How Fort Worth Residential Property Management Companies Work with Realtors

Realtors and property managers may seem at odds in the real estate game. A realtor’s goal is to help their client buy and sell a property while a property manager wants the property to be rented out as long as possible. After years in the rental property business we’re here to tell you that when Fort Worth residential property management companies and realtors join forces, everyone wins.

What Realtors Do

As a realtor, your goal is to help your clients buy and sell real estate. Whether your client is looking for a personal residence or an investment property, your commission is based on a purchase. A client who is looking to sell, but ultimately decides to rent out their house instead, will not make you much money. And while we’re sure you want the best for every client, earning an income is also important. It is in your best interest to convince your client to sell their property. Or is it? That’s where Specialized Property Management Fort Worth comes in.

What Property Managers Do

Not every property management company is full-service, some focus only on a few areas. However, at Specialized Property Management Fort Worth, our team handles all the day to day tasks of running a rental property like rent collection and maintenance, as well as the once-in-a-while tasks like reporting and evictions. It is more complicated than it looks and we pride ourselves on the expertise we have gained from years of experience. We always want the best for our clients no matter what, but we understand that our job ends if our client decides to sell their property. With no property to manage we have no income, so it is in our best interest to convince them not to sell. Or is it? That’s where our Real Estate Partners come in.

How We Can Work Together

No matter what, we will always have clients who decide to sell, and you will have clients who decide to rent. There are choices when it comes to Fort Worth residential property management companies, so who should you refer your client to when they choose to rent out their home? With our real estate agent partnership program, we will pay you a referral fee for every client you refer who decides to sign a contract, and we place no caps on the number of clients you can refer. But the perks don’t end there. You will be placed on our realtor referral list, so when our client decides to sell, we will refer them back to you. That means when you refer a client to us you are not only gaining a referral fee, you are gaining future clients as well.

Maintaining Good Working Relationships

We understand that when you refer a client to us, your reputation is on the line. It works the same way for us when we refer clients to you. That’s why we are focused on maintaining good working relationships with our realtors, our clients, and our tenants. We strive to be the best in Fort Worth real estate management, and we enjoy partnering with top realtors so our clients can continue receiving great service after they leave us. You can trust that your client is in good hands when you refer them to our management team.

Benefits From Fort Worth Residential Property Management Companies

How do you know your client will receive excellent care from Specialized Property Management Fort Worth? We are a full-service leasing company with years of experience, local experts, and proven processes that will turn your client’s investment into a success. We provide our clients with peace of mind by being experts in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive marketing and advertising to get maximum exposure
  • Thorough tenant screening and selection to reduce turnover and evictions
  • Full-service leasing including preparing documents and educating tenants
  • Routine property inspections so the home is maintained well
  • Online reporting available 24/7 through our online portal
  • Cost-effective, reliable maintenance to ensure tenants are happy and well cared for
  • Timely rent collection with an online payment option
  • Strict and compliant evictions to save money during the process

If the client ever has an emergency or a problem we are around 24/7 to take their call. No other Fort Worth real estate management company does more to ensure their clients are well taken care of. To learn more about what we do for landlords visit our landlord help page.

Why Wait? Call Us Today

We specialize in managing properties; you specialize in selling them. There are over 800 single-family homes for rent in the DFW area according to Zillow, don’t miss out on the business you could gain when those owners decide to sell. When we work together, we both win. Call us today to learn more about:

  • What we do for landlords
  • Earning a referral fee
  • Gaining new clients

Even if you don’t have a client who is looking to rent instead of sell, give us a call today to learn more about how you can partner with one of the top Fort Worth residential property management companies. We thank you, and so will your clients!

How Realtors Can Partner With Fort Worth Property Management

As a realtor, you are in the business of selling properties. What if you have a client who cannot, or doesn’t want to sell their property? Renting out a single family home is a good investment, but it doesn’t bring you money as a realtor. That is, unless you send them to Specialized Fort Worth, the property managers Ft Worth landlords have trusted for almost 30 years. We understand how important referrals can be to both realtors and property managers. That is why we have a Realtor Referral Program.

How You Can Earn Money with Our Realtor Referral Program

Getting a referral as a realtor leads to sales and commissions. But with Specialized Fort Worth even your clients who decide not to sell can earn you money. If your client decides to rent out their home instead of selling, simply send them our way. For every referral that results in a management agreement we will pay you cash. If your referred client decides to sell, we will send them right back to you for that sale. In addition, if you become one of our recognized partners we will send other property owners your way when they are ready to sell.

