Is Your Rental Home Ready for Winter?

With winter weather on the horizon your Arlington property management company wants to make sure your home is ready for freezing temperatures. The last thing you need is a leaking pipe or broken water heater at your rental property. Before the cold weather hits hard take these steps to protect your property.

  • Walk around the house and cover any outdoor faucets or piping. When outdoor faucets freeze they could burst leading to a huge and expensive issue for your home.
  • Depending on the builder, your home may have indoor pipes running through the attic. If so, these pipes will need extra insulation to prevent freezing. Check the attic and cover any pipes with tubular pipe insulation.
  • If your water heater is an older model consider covering it with insulated blankets.
  • If your rental home is vacant make sure you keep the utilities running. Turn the heater on to prevent anything inside from freezing. You do not need to warm the whole house so it is comfortable for guests, just turn the thermostat to above freezing.

Regular Inspections From Your Arlington Residential Property Management

Regular inspections and proactive maintenance are important steps you can take to protect your home in any weather. Without walking through the home it is nearly impossible to know what needs to be done to protect it from winter weather. At Specialized Property Management we ensure your rental home is taken care of to the smallest detail. With our proven processes and experienced team no Arlington property management company does more to protect your property. Our owner portal allows you to view the latest reports and pictures from recent inspections so you are never in the dark about what is happening on your property. For more information, or to hear about our comprehensive list of services, call Specialized today!

Furnace Maintenance Reminder From Your Fort Worth Rental Property Management

With winter weather on the horizon you need to make sure the furnace in your rental home is in good working order. A properly cared for furnace will not only make your rental home comfortable, it will reduce your heating bill and lower your risk of a house fire. According to a report from the National Fire Protection Association, the failure to clean your home’s heating unit is the top contributing factor for house fires. (Source). For the sake of your tenants and your investment, it is worth it to spend a small amount of time cleaning and maintaining your rental home’s furnace.

Furnace Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean or replace your furnace filters at least once a month during the winter. This will not only help your furnace run efficiently and extend its life, it will lower your heating bill.
  • When you transition from air conditioning to heat, be sure to reset the furnace dampers.
  • Oil the bearings around the furnace blower shaft and motor.
  • Check around the unit for any corrosion, worn parts, or fraying belts. If any parts need replacement alert your rental property management. Fort Worth rental home furnace parts should be replaced by professionals.
  • For maximum efficiency and airflow be sure all vents are uncovered and seal any leaky air ducts.

When to hire a professional

Most furnace maintenance requires simply checking and cleaning around the unit, but occasionally you will need to hire a professional. If your furnace is experiencing chronic issues don’t hesitate to call your Fort Worth rental property management for help finding the right person for the job. The professional experienced property managers at Specialized are here to help you any time of day or night. An efficient home can be achieved with regular inspections and maintenance. Call Specialized to hear about all our services!

Ft Worth Property Management Helps You Have a Rental Home for All Seasons

Home maintenance is a large part of any household budget, and when you own a rental home it is no different. How does that look over the course of a year? Each season brings its own unique maintenance tasks and your Fort Worth property management company, Specialized, is here to remind you what those are.


Spring cleaning! When the weather turns warmer and the flowers begin to bloom, take some time to clean items you only clean periodically. This could include deep cleaning rugs or changing air filters. Get your air conditioning unit serviced to make sure it is in good working order before the dog days of summer.


There is no denying Fort Worth summers are HOT! If you didn’t already, make sure you get an air conditioning tune up. This is not only for the comfort of your tenants.  A broken air conditioner is expensive and could be an emergency depending on how hot it is when it breaks.


As the weather cools down it is time again to turn your attention again to cleaning items you only clean periodically. Just like spring cleaning your Ft Worth property management suggests Fall cleaning! The more you stay on top of small cleaning tasks the longer your property and its systems will last. Get the heating system checked to ensure it is in proper working order.


Although ice and snowstorms are rare, they do happen and you need to be prepared. Take a walk around your property and cover any faucets that may freeze when temperatures drop. Bring inside any items that can’t handle freezing temperatures or shouldn’t be covered in snow.

As your Fort Worth property management company we want to make sure your home is taken care of. If you need any more suggestions on caring for your rental home in all seasons, or want to hear about our services, call Specialized today.

Fort Worth Property Managers Share Fall Maintenance Reminders

Fall is almost here. Specialized, the property management company Fort Worth landlords have trusted for over 30 years, wants to share a few seasonal maintenance reminders. When you are proactive about maintaining your home, you keep your  property value high and protect your tenants. Costly repairs can be avoided through low-hassle, low-cost seasonal maintenance.


  1. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Maintenance
    This maintenance is key to preserving the life of your cooling and heating systems. With proper upkeep, you can avoid costly repairs that arise from neglect. Simple maintenance of these systems includes: making sure your heating system is in good working order, replacing filters, and cleaning airway buildup. Also, bleeding radiators, covering outdoor AC units, checking basement humidity, and cleaning humidifiers and dehumidifiers should be done when applicable.
  2. Property Inspections
    Fall is a great time to schedule your regular property inspection. These inspections should be used to check the home inside and out. Fort Worth property managers also use regular inspections to ensure lease compliance and check for needed repairs.
  3. Landscaping
    Proper landscaping maintenance will preserve your property value. This can include tasks like fertilization and pruning. It is also important to remove or trim any plants or roots that come in contact with and could damage your rental property.
  4. Chimney Sweep
    If your rental property has a wood-burning appliance or fireplace, our Fort Worth property managers suggest you regularly clean and inspect them. Sweeping the chimney, inspecting its condition, and removing any obstructions will ensure the safety of your home and your tenants.


