Routine Inspections of Your Rental Investments in Fort Worth

Though both are assessing a home’s maintenance needs, regular rental property inspections and one-time home inspections are not the same. Rental property inspections should happen anywhere from 2-4 times a year and be extremely thorough for rental investments in Fort Worth. Rather than just performing a “clean and safe” check, you should make an effort to dig deeper into an inspection, especially on move-in and move-out days. As a property owner, you may be thinking that frequent rental property inspections are too time-consuming or unnecessary, but the more regular inspections are, the more money you’ll save on neglected maintenance issues or non-compliance problems. Inspections protect you and your rental investments in Fort Worth, while also improving the tenant-landlord relationship. Fort Worth’s Specialized Property Management experts know exactly what to look for in an inspection and how to communicate with your tenant for you. We will conduct move-in, periodic, seasonal, and move-out inspections for you, resolving maintenance and tenant issues as they arise, all while saving you time and money. 

The Importance of Rental Property Inspections

This video by Specialized Property Management explains why inspections are so important and how, if performed correctly, they can protect your investment and improve your relationship with your tenant. Hiring a team of experts who have licensed inspectors on hand, like Specialized Property Management Fort Worth, can make the whole process run smoothly. Some other reasons regular inspections are important are: 

  1. Inspections make sure lease agreements are being followed. Just because your tenant signs a lease stating that they will follow all of your rules and regulations, doesn’t mean that they will remember everything perfectly. If you are a property owner that doesn’t want certain things in the home, like pets or too many people, make sure to put that in the contract and then follow up through regular inspections of your rental investments in Fort Worth. Your inspector should take note each time they stop by your property of which rules are being followed and which are being ignored and then enforce regulations. 
  2. Inspections foster better communication between your tenant and you or the property manager of your rental investments in Fort Worth. Tenants can be hesitant to contact you about a safety problem. They may not know that an overgrown tree is dangerous or they may know and be worried about bothering you. When you or your property management is there in person, you can ask if there’s anything they want to talk about and show them that you care. Once you’ve fostered a good relationship, the next time they have a concern, they’ll be more likely to tell you about it.  
  3. Inspections can catch maintenance issues early, saving you time and money. Tenants don’t know what to look for and may not report something until it’s too late, but inspectors will know if something that seems small is actually a big, costly maintenance issue waiting to happen. The only way to truly protect your rental investment in Fort Worth is to have a licensed inspector come out regularly to catch issues before they get expensive.
  4. Inspections improve tenant behavior. Regular inspections will keep tenants anxiously awaiting your arrival and making sure they’re not leaving the property too dirty or unkempt.
  5. Inspections create good relationships. The more you show that you care about your property and taking care of your tenant’s needs, the more your tenant will trust you and report issues back to you. Open communication and regular in-person inspections will create a better relationship and keep your rental investments in Fort Worth safe.  

How to Perform Rental Property Inspections 

  1. Set expectations with your tenant early in the process. Before your tenant even signs the lease agreement, make sure that they know how often inspections will be happening. Explain to them why inspections are so important, and have them mark their calendar for the dates you’ll be stopping by your rental property in Fort Worth. “Rent my home” should mean take care of it, but that doesn’t always translate. Make sure tenants take responsibility by signing a document that states they understand your inspection terms and will comply. As each inspection gets closer, send them a friendly reminder and make sure to give plenty of notice. Try to schedule inspections around the same time annually so that tenants know how to plan for each coming year. 
  2. Before tenants move in, take interior and exterior pictures of the property, making special notes of marks, spots or imperfections that are preexisting. If during an inspection, your tenants claim that a new mark was already there, you can show them photos as proof and let them know how any repairs will be handled, according to your lease agreement. Take more photos during each inspection so you’ll have something new to go off for the next visit. Be careful not to take photos of your tenants’ personal items as this article explains in “How to Perform a Rental Property Inspection”. Property owners with rental investments in Fort Worth know that they can trust the Specialized Property Management home inspectors to take pictures of all the rooms and areas of the house, including the exterior. They rely on them to take note of what needs repairing and report back. 

