When it comes to Arlington residential property management, investors want two main things:

  1. Good tenants who stay
  2. Reduced maintenance costs


Offering local expertise and proven systems, our property management Fort Worth team provides rental property owners with cost effective and proactive maintenance solutions along with national discounts from our network partners.

Property Maintenance Tips:

Just as you perform maintenance on your own home, your rental property also needs attention. No matter how careful your tenants are in your rental, the truth is appliances brake, systems become dated and need replacing, and maintenance needs will happen. Here are our top three tips for handling rental property maintenance:

Expect the best, plan for the worst: maintenance costs are part of owning residential rental property. We advise landlords to set aside anywhere from 1-3 months of rent per year for maintenance and property upkeep expenses.

Respond to maintenance requests: When tenants have repair needs and are unable to contact you, they can easily become frustrated. A quick response to the maintenance needs of the rental unit reassures your tenants you want them comfortable in their home. When a lease is up for renewal, happy tenants are more likely to want to stay in your home.

Resolve any safety and health issues between tenants. Our Arlington residential property management team will advise you on what needs to be done to meet local, state, and federal codes, regulations, and safety standards.

Proactive Maintenance Saves You Time, Money & Headaches

With decades of experience, our property management team at Specialized Property Management has streamlined the maintenance process to reduce costs, ensure quality work, and free you from the hassles of daily management responsibilities. On top of this, we believe in open communication with property owners with 24/7 access to property information keeping owners up to date on the happenings at their properties.

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