Tips for Property Property Management in Fort Worth: Rent Your House Faster

Vacancies are one of the biggest problems rental property owners face. Every day your rental home sits vacant, you are losing money. Some landlords try to offset the cost of vacancy days by cutting corners like not keeping the lights on or letting the landscaping overgrow. What they don’t realize is that not keeping your property looking nice may lead to more vacancy days and attract less desirable tenants. That is why your property management in Fort Worth matters. With the right property management, you can decrease both costs and vacancy days. Here are our top ten tips for renting out your home faster in 2018, so you can get your year started off right!

    1. Pay attention to your home’s curb appeal.
    2. Add amenities like a washer and dryer or new light fixtures.
    3. Deep clean inside including carpets and air vents
    4. Show your home only after the previous tenants have moved out.
    5. Keep your utilities on and make sure all light bulbs are working.
    6. Touch up paint around the house.
    7. Trim landscaping in front and back of the house.
    8. Show potential tenants the most recent inspection report letting them know the home is safe and up to code.
    9. Make renting easy with an online tenant portal for maintenance tickets and rent payment.
    10. Hire the right professional property management company.

How Professional Property Management Helps Fort Worth Property Owners

Any experienced property owner can tell you that managing rental property is a full-time job. When you leave small details undone, they can turn into big and costly mistakes. When you hire professional property managers, you can rest easy knowing the professionals are doing everything they can to get your home rented quickly to qualified tenants.

The Specialized Property Management Difference

The team at Specialized Property Management is exactly who you need to help you get a better return on your investment. Our property managers take care of everything: getting your home rent ready, scheduling and performing maintenance and inspections, communicating with tenants, and everything in between. To hear about all our services and schedule a consultation call Specialized Property Management in Fort Worth today!

Make Your Home Rent-Ready on a Budget

Your Fort Worth property management company knows that making your home look good before potential tenants arrive will decrease the number of vacancy days. But how do you make your home rent-ready on a small budget? Big projects aren’t always needed to bring in new tenants, and some small upgrades will even allow you to charge higher rent. Check out these low-cost, high-impact ways to make your home appealing to potential tenants.

Ft Worth Property Management Rent-Ready Checklist

    1. Tidy up outside.  You don’t need to invest in a big landscaping project but remember the front yard and door are the first things your new tenant will see. Trimming trees and bushes, planting a few flowers, repainting the front door, and adding a welcome mat will go a long way to making your tenants feel at home.
    2. Repaint or touch up inside.  Paint is a low-cost way to refresh any room. If you don’t want to repaint the whole house consider painting high traffic areas such as the kitchen or entryway. Touch up any spots where paint has chipped.
    3. Replace broken appliances.  This step costs a bit more than the others, but can have a huge impact for potential tenants. Many old appliances are finicky and inefficient, but when you add new appliances tenants know you care about their comfort.
    4. Clean and maintain.  While it may seem obvious, cleaning and maintaining your rental home is a top priority when making your home rent-ready. Replacing light bulbs, cleaning dust from baseboards and air filters, shampooing carpets, and other once-in-a-while cleaning tasks should be done before any potential tenant visits the home.

Need a Fort Worth Property Management Company?

Specialized Property Management has almost 30 years in the business and is one of the industry leading Ft Worth property management companies for a reason. Landlords can rest easy knowing their properties are taken care of at every step, and making your home rent ready is no exception. We are known for decreasing vacancy days which increases your income. To hear about all our property management services give us a call today!

The top property management in Fort Worth recommends getting your home rent-ready before showing

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Making improvements to your rental property in between tenants is a great idea. Your rental needs to be functional and clean before any new tenants move in, and it is a good time to tackle bigger projects that might be difficult to do while tenants are living in the space. But what about showing the property while you are still making it ready for new tenants? Your Specialized Team knows that is a risky idea.

Why your home needs to be rent ready before listing

Potential tenants often have a difficult time picturing themselves in the home if the space is dirty or there is construction debris in the way. Your home will attract the most attention immediately after listing, so making sure the home is ready before listing will ensure you get the best kind of attention. An attractive, move-in ready property will be easier to rent out to reliable and qualified tenants.

The Property Management Ft Worth landlords trust can help you!

Here are a few recommendations from Specialized’s expert property managers.

  1. Call Specialized for a free rent-ready checklist so you don’t let anything fall through the cracks when you are preparing your property for tenants.
  2. Make cost-effective repairs by thinking long-term. Not skimping on repairs may save you money down the road. A bigger cost up front may mean less time and money spent in the future repairing or replacing a broken system.
  3. Get the opinion of multiple property management Ft Worth experts before you list. These extra sets of eyes will be able to point out anything that needs attention in the way a tenant might look at the property.
  4. Show your property only after the previous tenant has moved out. Not only is this less frustrating for your current tenant, it will be easier for you to show the house when no one is living there. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the property being dirty or having a weird smell.

When you need help getting your property rent-ready don’t hesitate to call the experts at Specialized. Give us a call today to hear about all our services.

