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Not all Fort Worth rental property management companies are the same. How do you choose the best company to manage your property? Fort Worth rental property management is a challenging industry plagued by unscrupulous managers who give the industry a bad name. For investors looking for a new manager to oversee their properties, it is critical to determine if that manager will be as anxious about renting out your property as they are to collect their management fees, will be available to answer calls regarding the property, and will look out for your legal rights.


Specialized Property Management has worked hard to raise the standards of the industry by living up to high ethical standards and providing quality service. With over thirty years of experience, we’ve created a reliable and effective model that helps investors get the best return on their investment.

Here are five things to look for when choosing a Fort Worth rental property management company:

  • Transparent Communication. A property manager should not leave you in the dark about marketing and leasing activities, maintenance needs, the overall condition of the property or any other activity at the home. Look for a manager that offers 24/7 live support and online access to documents related to your rental home.
  • Clear Expectations. The terms of your service agreement should clearly outline what you can expect from your property manager at each stage of the lease cycle.
  • Simple Fees, No Hidden Costs. Your management agreement should state clearly and up front the monthly management fee, leasing fee, and any other fee.
  • High Standards. Don’t be afraid to ask about your property manager’s training, experience, and certifications. A company with an ethical track record will help you get the best return on your investment.
  • Happy Clients. Fort Worth property management companies should not be offended if you ask for testimonials or referrals from other clients. Your investment property is a valuable asset that you don’t want to trust to just anyone.


Specialized Property Management has earned the trust of individuals, investors, and institutions in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. At Specialized Property Management, we base our business practices on high standards and integrity. If you are ready to get more from your investment properties, it’s time to call the trusted leader in Fort Worth property management.

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