How to Deal with the Eviction Process in Fort Worth


The best way to handle evictions in Fort Worth is to avoid them. They don’t work out for anyone, and unless you know what you’re doing, they can be expensive and time-consuming. You want to reduce the chances you’ll have to evict by screening tenants thoroughly, enforcing your lease, and keeping the lines of communication open with your tenants at all time. Read more

Navigating Eviction with Fort Worth Residential Property Management

An eviction is every property owners nightmare. The truth is that even a great landlord or Fort Worth residential property management company will encounter an eviction eventually. Your lease should have rent payment instructions including when the rent is late and when you will start the eviction process after non-payment. To protect yourself, your income, and your property, you should follow this process closely. Below we address ways to avoid an eviction, steps to take when an eviction is on the horizon, and how a company like Specialized Property Management Fort Worth can help.

How to Avoid an Eviction

The best way to avoid an eviction is by thoroughly screening each applicant. Knowing their background, criminal history (if any), rental history, and employment and  income status will help you determine if they are a good fit to live in your home and stable enough to pay rent. Another key to avoiding evictions is good communication. A Fort Worth residential property management company can help you foster good communication, and give your tenants confidence that their needs will always be met.

What if an Eviction is Necessary?

What can you do if a tenant does not pay rent? If you have followed the rent payment guidelines in the lease and given your tenant time to pay rent, but they still do not pay, you will need to start jumping through the legal hoops as soon possible. The longer you wait to give your tenant a Notice to Vacate the longer you will have to wait for your property to be vacated and another tenant to be placed. Property owners who want to be extra-protected against the headaches, hassles, and costs of evictions can purchase our Eviction Protection Plan. With this plan, our property managers will take care of all the legal paperwork, filing, notices, initial hearings, and fees associated with an eviction. To add Eviction Protection give our office a call today.

How Fort Worth Residential Property Management Can Help

Experienced property managers can make all the difference at your rental property. Whether it is properly screening tenants, communicating clearly with tenants, or processing an eviction efficiently, our property managers have the skill and experience to handle it. If you have any questions about avoiding evictions, our Eviction Protection Plan, or want a free rental consultation, call Specialized Property Management Fort Worth today!

5 Ways to Avoid an Eviction in 2018 by Property Management Company, Fort Worth

Evictions can cost you a lot as a landlord in both time and money. Unfortunately, even the best landlords are not immune to evicting tenants. But being smart and careful means you can avoid them when possible. Specialized Property Management Fort Worth is here to help you avoid evictions this year and get a better return on your rental property investment.

Five Ways To Avoid Evictions

With a quality property management company, Fort Worth landlords are already on their way to avoiding evictions. Here are five more tips for avoiding evictions:

    1. Have strict tenant qualifications in place.
    2. Set clear tenant expectations, so there is no confusion.
    3. Act quickly with collections.
    4. Be respectful and responsive when interacting with your tenants.
    5. Act quickly if an eviction looks like a possibility.

Can Professional Property Management Help Avoid Evictions?

Avoiding evictions means staying on top of every aspect of property management. When hiring a trusted  professional property management company, landlords can rest easy and know evictions are less likely.  A well-cared for home will attract quality tenants. Staying on top of maintenance, even small things like changing air filters, signals to your tenants that you care for your home and they should too. Clear and open communication will help you avoid confusion and mistakes. Experienced property managers will take care of all these details for you.

Finding the Right Property Management Company

When hiring a full-service professional property management company, Fort Worth landlords can relax and know their property is in good hands. The experienced property managers at Specialized Property Management know how to communicate respectfully and efficiently with tenants, so they always feel heard. Our proven processes will ensure nothing is left undone. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to turn your investment into a success. For more information call Specialized Property Management Fort Worth today!

Is an Eviction Protection Plan Right For You?

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Evictions Q&A

Is an Eviction Protection Plan Right For You?

You need some offensive linemen on your team. As in any business, things do not always go as planned with property management. Fort Worth homeowners who rent out their property understand the risk involved. If tenants fail to follow the terms in the rental agreement such as breaking noise ordinances, disregarding pet or long-term visitor policies, or missing rental payments one too many times, then it’s time to ask them to leave. This is when you get hit with a time-consuming and costly evictions process.

How Much do Evictions Cost?

Adding up all the potential costs such as lost rent, lawyer fees, court filing and administrative fees, Sheriff fees, locksmith payment, repairs or junk removal, and cleaning fees, it may add up to $5,000 per eviction.

Why Should I Plan on Evictions?

While this is something we all hope never happens, the reality is that sometimes it does. Keeping our fingers crossed and looking the other way won’t help. A contingency plan will help, however. Property managers, Fort Worth landlords, and even tenants should all know the rules, costs, and the process should an eviction become necessary.

How Do I Protect Myself from Evictions?

Specialized offers an eviction protection plan. For a small monthly fee, we are the buffer between you and the evictions process while we do the following:

    • Send pay or quit notices
    • Work with attorneys to prepare summons, complaint, and other court documents
    • File the summons/order and pay court fees
    • Serve the tenant through constable and sheriff

We will shield you from evictions, so you can run your business. Specialized understands that evictions are a necessary part of property management. Fort Worth homeowners see a difference in the way we approach the entire rental cycle. We use a thorough screening and rent collection practices to minimize the need to evict a tenant. We also take care of tenant needs with a 24/7 hotline to prevent dissatisfaction. Lastly, we perform routine inspections to ensure contract compliance and catch any issues early when there is still time to correct them.

Specialized reduces your risk of evictions and takes the hit of evictions for you should they become a necessity. Call today to learn more about our eviction protection plan today. It’s like adding a row of lineman to your team.