What to Inspect When You’re Inspecting

Every home inspector should have an idea of what to look for during a routine rental inspection, but with Specialized Property Management, you can rest assured that we will cover all the areas on your checklist and more. Rather than just checking for major maintenance issues, we’ll make sure that tenants are being compliant to all the terms of the lease agreement, such as number of residents in the home and whether or not there are pets. We’ll also notice things that other home inspectors may write off, such as a leaky pipe that could lead to a huge flooding disaster if left unattended. Your rental investment in Fort Worth and the included appliances, electrical wiring, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems, as well as the items included on this checklist, will last longer with regular performance checks, service, and filter changes. Our qualified home inspector will look at: 

  • The condition of the floors, walls, doors, and windows
  • The functionality of all appliances
  • The functionality and cleanliness of plumbing and pipes, check for any noticeable leaks
  • The functionality of all light fixtures and switches
  • That batteries are up to date in all smoke detectors
  • The functionality of electrical outlets
  • The functionality of heating and cooling systems, including water heater

Another thing that sets us apart from other home inspectors is that our team will repair issues while inspecting your rental investment in Fort Worth. It’s crucial that issues seen during an inspection, even if they seem small, are repaired promptly. Waiting to fix something usually leads to a bigger and more expensive problem down the road. 

Move-in and Move-out Inspections

We have been focusing on routine and seasonal inspections because move-in and move-out inspections should be common sense. No matter when your last inspection was, make sure to perform another one before any tenant moves into your property and before any tenant moves out. These inspections open up communication about the home’s current condition and sets the tone for what the tenant can expect from the property management company. Being at your rental investment in Fort Worth when a tenant moves in will also help reassure them and acknowledge that you are aware that any previous damage was not caused by them. During a move-out inspection, you can openly talk about any damage caused by the tenants and discuss how repairs will be paid. 

Specialized Fort Worth Property management 

Don’t let the task of regular inspections overwhelm you, especially if you have more than one rental property. Your Specialized Property Management team is designed to make life easier for you while saving you money by taking care of all inspections. We offer prompt and professional routine checks and communicate regularly with tenants to make sure they know what to expect. While performing inspections, we also perform quick and quality repairs, keeping your rental investment in Fort Worth safe and well taken care of. The better your property looks, the more tenants will want to take care of it themselves. 

Keep in mind that a well taken care of rental property will rent faster and sell at a higher price. We offer a free market assessment when you decide to hire Specialized Property Management, and our team of experts offer first-rate services and results when compared to other property management companies in Fort Worth. “Rent my home” will clearly translate to “take good care of my home” when regular, thorough inspections are happening. We’ll keep you up to date with each inspection by sending you condition reports and photos of both the interior and exterior of your property and make sure to give tenants at least 24 hours’ notice before the inspection. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maintain your beautiful rental property. 

Guide to Conducting Routine Inspections for your Fort Worth Rental Property

Inspecting your Fort Worth rental property will help you keep it well-maintained and ensure your tenants are following the terms of the lease. There are a few specific times when inspections are critical. Before a tenant moves in and after a tenant moves out, you’ll need to inspect the property and document the condition. It’s also important to get inside the property to take a look around at least once during a tenancy. Driving by the home once in a while without going inside can also give you an idea of whether your tenants are taking care of the property the way you expect them to. Read more

5 Reasons Property Management in Fort Worth Recommends Inspections

Many landlords are satisfied with inspecting their rental property only as part of their tenants move in and move out procedures. Experienced property managers know this thinking is likely to lead to costly and avoidable mistakes. Here are five reasons you should regularly inspect your rental property.

  1. Proactive Maintenance. Tenants do not always report minor maintenance issues, either preferring to handle it themselves or let them be. The problem with this is that a small issue can quickly turn into a large issue if left alone. You can catch and fix a leaking pipe before it turns into water damage and mold if you inspect the property regularly.
  2. Lease Compliance. If a tenant has a pet in a no-pet house or is smoking inside when the lease states not to, you have a problem and need to address it. Sometimes these problems are only noticed during an inspection.
  3. Tenant Communication. Communicating with your tenant is easier when you or your property management in Fort Worth can be physically present on the property. It also signals to your tenant that you care about how they and the property are doing.
  4. Tenant Behavior. Along with lease compliance, landlords can check in on tenant behavior during inspections. To catch an issue such as criminal activity, negligence, or hoarding, you need to be aware and physically present.
  5. Safety Concerns. Is your rental property safe to live in? Are there loose screws or buckling carpets? Are there bed bugs or other pests the tenant is unaware of or unwilling to deal with? Are the fire alarms and extinguishers working? These are important safety features to protect your tenants and your property.

