Looking to know how to manage properties in Forth Worth? Here is what property managers need to do to professionally manage their properties.

Moving Out of Your Rental Home in Fort Worth: Tenants Checklist

At Specialized Property Management, we enjoy providing outstanding service to our great tenants, and if it’s time for you to move on, we hope you have enjoyed your stay in one of the properties we manage. We know that moving is often stressful, and you probably have a lot of details and deadlines that you’re paying attention to as you pack and schedule. As you are preparing to move onto your next adventure, we ask you to please follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth transition. When we work together, the move-out process goes a lot more smoothly for tenants, owners, and our property management team. Read more


Specialized, your Fort Worth rental property management team, would like to remind you of some simple fall maintenance tasks you are responsible for as a tenant. These maintenance tasks will help prepare your home for colder weather, as well as keep it in good condition.


  • Check For Safety Hazards
    To prevent accidents, you need to check your home for safety hazards. Loose hand railing or lifting carpet corners are good examples of what to look for. Check your outlets for potential electrical hazards. Make sure your fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms are in good working order. Locate all gas and water shut-off switches and review your emergency procedures.
  • Replace or Clean Filters
    Replace or clean your air conditioning system filters. Vacuum all air vents and under appliances to be sure dust doesn’t accumulate. Be sure you change your furnace filter once a month during the winter months.
  • Doors And Windows
    Check that each door and window in your home opens easily and shuts tightly. Your home should be properly sealed in the winter months. Use a lubricant on the hinges, if necessary. If you see a safety issue with your doors or hinges, don’t hesitate to call your rental property management Fort Worth team.
  • Thoroughly Clean Your Home
    Complete cleaning tasks you may not do every day. This can include shampooing the carpets and rugs, cleaning sink drains, and running water through drains that don’t get much use. To clean your disposal run ice through it with a bit of baking soda, then run hot water down the drain. These aren’t everyday cleaning tasks, so they are easy to overlook.
  • Outside Your Home
    Tidy up outside your home and get rid of any debris. This will prepare your home for the cold weather to come. Store any outdoor items that should not be left outside in freezing temperatures.


Specialized is your expert Fort Worth rental property management team. We want you to know we are available for you at any time of the day or night. If you come across any issues with your home, don’t hesitate to let us know. As always, you can submit a maintenance ticket online. If you would like to know more about our services, give us a call today.

Why Should You Hire Professional Arlington Property Management?


Why Should You Hire Professional Arlington Property Management?


If you are leasing your home, it’s time to think about hiring a team of professional Arlington property managers. You may think it’s easy to manage your property, but consider this: your home is now a piece of your investment portfolio. Experienced investors know that to get the best return you need to hire professionals, just like in any of your other investments. Hiring a professional and experienced Arlington property management team will not only save you the headache of managing your investment, but it will also get you the best return.


How Homeowners Save Money with Arlington Property Managers


Homeowners who hire the experienced professionals at Specialized quickly learn how working with us saves them time, money, and hassle. With 30 years of experience, we know how to avoid costly mistakes, and which small problems will turn into big consequences down the road if left unaddressed.

Our property managers will take care of everything you need to get your home rented quickly including marketing, leasing, and performing any maintenance needed to get your home ready for tenants. But, managing your investment involves much more than just renting out your property. Our Arlington property management team will also takes care of tasks you may not think about when initially considering leasing your property. We also take care of rent collections, evictions, inspections, and legal compliance. These tasks can quickly overwhelm a homeowner and lead to big and costly mistakes. Experience is key when dealing with leasing situations, that’s why hiring Arlington property managers is a wise decision for your investment.


Start Getting the Best Return with Specialized


Now that you know why homeowners choose to hire the professional Arlington property management team at Specialized, don’t wait to put us to work for you! Let us help you avoid mistakes, improve cash flow, and save on expenses. We provide the professional management you can count on for long-term stability with your investment. So start treating your home like the investment it is, get the best return with our experienced team and proven processes. Call Specialized today to hear more about our services!

