a tenant will turn out. However, you can protect yourself and your property with a strategic tenant placement process. Many smart landlords focus on screening.

Take your time and put in the work that’s required to find the best tenant in Fort Worth. If you are struggling with time or resources, hand the process over to a professional property manager. A good property manager will lease your home quickly to a well-qualified tenant, saving you stress and time.

Read more

What to Look for When Choosing a Fort Worth Property Manager

Fort Worth rental property investors have a big decision on their hands when they’re looking for someone to manage their properties. It doesn’t matter if you have one home or 100 homes; you need someone who is going to effectively care for your property, your tenants, and your bottom line.

Here are some things to consider when you’re choosing a Fort Worth property manager. Read more

Navigating Eviction with Fort Worth Residential Property Management

An eviction is every property owners nightmare. The truth is that even a great landlord or Fort Worth residential property management company will encounter an eviction eventually. Your lease should have rent payment instructions including when the rent is late and when you will start the eviction process after non-payment. To protect yourself, your income, and your property, you should follow this process closely. Below we address ways to avoid an eviction, steps to take when an eviction is on the horizon, and how a company like Specialized Property Management Fort Worth can help.

How to Avoid an Eviction

The best way to avoid an eviction is by thoroughly screening each applicant. Knowing their background, criminal history (if any), rental history, and employment and  income status will help you determine if they are a good fit to live in your home and stable enough to pay rent. Another key to avoiding evictions is good communication. A Fort Worth residential property management company can help you foster good communication, and give your tenants confidence that their needs will always be met.

What if an Eviction is Necessary?

What can you do if a tenant does not pay rent? If you have followed the rent payment guidelines in the lease and given your tenant time to pay rent, but they still do not pay, you will need to start jumping through the legal hoops as soon possible. The longer you wait to give your tenant a Notice to Vacate the longer you will have to wait for your property to be vacated and another tenant to be placed. Property owners who want to be extra-protected against the headaches, hassles, and costs of evictions can purchase our Eviction Protection Plan. With this plan, our property managers will take care of all the legal paperwork, filing, notices, initial hearings, and fees associated with an eviction. To add Eviction Protection give our office a call today.

How Fort Worth Residential Property Management Can Help

Experienced property managers can make all the difference at your rental property. Whether it is properly screening tenants, communicating clearly with tenants, or processing an eviction efficiently, our property managers have the skill and experience to handle it. If you have any questions about avoiding evictions, our Eviction Protection Plan, or want a free rental consultation, call Specialized Property Management Fort Worth today!