How Property Management in Fort Worth Can Help

A full-service property management company will schedule regular inspections for your rental property. The inspector can determine if maintenance needs to be done if your tenants are complying with the lease and if there are any concerns about their behavior or safety. At Specialized Property Management Fort Worth you can view full inspection reports on your online portal, so you are never in the dark about what is going on at your property. To find out more about our property management services, call Specialized Property Management Fort Worth today.

Do Landlords Need To Perform Regular Property Inspections?

Every good landlord knows it is necessary to have a walk through with your tenants at move in and move out to check for conditions. However, if that is the only time you are evaluating your property, you are setting your property and yourself up for failure. Take it from experienced property managers, Fort Worth rental homes need to be evaluated on a regular basis between move in and move out. Specialized Fort Worth, the property management Fort Worth landlords have trusted for almost 30 years, is here to help you understand why these inspections and evaluations are so important.

Why Property Management Fort Worth Experts Recommend Regular Evaluations

Inspecting your rental home regularly will allow you to check for these things:

  • Lease compliance: bring along a copy of the lease to make sure your tenant is complying with all the terms. Are there pets? Too many occupants? These are things you only know if you walk through the property regularly.
  • Needed maintenance: some tenants won’t mention a problem until it is an emergency. You can save money by catching a problem early and fixing it.
  • Code violations: HOA rules, local codes, and laws vary by area. Make sure your rental home is up to date and complying with all these rules.

Why You Should Set Tenant Expectations

Finally, you need to set tenant expectations early on in their tenancy. Regular inspections should be addressed as part of the lease signing process. Make sure you schedule and notify your tenant in advance of each inspection so they know what to expect. Specialized Fort Worth has a team of expert property managers Fort Worth landlords turn to time and again for help with their properties. Give us a call today to learn about all our services!

Five Tips From Property Managers: Fort Worth Inspections Made Easy!

Five Tips From Property Managers: Fort Worth Inspections Made Easy!

When you own rental property, it is important to make sure your investment is maintained and staying up to code. You can’t do this properly if you are only inspecting your rental home when a tenant moves out.

Experienced investors know regularly scheduled property inspections are an important part of property management. Fort Worth rental inspections can be easy with these tips!


1.Plan and schedule inspections: Whether you inspect the property quarterly or semi-annually, make sure you have a plan in place to inspect your rental home at regular intervals.  

2.Communicate inspection schedule: Make sure your tenants know at lease signing you will be conducting inspections. Take photos at move in so the tenants know the condition has been documented and will be reviewed.

3.Provide notice before inspecting: Be sure to let your tenants know in advance of an inspection by your property managers. Fort Worth tenants will be glad to know you are proactive in the maintenance of your property.

4.Assess needed maintenance: Inspect all the systems and appliances in the house to be sure everything is in working order and up to code. Be proactive about repairs, don’t leave minor annoyances to turn into major issues.

5.Ensure lease compliance: While you are inspecting you can discreetly check for lease compliance such as the number of occupants, pets, or smoking. Any issues you come across should be addressed in writing after the inspection.


Your rental property should always be inspected, working properly, and up to code. This is easy when you partner with your Specialized team of property managers. Fort Worth landlords trust Specialized because they know we offer quality and professional services and keep you up-to-date. Our owner portal will show you pictures and reports of all inspections, so you’re never in the dark. If you’re looking for expert property management, you need to give us a call today to learn about all our services!

Lower Long-Term Maintenance Costs with Professional Property Inspections

property management Denton

Lower Long-Term Maintenance Costs with Professional Property Inspections

Avoid one of the biggest pitfalls of property ownership by hiring capable property management. Denton-area property specialists can perform regular inspections on your property so you can rest assured your investment is protected. Here are four reasons why inspections help lower long-term maintenance costs.

Maintenance: The Key to Property Management with Confidence

Every investment requires routine maintenance. You wouldn’t drive a car that was never inspected or maintained, yet many real estate owners have no reliable system to maintain and inspect their property. Attempting to run a long-term real estate investment on your own will not only create more work for you, but it could also cost you thousands.