Lower Long-Term Maintenance Costs with Professional Property Inspections

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Lower Long-Term Maintenance Costs with Professional Property Inspections

Avoid one of the biggest pitfalls of property ownership by hiring capable property management. Denton-area property specialists can perform regular inspections on your property so you can rest assured your investment is protected. Here are four reasons why inspections help lower long-term maintenance costs.


Maintenance: The Key to Property Management with Confidence

Every investment requires routine maintenance. You wouldn’t drive a car that was never inspected or maintained, yet many real estate owners have no reliable system to maintain and inspect their property. Attempting to run a long-term real estate investment on your own will not only create more work for you, but it could also cost you thousands.


Be Proactive: Save Your Tenants and Yourself from Unnecessary Housing Heartache

A stitch in time saves nine, and early detection of home issues pays off. Renters may not be able to detect issues with the house until an expensive home repair is needed. Many of these potential problems can be identified, mitigated, or even prevented altogether when you use a capable inspection team to protect your investment. Your property is valuable. Keep it that way.


Be Aware: Know What is Happening in Your Property

Most tenants follow housing contract rules, but the reality is that some do not follow them. It is important that you are aware of what is happening on the property to show that you care how it is treated and that you are aware of the conditions.


Checkout Time is Not the Right Time for Surprises

The worst time to discover a major breach of contract (smoking, unauthorized pets, etc.) is at the end of a housing contract. Regular inspections will help you address breaches of a contract before they damage your investment. Local Denton property management specialists from your Specialized team will keep you in touch with your property will assure you that when check-in time comes around, there isn’t a surprise waiting for you.


Regular inspections show your tenants that you care. Good tenants are much more likely to stick with you if you maintain the property well. Property management can be a rewarding and profitable investment when done with care. Contact Specialized for effective property management. Denton, TX area rentals maintain their condition and value under our watch.

How to Avoid Inadequate Rent Collection Processes

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Maintain Stability by Enforcing the Rent Cycle


The purpose of a rental property is simple: to collect rent payments. The process of getting to that point – month after month after month – is anything but simple. Even well-screened tenants can hit a difficult patch in life, and you find yourself in the collections business or facing an eviction.


After 30 years of experience as property managers in Fort Worth, the team members at Specialized have a few solid ideas to simplify the rent cycle process for you. We implement this process for thousands of landlords like yourself every month as we successfully collect those golden ticket rent payments. We guarantee it works.


Here is our local Arlington property management three-step process:


  1. Carefully Screen Tenants. When a renter has adequate income to make a rent payment, you can usually expect that payment consistently on time. Always verify employment and income for tenant applicants over 18 years old.
  2. Communicate Clearly. Set expectations with tenants early. Communicate firm but fair rent policies up front. We learned that when you establish set expectations with tenants early, clearly, and respectfully, the outcome is in their hands. This also means it’s usually a better outcome for all parties.
  3. Follow Up. If rent isn’t paid on time, it triggers the automated collections so not a moment is wasted. Our respectful yet tough team acts like clockwork to enforce the lease and avoid delays.


Specialized also makes it convenient for tenants to submit payments online, so the funds are then electronically deposited into the owner’s account. We work hard to know the backdrop of laws, regulations, and codes so we can work as quickly as the law allows and minimize the number of rent-free days if an eviction becomes necessary. And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, we keep the process professional not personal. That’s easier for us since we’re professional property managers in Fort Worth. It’s what we do.
Put our proven Arlington property management processes, systems, and people to work for you. Call a team member at Specialized today. We’ll get you back to focusing just on one thing: watching the rent payments roll into your account.

Download Our FREE Rent-Ready Guide

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Specialized knows that time is money. And, when you partner with the best property management company, Fort Worth investors know you will have our experience to help you prepare your rental homes between tenants. Some owners want to lease their properties quickly to reduce vacancy days, but they overlook the importance of having the home ready to show before they begin the leasing process.




Download our handy rent-ready checklist for an overview of tasks that should be performed before showing any property to prospective tenants.