Get Rewarded by the Property Managers Fort Worth Loves

It really is as easy as it sounds. Send us referrals and you get rewarded with cash and listings. You won’t regret referring your clients to the industry leading team of property managers. Ft Worth landlords have trusted us for almost 30 years because we get them the best return on their investments. Call us today to learn more about our services and our Realtor Referral Program.

Arlington Property Management and Real Estate Agent Referral Program

Specialized is an Arlington property management company that can help with your management needs of single family homes and small multi-unit complexes. Real estate agents know the business of buying and selling property. Specialized knows the ins and outs of Arlington property management. We partner with real estate agents in the Arlington area to help agents find more income, more sales referrals, and more time to build your real estate business. As a real estate agent, you can get paid for your rental management referral to us.

Our Management Services

We focus only on leasing and managing property– not the business of selling. With our managing skills, we can get your client’s property rent-ready, conduct inspections, and ensure that the property meets all codes and rental regulations. Specialized has an aggressive advertising process that can attract and screen for the right tenant quickly so vacancy days are shorter. Maintenance and repairs are not a problem for our Arlington property managers who can take care of repair needs as they happen to any property.

Specialized is the Arlington property management company that understands lease agreements and can expertly go from the lease preparation to lease signing.

Watch for the Partner Opportunity

You have different opportunities to offer the services of an Arlington property management company to your clients. Seeing these opportunities can start earning you extra income. Rental property investors will look to you for your advice and experience in finding the best property deals for their investment goals. You know the market trends and where the best rental property opportunities can be found. As you are making those incredible deals, remember the demands of property managing and refer your client to our trusted managing services. Managing those properties yourself will take time and effort away from your real estate business.

Other referral opportunities may come when a client wants to sell when the market isn’t at its best. It could be a good time to move that home into the rental market. Specialized is the Arlington property management company that can take the stress out of the renting process.

The Bottom Line

Partnering with Specialized is a simple choice. We pay you $350 per property. Simply refer a new property owner to us, and you get paid when they sign a management agreement. You have no limit on what you can earn. With our superior rental service, your name and reputation are protected. When the homeowner is ready to sell the property, we refer them back to you.

It’s simple. Just register and refer. That extra income will just keep coming.

Smart Choices in Property Management in Fort Worth TX For Rental Real Estate Success

Property managers in Fort Worth TX

As a real estate agent, you are an expert on property trends and home values in various markets. When the market in an area is turning down, it may make more sense for a homeowner to rent their property for a time instead of selling immediately. As you make this recommendation to a client, you may be asked to take on the management of that property with a tempting offer of some extra income. When management is not your primary skillset and responsibility, property management in Fort Worth TX can actually cut into your bottomline. Teaming together with Specialized, an experienced  property management company in Fort Worth, TX, can increase your income as you divide and conquer the workload according to your strengths.

Partnering for Profit

For a client who did not originally intend on getting into rental property investing, the thought of renting can feel overwhelming. But, if you quickly introduce the idea of partnering with property managers in Fort Worth, TX, the renting process is stress-free. If a homeowner is moving out of the area, the property manager is the trusted eyes and ears that keeps the owner informed about the property. The job of a professional management company should only be managing property- this means security for your client’s property. With our real estate agent referral plan, earn that extra income without the daily added workload, and liability that comes with managing property.

Watching Out for Costs

Rental property has financial benefits that comes with financial costs. The financial aspects of renting include cost of advertising for tenants, cost of proper tenant screening, preparing the home for tenants, and making sure the property is complying with rental codes and regulations. The responsibilities that come with property management in Fort Worth, TX can quickly start to cut into your bottomline. As an experienced property management company in Fort Worth, TX, Specialized can help with costs to add greater returns.

Legal Issues

Property managers in Fort Worth TX know that rental property comes with liabilities. Tenant-landlord laws are complex, and whether or not you understand the laws doesn’t mean you are exempt from following the laws. Violating codes and regulations can bring costly fines to the owner of the rental property. Specialized has a legal team that knows the laws regarding rental property. Their experience can keep properties within the law and protect homeowners from hefty fines.

Before you learn from the hard knocks of property management in Fort Worth, TX, refer your client to Specialized. You can take advantage of our referral program and your client will have peace of mind with the renting process.