How to Hire an Arlington Rental Property Manager

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At Specialized, we get a lot of questions from our clients and potential clients. We know hiring a property management company can be a big decision for your investment. Property managers can make a difference in whether your tenants decide to stay or leave at the end of their lease, so you don’t want to hire someone you don’t trust. To make things easy for you we put together a list of the top questions we get asked. Feel free to use these as a guide when deciding who to hire for your property management. Arlington landlords have trusted us for over 30 years because they know that when they have questions, they can reach us at any time, day or night.


  1. How can I get my property rented quickly?
  2. What can I do to make sure my property gets and stays rented?
  3. How can I make rent collection faster and less stressful?
  4. How can I protect myself legally?
  5. How can I keep maintenance costs down?
  6. Should I self-manage to save money?
  7. Won’t professional management fees hurt my cash flow?
  8. How will I know what is happening at my property?
  9. How do I choose the best property manager?
  10. Why should I trust Specialized?


As a property owner, you should have sufficient answers to all the above questions. You need to pick an experienced company to handle your property management. Arlington is a great place to own a rental home, but only if it is managed properly. You never want to find yourself left in the dark when you have questions about your rental property. Put the experienced team at Specialized to work for you, and you’ll see the difference. We are available 24/7 for you and your tenants. Leave the hassle behind, and call the property management Arlington landlords trust.

Who to Choose for Rental Property Management? Fort Worth Experience Matters

Who to Choose for Rental Property Management? Fort Worth Experience Matters

When you’re looking for help managing your single-family home in Fort Worth, who can you turn to for trusted, professional experience? Your investment needs someone who is dedicated and has the experience, expertise, and professionalism necessary to make your investment a success. Don’t pick someone who has years of the wrong kind of experience. If you have a single-family home, pick a Fort Worth rental property management company who has experience with that type of rental.

Different Types of Fort Worth Rental Property Management Experience

When Specialized started, we focused on managing single-family rental homes, even though most Fort Worth rental property management companies focused on large multi-family units.  When investors bought single-family homes, they usually renovated and resold those homes instead of hanging on to them. Now, 30 years later, investors are discovering that owning those homes, instead of flipping them, is a stable and reliable investment. Renters have also changed, preferring single-family homes to large multi-family units because it allows them the perks of a house with the freedom and mobility that comes with renting.

Why Our Experience Matters

The experience gained from being in the business over 30 years has made Specialized the local leader for rental property management. Fort Worth landlords know they’re getting local knowledge, expertise, and dedication when they learn 70% of our portfolio is single-family homes. Our specialized, technology driven process launches us far above the competition, who still primarily relies on outdated models of managing multi-family units. So, go with the rental property management Fort Worth landlords trust for their investments. Give Specialized a call today to learn about all the services we offer in Fort Worth. Rental property management has never been easier than with your Specialized team!

There is More than one Way to Manage a Rental Property

Fort Worth rental property management

Myth Buster: There is More than one Way to Manage a Rental Property

Myths abound in the Fort Worth rental property management industry. Two we would like to stop in their tracks are that property management is simple and that anyone can do it.

TRUTH #1: Property Management is Complicated

We wish it were simple, but the fact is that most homes stay on the market for 52 days or longer before rented. We cut vacancies down to 30 days or less because we do extensive background checks and debt-to-income ratio analysis on applicants, so you get the most qualified tenant possible. We do a full property assessment and market the home on more than 90+ sites including MLS. We also manage all property showings, lease signings, and collection of funds. It’s a full-time job. So if you already have one, consider hiring the experts at Specialized.

TRUTH #2:  Every Property Management Company is Different

Not all Fort Worth rental property management companies offer the same services, so if you look at just cost and go with the cheapest, you may be losing money in the long-run with poor service and protection. You truly do get what you pay for with property management services. Most companies hire a handful of individuals and ask them to cover a wide variety of tasks including marketing, leasing, maintenance, evictions, accounting, inspections, and legal compliance. Just ask yourself. Could you be an expert at all of these simultaneously? It’s not likely that they can either.

The fact is that you need professionals for your rental property management. Fort Worth homeowners who hire Specialized after working with another property management company immediately see the difference. We utilize a team of specialists, each of whom completes 1 or 2 tasks for your home, so you receive the best possible outcome in every situation. This is a complicated business, but after three decades of it, we have learned a lot. Call today to put our experience and professional expertise to work for you.

Choosing the Right Property Management in Arlington TX

Arlington TX Property Management: How to do it Right

You own rental property. What an exciting investment.   And now you have decided to hire a property manager to help protect your investment and ensure it brings you the greatest possible returns.  Rental properties are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Deciding to look into Arlington property mangers is a wise choice.  It is also wise to do some serious comparisons with many property managers in Arlington TX. What should you look for in a property manager? Knowing the right questions and what to look for will help you avoid making costly mistakes when choosing an Arlington property management company.

Experience and Qualifications

Make sure the potential company you are looking at has experience. Don’t shy away from asking boldly how long a company has been in business and what their qualifications are. You have  heard the phrase “a finger in every pot.”

Avoid companies that overextend their focus. You want a management company that places managing your property as its most important job.

Arlington Property managers are required to have a current and valid real estate broker’s license.  Property management in Arlington TX which includes renting and leasing activities and rent collecting is considered real estate activity. It is important to know and understand the laws and required licensing to manage your property professionally. This avoids costly fees and penalties that can easily be avoided choosing a management company that knows, understands, and complies with local laws.

Responsiveness and Communication

We all want to be heard. When we have a question or concern, we want to talk to someone quickly and have issues resolved professionally.  It is difficult to conduct business efficiently if your phone call is never answered or returned quickly.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to access information about your property with an online owner portal? Property managers in Arlington TX that have online owner portals allow for a more transparent business interaction. You have the peace of mind of being able to know at anytime what is happening with your property.

Reliable Maintenance

Proper maintenance for your investment property is important to ensure that you have shorter vacancies and longer staying tenants. It is never convenient to have plumbing problems. No one likes the air conditioner to stop working on a warm summer afternoon. When problems like this happen, tenants are happier when maintenance is fast and reliable.

Owning rental properties is an exciting and profitable investment. Finding the right Arlington property management representative is an important member to your team to guarantee your success.