Specialized offers a comprehensive spectrum of services you need to get your property in rent-ready condition. Our clients also benefit from our national partnerships and will receive discounts on remodeling and repair services. These services include:


  • Property Inspections (Inside & outside)
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Upgrading or Replacing Appliances as Needed
  • Remodeling
  • Professional Cleaning Services
  • Handyman Services




By taking care of needed maintenance and repairs, replacing or upgrading appliances, and completing any needed remodeling, your home will attract a higher number of tenant applications for a faster leasing process. Find out why so many Fort Worth property managers opt for our high-quality and affordable rent-ready services to help get their homes prepared faster. Call us today to get your home ready and re-rented quickly!
Put our team, experience, and ethics to work for you! Call (817) 732-1394

When Does a Landlord Need to Repair Property in Texas?

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Texas has multiple laws protecting tenants from dangerous or unreasonable living circumstances due to neglect by their landlords. A Fort Worth property management company should be well-versed in these regulations, so they know when it’s appropriate to delay or refuse repairs on a rental unit and when a lack of response puts them at risk of litigation.


What Kinds of Repairs are Required?


  • Right to Habitable Housing

Under the legal definition of  “implied warranty of habitability” Texas property owners are required to maintain a livable premise. This means repairs such as a broken furnace or water heater must be addressed or the tenant has a right to “repair and deduct” the charge from rent.

  • Right to Health and Safety

A tenant has a right to repairs for issues that affect the physical health or safety of the tenant. This could include rats, cockroaches, faulty electrical wiring, plumbing issues, and roof leaks. If the Fort Worth property management company refuses to fix issues compromising the health and safety of the tenant, SB 1448 grants the justices of the peace to order the repair for problems not exceeding $10,000.

  • Right to Security

Although there are exceptions, Texas law requires Fort Worth property management companies to equip each unit with proper security devices, including window latches, keyed deadbolts for all outside access doors, sliding door security, and door viewers. If these safety measures are broken or missing, a tenant has a right to have any of these repaired at the landlord’s expense.


Can Fort Worth Property Management Refuse to Make Repairs?


Yes, IF:

  1. The tenant is behind on rent payments, or
  2. The tenant or a person in connection with the tenant caused the damage


What Is the Process for Tenants to Submit a Request?


Ultimately, this process can be tailored, but should generally consist of these steps:

  1. The tenant must be fully up on rent payments
  2. The tenant should take pictures of the condition needing repair
  3. The tenant should submit a written request for the repair

Always keep copies of all communications documents. After a repair is requested, a quick response from the landlord on the progress of the repair will help keep relationships between management and tenant positive.


A Fort Worth property management company can be at risk of serious fines by not complying with the regulations regarding living conditions and repair needs for their rental homes. Enlisting the help of experts in Texas repair requirements will ensure your property is always safely within regulation. Specialized has over 30 years of experience maintaining rental property and following rental rules and will ensure you are legally protected and your tenants are comfortable in their home.

Learn more about our expertise management services at www.specializedrpm.com

4 Types of Rental Property Inspections and Why They Matter

Our experienced Fort Worth property managers know the importance of conducting regular inspections of rental property. As a rental property owner, are you aware that not all inspections are the same? Here are four different types of rental property inspections performed by our property management Fort Worth, TX teams:

Inspection During Move In39395591_l

This type of inspection is typically performed by the new tenant as they walk through the property and take note of any existing damages that could count against their security deposit at the time of move out. The notes written on the move in condition document should be signed by both tenant and landlord, and any pictures of existing damage should be taken and filed with this report. The move-in inspection protects both the landlord and the tenant by acknowledging the condition of the property at the time the tenant moved in.

Scheduled Routine Inspections

Fort Worth property managers perform scheduled routine inspections as a way to ensure lease compliance. During these inspections, the property manager can inspect for any damage caused by tenants, and look for any maintenance issues that need attention. Being proactive during these inspections keeps maintenance costs low, and allows the property manager to fix problems before they get worse. If damage from tenants does exist, they should be notified in writing, and a follow up inspection can be scheduled to ensure the problems have been addressed. These inspections should be regularly scheduled with the frequency being communicated to the tenant at lease signing.