Be Proactive: Save Your Tenants and Yourself from Unnecessary Housing Heartache

A stitch in time saves nine, and early detection of home issues pays off. Renters may not be able to detect issues with the house until an expensive home repair is needed. Many of these potential problems can be identified, mitigated, or even prevented altogether when you use a capable inspection team to protect your investment. Your property is valuable. Keep it that way.

Be Aware: Know What is Happening in Your Property

Most tenants follow housing contract rules, but the reality is that some do not follow them. It is important that you are aware of what is happening on the property to show that you care how it is treated and that you are aware of the conditions.

Checkout Time is Not the Right Time for Surprises

The worst time to discover a major breach of contract (smoking, unauthorized pets, etc.) is at the end of a housing contract. Regular inspections will help you address breaches of a contract before they damage your investment. Local Denton property management specialists from your Specialized team will keep you in touch with your property will assure you that when check-in time comes around, there isn’t a surprise waiting for you.

Regular inspections show your tenants that you care. Good tenants are much more likely to stick with you if you maintain the property well. Property management can be a rewarding and profitable investment when done with care. Contact Specialized for effective property management. Denton, TX area rentals maintain their condition and value under our watch.

Keeping an Eye on Your Rental Property Business through Inspections

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Keeping an Eye on Your Rental Property Business through Inspections

If you owned a competitive pizza parlor downtown, how often would you stop in to answer questions from management, ensure your store was up to code, and observe customer satisfaction? Probably quite often. Your rental property is no different. It is a business that requires your attention through routine inspections. Whether you perform them personally or you hire property managers, Ft. Worth tenants should learn to expect that someone will keep an eye on them and the property to ensure safety, cleanliness, functionality, and compliance.

    1. Move-In and Move-Out Inspections: When a new tenant moves in, walk through the property with them to observe and document current condition. This also communicates to the tenant that you care about the condition of your property, so they will be more likely to as well. When they move out, repeat the process.
    2. Safety and Cleanliness Inspections: Scheduled routinely, Fort Worth property management specialists recommend these walk-throughs to observe general condition of the home to ensure it stays both safe and clean. Make a to-do list with deadlines for yourself and one for your tenant and schedule a follow-up inspection to hold everyone accountable to complete it.
    3. Seasonal Inspections: Similar to safety and cleanliness inspections, these scheduled walk-throughs focus on what needs to be done to prepare the property for the next season as well as to wrap up the previous season. Focus on heating and cooling units inside and seasonal-appropriate yard-care needs outside.
    4. Drive-by Inspections: These do not require scheduling. Simply drive by the property to observe general condition and contract compliance. If you see something concerning, schedule a safety and cleanliness inspection.

While move-in and move-out inspections are standard, Specialized offers optional inspection services to keep an eye on your property for you between tenant transitions. This protects you, your property, and your profits. Call to learn more about how we can be your Fort Worth property management eyes and ears.

How to Avoid Neglecting Inspections

Arlington property management

Avoid Problems and Increased Expense with Proactive Attention

We second what Francis Bacon and others said about information: “Knowledge is power,”

When it comes to your Arlington rental, property management done well means keeping an eye on your property even when tenant occupied. Why? You don’t know what you don’t know. A lot can happen to a rental property between tenants. Also, it’s hard to make proactive decisions about maintenance, repairs, and lease compliance without real information about current conditions.

Our Specialized solution to empower you with this knowledge is three-fold. 1. We routinely send inspectors to your property. 2. We send you pictures and a report through your online owner portal. 3. If needed, we send in licensed reinforcements to do maintenance and repairs.

Arlington Property Management Inspection Steps

  1. Property and Lease Compliance Inspections

We give tenants advanced notice of the planned quarterly or semiannual inspections. Many appreciate the proactive approach to maintaining the property. We communication this inspection schedule at the time of the lease signing to help manage tenant expectations. We also take photos of the property at move-in to help establish the baseline condition. During the inspection, we assess needed maintenance – inside and outside – taking photos of areas needing attention. We also take note of lease compliance.

  1. Online Owner Portal Reports

All you need to remember is your password to our Arlington property management online owner portal where you receive a dashboard of information about your property. We upload inspection reports, photos, recommendations, and supporting information to help you make the best decision possible.