How to Make Your Rental Property a Perfect 10

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The Rent-Ready Quiz from the Leading Fort Worth Property Management

First impressions count. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t spend so much time worrying about how we look and act on a first date. Tenants searching for their next rental home are equally impressionable. Their first experience with your property will determine their next steps. Will you get a second date? Maybe a signed lease? The more of the following questions that you can answer ‘yes’ to, the more memorable first real estate date you’ll have with prospective tenants.

The Fort Worth Property Management Rent-Ready Quiz

    1. Is your property appealing from the curb? If you were driving by, would you stop to see more or hit the gas? (__Yes __No)
    2. Does your property need maintenance and repairs – including safety and security items as well as cosmetic issues? Think running or leaking plumbing, broken windows, mold, etc.? (__Yes __No)
    3. Did you rekey your property or install a keyless code entry? (__Yes __No)
    4. Are your appliances in working order with new filters? This includes your water heater, AC, and heating system. (__Yes __No)
    5. Do your smoke detectors and other monitors required by law such as carbon monoxide or radon detectors have fresh batteries? (__Yes __No)  
    6. Have you removed personal belongings from everywhere on the property? Including sheds and garages? (__Yes __No)
    7. Are the walls painted a neutral color, not touched up, and with no paint left behind for the renters to use? (__Yes __No)
    8. Are your utilities still on so potential renters may tour the property in light and a comfortable temperature? (__Yes __No)
    9. Has the property and yard been professionally cleaned and maintained? (__Yes __No)  
    10. Did you install a lock box? (__Yes __No)  

Now score yourself. One point for every ‘yes’.

1-5 = Your first impression is lacking. Most tenants are out of your league. Call a Fort Worth property manager professional for a pep talk and some assistance.

6-9 = You’re ready to call the team at Specialized for some fine-tuned advice.

10 = Put up that posting.

Think of your Fort Worth property manager team, Specialized, as your real estate dating experts. If you’re a 10, we’ll keep you there. If you’re anything less, we’ll help you get there. Making your property rent-ready will not only reduce your risk and liability down the road, but it will increase your chances of leasing it more quickly to the most reliable tenant possible. We lease more than 5,000 homes per month. We’ll be your best wing man.

Call us today.

Download Our FREE Rent-Ready Guide

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Specialized knows that time is money. And, when you partner with the best property management company, Fort Worth investors know you will have our experience to help you prepare your rental homes between tenants. Some owners want to lease their properties quickly to reduce vacancy days, but they overlook the importance of having the home ready to show before they begin the leasing process.


Download our handy rent-ready checklist for an overview of tasks that should be performed before showing any property to prospective tenants.

Specialized offers a comprehensive spectrum of services you need to get your property in rent-ready condition. Our clients also benefit from our national partnerships and will receive discounts on remodeling and repair services. These services include:

    • Property Inspections (Inside & outside)
    • Maintenance & Repairs
    • Upgrading or Replacing Appliances as Needed
    • Remodeling
    • Professional Cleaning Services
    • Handyman Services


By taking care of needed maintenance and repairs, replacing or upgrading appliances, and completing any needed remodeling, your home will attract a higher number of tenant applications for a faster leasing process. Find out why so many Fort Worth property managers opt for our high-quality and affordable rent-ready services to help get their homes prepared faster. Call us today to get your home ready and re-rented quickly!
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With the Right Property Management in Fort Worth, TX, Rentals Lease Faster

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Summer is always a busy season for real estate. Families move between school sessions. People like to relocate in weather that is not wet and cold. Investors can attract tenants and fill vacancies faster during summer and any season with the proven process for success from Specialized Specialized Property Management. Here are a few tips to get you working in the right direction:

Fort Worth Property Managers Need to Have Property Rent-Ready

Being rent-ready means your property is completely ready on the inside and out for a tenant to move in. Seeing a home that is in the middle of a remodel job requires the prospective tenant to use their imagination to see what the end results will be. You want your applicants to walk in the door and immediately see themselves at home in your rental.

Always Check for Safety Issues

Tenant safety should always be a priority for Fort Worth property managers. Remember to re-key a home immediately after it is vacated. Then, before you have new tenants move in, you need to give the house a thorough inspection for any safety issues that need attention. Knowing the state and federally required safety regulation will help you know what to look for. Always check for exposed electrical wires, shaky handrails, or lose stairs. Smoke detectors and other monitors need to be checked to see if they are in good working order with new batteries installed.

Finish All the Work

Remodeling and maintenance are dirty jobs. Always clean up construction leftovers, tools, and personal belongs before you show a home to an interested tenant. Fort Worth property managers are liable when equipment is left laying around, and unfinished construction projects create an unsafe zone for applicants to walk through.  When a home with fresh paint and clean appliances is shown, people know you are ready for business.

Get Ready to Advertise

Your home is rent-ready. The yard looks good. All your maintenance and remodeling work is finished and cleaned up. Now you can put out the “For Rent” sign. Now is also a good time for your property management in Fort Worth, TX to conduct any final walk-through inspections to make sure your property is completely up to code and following all federal and state housing requirements.
Specialized Specialized Property Management has the experience to get your property rent-ready, up to code, and aggressively advertised, so you have fewer vacancy days.  All we do is property management, and our 98% customer satisfaction rating says we do the job right for your investing success. Our expert team of Fort Worth property managers is ready to get to work for you today. Visit (