Drive By Inspections

These inspections need no prior warning as all you are doing in simply driving by the property. The point of drive by inspections is to observe the exterior of the property for any lease compliance issues–including animals that are not allowed, smoking that is not allowed, etc. If any problems are noticed, the tenant should be notified in writing, and a routine inspection should be scheduled to assess the interior of the property for any other lease compliance issues.

Inspection During Move Out

When a tenant moves out of your rental property, it is important to do a final walkthrough of the property with them, again noting any damage that has occurred during their occupancy. Pictures should again be taken as proof of any damages, and the inspection report should be signed by both the tenant and the Fort Worth property manager.

A lot can happen between tenants. Don’t stay in the dark by neglecting property inspections on your rentals. For help in this matter, contact the leading property management team in Fort Worth, TX.

Make Prospective Tenants Fall in Love with Your Property

It’s the time of year where love is in the air. How can that love make your Denton property management business become more profitable? When you make prospective tenants fall in love with the rental properties you have to offer!

A good property manager knows that finding the perfect tenant for your rental property is like dating. First, a couple meets and finds common interest which heightens the attraction. The couple continues to see each other, and eventually comes a profession of love, and perhaps even a marriage proposal.

Specialized Property Management in Fort Worth, Texas goes through a similar process when finding the ideal tenant to fill your rental property. First, we meet the prospective tenant to show them the home. Then, we learn about their rental history and background including job history, credit history and any criminal records. This process can either make or break the relationship. After everything checks out, and the prospective tenant has declared they love your property, the proposal- or rental agreement- is brought to the table. The ‘marriage’ begins when both property owner and tenant have signed the lease agreement and build their relationship from that point on.

But, how do you get to the point of a tenant loving your property? A few smart decisions made during the purchasing phase will help make finding tenants simple:


The Tenant Lust List

  • Single Family Homes
  • 3+ Bedrooms
  • 2+ Bathrooms
  • Fenced Yard
  • Standard Layout
  • < 15 Years Old


The Tenant Loathe List

  • Under 1000 Sq Ft
  • No Fence
  • Busy Streets
  • Quirky Layouts
  • No Master Bathroom
  • Homes Older than 25 Years


Other Relationship Builders

While in the purchasing phase, it is important to remember a few other keys to hearts of potential tenants. These include:


  • Location. Look for markets that have higher rents, lower vacancy rates, and appreciating home values for your rental property.
  • Amenities Matter. Consider the quality and proximity of area schools, public transportation, shopping and other amenities in the area as they can be used as selling points when marketing the home.
  • HOA’s Can be a Headache. HOA’s can add time, fees and hassles that should be considered when purchasing.

Keeping these tips in mind during the purchasing phase will ensure a smoother pathway to tenants falling in love with your property.

Faster Leasing For Property Management in Fort Worth TX

specializedrpmVacancies mean profit losses. Long vacancies is also not good for maintaining a property. Understanding how to fill empty properties faster will help maintain a steady cash flow and actually help to maintain your property. Here are a few tips to get  you started in the right direction.


Ensuring your property is ready to go from the front curb, throughout the unit, and to the back fence is what should be expected by “rent-ready.” Property management in Fort Worth TX knows that showing a property before it is completely ready can actually extend your vacancy period. Finalize all clean-up and repairs before you start advertising or showing your property.

Start Outside

Having a curb appeal for potential renters will encourage people to come in and take a look around on the inside.

Pull up to the curb of your unit yourself and do an honest evaluation of what you see. Would you want to rent the property yourself based on first appearances? Your Fort Worth property management company will cover the yard work and general repairs. Without a good start on the outside, you’ll risk potential renters leaving before even taking a look at what the inside has to offer.

Safety and Security

Safety should also be a top priority when preparing for a new tenant. Re-keying should be standard, as well as checking detectors like smoke, radon, and carbon monoxide. Property management in Fort Worth TX will help ensure you follow all regulations required for the safety and security of new tenants.

Finish Inside

Complete all repairs and remodeling before showing the unit, and always clean up after work. A Fort Worth property management company will ensure a rental  home is professionally cleaned and ready to be moved into. Check all appliances to ensure things are ready to go working properly.