  1. Proactive Maintenance and Repairs

Based upon your review and direction, we coordinate with appropriate repair or cleaning personnel to respond to any situation we discovered. We also send and follow up with written warnings of any violations we observed. This process is done discretely and respectfully.  
In the end, if you have an Arlington rental, property management is likely forefront on your mind. Conducting routine property inspections – whether you do them yourself or use our Specialized team – not only gives you the peace of mind and information you need but also gives tenants a reason to care more about the property themselves. They are more likely to treat your unit well when they see you do the same. You set the tone. We can help. Call today to put our experience to work for you.

Rental Home Inspections and Fort Worth Property Managers

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Rental homes need inspections for a variety of reason at a variety of times. Real estate agents are familiar with home inspections when a property is up for sale. Rental inspections are just a little different and are certainly more time consuming. A property manager in Fort Worth, TX will inspect a rental property at move in and move out. Seasonal inspections are needed for maintenance and property code checks. Here are some inspection guidelines for Fort Worth Property managers.  

Inspections Need to Happen More than Once

Rental property inspections need to be more thorough than the inspection for a home sale. With tenants, rental homes need to follow safety regulations and codes closely. Inspections at the time of move in are important for the liability of both tenant and the property manager in Fort Worth, TX. Seasonal inspections need to be scheduled for regular maintenance checks. Air conditioning units and heating units can be serviced on these inspections so they are ready in the season they are needed. Safety detectors in the home can also be inspected to ensure they are in working order. Scheduled inspections give the tenants opportunities to let management know about repair needs, and these inspections also allow the property manager in Fort Worth, TX to make sure tenants are not breaking any lease agreements.

When is the Best Time to Schedule an Inspection?

A Fort Worth property management company should always be aware of the condition of the rental home, but tenant privacy should also be respected. Inspection schedules can be clearly scheduled at the time of lease signing.

Expectations are understood by both tenant and management. Inspections will give the tenant an assurance that the property will be maintained and cared for. Fort Worth property managers can also conduct simple drive by inspections that are not officially scheduled with the tenant and doesn’t disturb their privacy. These inspections let you see if the property still has curb appeal, and if lease conditions are being followed such as a no pet policy.

Handling the Move In and Out Inspection

The move in and move out inspections need to involve both the tenant and the Fort Worth property management team. With the move in inspection, any damage or needed repairs are documented. The same is true of the move out inspection. This will help avoid any confusion about what is the tenant’s or management’s responsibility.

Inspections are an important part of responsible property management in Fort Worth, TX.  They are also a time consuming job for management. Specialized is trained and ready to help you with your rental inspection needs.

4 Types of Rental Property Inspections and Why They Matter

Our experienced Fort Worth property managers know the importance of conducting regular inspections of rental property. As a rental property owner, are you aware that not all inspections are the same? Here are four different types of rental property inspections performed by our property management Fort Worth, TX teams:

Inspection During Move In39395591_l

This type of inspection is typically performed by the new tenant as they walk through the property and take note of any existing damages that could count against their security deposit at the time of move out. The notes written on the move in condition document should be signed by both tenant and landlord, and any pictures of existing damage should be taken and filed with this report. The move-in inspection protects both the landlord and the tenant by acknowledging the condition of the property at the time the tenant moved in.

Scheduled Routine Inspections

Fort Worth property managers perform scheduled routine inspections as a way to ensure lease compliance. During these inspections, the property manager can inspect for any damage caused by tenants, and look for any maintenance issues that need attention. Being proactive during these inspections keeps maintenance costs low, and allows the property manager to fix problems before they get worse. If damage from tenants does exist, they should be notified in writing, and a follow up inspection can be scheduled to ensure the problems have been addressed. These inspections should be regularly scheduled with the frequency being communicated to the tenant at lease signing.

Drive By Inspections

These inspections need no prior warning as all you are doing in simply driving by the property. The point of drive by inspections is to observe the exterior of the property for any lease compliance issues–including animals that are not allowed, smoking that is not allowed, etc. If any problems are noticed, the tenant should be notified in writing, and a routine inspection should be scheduled to assess the interior of the property for any other lease compliance issues.

Inspection During Move Out

When a tenant moves out of your rental property, it is important to do a final walkthrough of the property with them, again noting any damage that has occurred during their occupancy. Pictures should again be taken as proof of any damages, and the inspection report should be signed by both the tenant and the Fort Worth property manager.

A lot can happen between tenants. Don’t stay in the dark by neglecting property inspections on your rentals. For help in this matter, contact the leading property management team in Fort Worth, TX.