Communicating with Your Fort Worth Property Manager: What to Know

You have decided to entrust the management of your rental property to a professional property manager. Congratulations. Smart investors know that this is the best way to earn more on your investment and have a more profitable and successful experience.

When you decide to hire a property manager, you can immediately begin to enjoy many benefits. In order to really take advantage of the expertise and experience your property manager brings, you need to know how to communicate.

Today, we’re sharing some ideas about how to do that.

Benefits of Professional Property Management

When you partner with a professional property management company, you get a lot of your time back and you avoid a lot of the stress that comes with owning rental property. Now, you are free from the day-to-day hassles and headaches of dealing with tenants, keeping up on regulations, and handling all the details associated with your property.

You’re also better protected. We know the local, state, and federal laws, and we’ll work hard to ensure you and your property are always in compliance with things like the Texas Property Code and the Fair Housing Act.

Working with a company like Specialized Property Management, you won’t have to worry about accounting or bookkeeping. We’ll keep you organized and provide statements and reports whenever you need them. We’ll serve notices as necessary, find and screen the best tenants, and manage the entire leasing process.

Even while we manage everything for you, we still want to make sure you’re informed. We work with property owners who are extremely hands-on when it comes to their rental properties. They want to be consulted before any decisions are made, and they like to know what’s going on at their property at all times. We respect that and can work with it. We also work with property owners who are very busy building their portfolios, managing their own careers, or spending time with family. They don’t want as much information or as many updates. They leave most of the decisions up to us, and they look forward to hearing from us whenever it’s absolutely necessary. We can work with that type of investor, too.

We’re flexible, and always willing to customize our management services and communication methods to suit whatever works best for you.

For more than 35 years, our professional team of property managers, leasing agents, and support staff at Specialized Property Management have done a stellar job of keeping the lines of communication open with our clients. How do we accomplish this? By being responsive, available, and accessible in three 3 simple steps.

Online Property Management Portal

Our communication efforts begin with our innovative and user-friendly online portal. Our clients love the benefits of having their own online client portal. For our owners and investors, it’s a valuable tool they can use on their own time. It provides you with the opportunity to review every detail of what’s happening with your property.

You can log onto your portal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer, a laptop, or a mobile device. Even your phone will work. This is especially great for out of state owners who may be in different time zones, or even investors who are out of the country and cannot make phone calls and ask questions during normal business hours in Fort Worth. Instead, they can check their owner portal and gather as much information as possible. If they still need to talk to us, they can send us a message, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

When you visit your online portal, you can do a number of things. Perhaps you want to view your financial statements and get an idea of how much income was earned over a given period, or the amount that was spent on the property over the last month. You can also see when rents are collected from your tenants, and when disbursements are made. This is a great way to track your rental income, and it can help you plan how and when you will pay your mortgage, taxes, insurance, and other expenses.

You can also use your portal to check tenant rental payment history, which is an important detail to consider when you’re trying to decide whether you want to extend a lease or look for a new tenant. You can also go online and review work orders. There are even property photos from the last inspection. This is an important record and paper trail. When all of the maintenance on your property is documented in detail, you can easily estimate when things will need to be repaired or replaced. You can use the information for insurance claims and other administrative issues.

Finally, you can use your online portal to send us messages. If you have a non-urgent issue that you’d like to discuss, send us a message through your portal and let us know when you’d like us to call you, or how you’d like us to contact you. We’ll respond as soon as we can, and we’ll never leave you hanging. If you don’t like phone calls and texts seem like a hassle, the online portal will allow you to reach us on your own time and in your own way.

Tenants have an online portal of their own. They can pay rent online, request maintenance and repairs, and get in touch with us just like you can. We provide online access to owners and tenants right away, and if you have any trouble logging on, we’re right here to help you.

Live Support is a Phone Call Away

Technology helps us manage your properties more efficiently. It also allows us to communicate with you in immediate and transparent ways. But, we understand that not everyone is comfortable with technology. Not everyone loves being connected online 24 hours a day. For some of our clients, a live voice on the phone or an in-person handshake is more important than an online portal.

So, we’re also available by phone when you need to reach us. You know that all of the information you need is at your fingertips. And, at Specialized Property Management, we also know that our clients will sometimes want to count on a friendly answer to their call day or night. We are willing to be here to provide that. Our 24-hour hotline ensures that tenant emergencies are promptly addressed. Whether it’s a maintenance problem or something else going on at the property that needs our immediate attention, all tenants have our number that they can call day or night, weekend or holiday. We will respond right away and ensure further damage is not done to your property. We’ll also let you know what happened and how we handled it.

This 24-hour hotline isn’t only for tenants. Owners can use it as well to raise a flag on any urgent issues that require an immediate response. Whether it’s during regular business hours or after hours, your highly trained and responsive property management team is available and ready to serve you. Whether it’s something simple like a question you were wondering about or something more complex that requires us to assemble a team, we’re here for you. Don’t be afraid to call us on the phone. We welcome your inquiries and your calls for help.

Leasing Updates for Owners and Investors

technologyThe leasing period can be stressful for owners. You want to minimize your vacancy time so you can begin earning rental income immediately. You also want to be sure a highly qualified tenant is going to be placed in your property. You want someone who will pay your rent on time, take care of your home, and do everything that’s required in the lease. You may spend a lot of time wondering if anyone is interested and where the listings are showing up. Communication is especially necessary during the leasing period.

When your property is in the leasing process, you can expect weekly updates from our leasing agents. We will provide details and data on all the showings and any applications. We’ll tell you how many people inquired about your property and how many of them asked to see it. We’ll share any feedback we receive from clients who see the home. We are here to discuss the preparation of your property, the rental rate recommendations we have according to our market knowledge and comparable data, and the leasing strategies we’ve employed to rent your home quickly to the reliable tenant. Once we receive applications, we’ll tell you about the results from our intensive tenant screening. We’ll make recommendations on who should be approved and denied, based on our rental criteria.

Constant communication is what you can expect from Specialized Property Management. We know that it’s important, and we know that poor communication is one of the reasons that many investors and owners leave their property management companies.

Put our experienced team and proven process to work for you. Contact us today at Specialized Property Management in Fort Worth.

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