Protect your investment property with Specialized, the leading property management company. Fort Worth landlords can rest easy knowing their rental homes are being cared for and protected with our experienced team and proven processes. Give us a call today to schedule your seasonal maintenance.

Fall Maintenance Tips for Fort Worth Property Managers

property management in Fort Worth

When the summer fun is winding down, Fort Worth property managers are already getting their rental units prepped for the coming colder weather. Fort Worth tenants seamlessly transition from one season to the next without discomfort thanks to proactive property management. Stefanie Mendoza, operations director at Specialized, reminds us that “seasonal inspections keep landlords on top of any maintenance needs their properties have both for changes in the weather and for regular maintenance.” Fort Worth’s leading Specialized team gives tips for fall maintenance inspections:

Safety Maintenance Needs

The safety and security of tenants should be a priority for Fort Worth property managers. Some suggested things to check when conducting a safety inspection can be:

    • Loose carpeting
    • Unstable stairs or railings
    • Hot electrical outlets
    • Working smoke detectors
    • Shut-off valves for gas and water

Seasonal Maintenance Needs

Regular seasonal inspections allow your property management in Fort Worth to take care of property needs that come with seasonal changes.

    • Make sure the home’s furnace is working properly and change filters before the temperature gets cold.
    • Clean out vents and air intake ducts.
    • Check landscape clean-up needs along with winterizing sprinkler systems and hoses.

Fall maintenance keeps rentals well maintained. “ Managers tend to put off preventative maintenance because it isn’t demanding immediate attention like an emergency repair does,” says Mendoza. But, making preventative maintenance a priority for property management in Fort Worth will save owners time and money in the long run.
Our Specialized team has over thirty years of management experience and conducts thorough property inspections for regular maintenance and seasonal property needs. Find out more information about our exceptional services at

Top Property Management Company in Fort Worth, TX Gives Spring Maintenance Tips

Specialized Specialized Property Management gives Fort Worth property managers spring maintenance ideas. These tips help managers keep properties in compliance with rental codes, and helps landlords maintain the value of their properties.

According to Mike Jeppson, Specialized Chief Operating Officer, “Regular inspections of rental property are an important part of keeping properties safe for tenants. Needed repairs can be proactively taken care of and routine maintenance can prevent future problems.”  

The company suggests Fort Worth property managers follow these guidelines when conducting their Spring inspections:

–Heating and Cooling Equipment Checks

Make sure that air conditioning systems are ready for the coming warm weather. Filters need to be replaced, ventilation systems checked, and any build up on fans and forced airways cleaned out.

–Seasonally Scheduled Property Inspection

Completely inspecting the inside and outside of the property lets you see what repairs are needed. Smoke and other detectors should have fresh batteries installed.

–Landscape Maintenance

Pruning trees and shrubs along with seasonal lawn care will keep the curb appearance of the property.

“Many of our clients aren’t able to keep up with all the details of managing their property,” says Jeppson. “Specialized offers full service property management in Fort Worth, TX and keeps the little details from hurting your cashflow.” Taking care of all the details involved in the rental process with seasonal inspections allows for a better renting experience for both landlord and tenant.

Specialized offers expert property management in Fort Worth, TX that covers all leasing services, including advertising, leasing, maintenance, rent collect. For a comprehensive list of all services offered visit ( With their proven process, vacancy days are shortened and your property is a profitable investment.

Summer Property Maintenance Tips

Preventative maintenance beats reactive maintenance any day. Small, consistent investments in maintaining the quality of your property will save you time and money. You can avoid the headaches surrounding unexpected fixes by following this summer maintenance guide from rental property management in Fort Worth TX.

Plant Growth

While small weeds and tree shoots may look harmless initially, the damage caused by their roots is pricey. During summer months, Fort Worth real estate management plan regular property walk-throughs to ensure growth is not occurring beneath concrete surfaces. Fort Worth rental management knows the importance of avoiding pavement fixes and resurfacing due to overgrowth. Also, watch for growth encroaching on walls or houses of others’ properties, or near by AC units or power lines. Overgrowth of this kind can prove annoying at best and hazardous at worse. Keeping your landscaping in check is an important part of your summer task list.

Air Conditioner and Electrical Units

Replacing AC filters monthly is a good standard practice; however, if your tenants do not keep up on monthly replacements, rental property management in Fort Worth ensures that unit filters are fresh before and after the summer heat. This step is vital to increasing the life of your systems. Replacing filters as well as getting in your annual servicing of the unit before the brutal heat of the summer hits will keep your tenants happy and your pocketbooks fuller by avoiding early system failures. And in addition to your AC units, quickly checking other electrical features for damage will help you avoid fire hazards.


Insects can be an issue for any rental. Fort Worth rental management takes precautions to curb the problem before it becomes a full-fledged infestation. During summer months Fort Worth real estate management will repair property windows and screens. Tears in screens or gaps in frames can allow for bugs to invade the property. Making these small repairs upfront will help you avoid the issue altogether. Regular pest control extermination can also prevent long-term pest problems and keep tenants happy.

A little bit of maintenance goes a long way as an investment to avoid larger, long-term problems. Before you begin your summer fun, follow these few tips for preventative summer maintenance. Fort Worth rental management knows that one of the best ways to avoid middle-of-the-night calls and tenant and management frustrations is by being a proactive landlord. Schedule a quick inspection today.