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Crowley Property Management Services

You want your property investment to be successful. So do we. With our experience and local expertise, we can rent your property faster, collect money more efficiently, and maintain your property more affordably. We are the trusted property managers in Crowley you can rely on to get the management job done right, hassle-free for you.

We have provided high-level real estate investment strategies for thousands of satisfied clients.


We Manage Your Property Professionally


  • Cost Effective Maintenance

With preferred pricing for supplies and maintenance work, we keep costs down for all repairs, remodel jobs, and routine maintenance needs.


  • Regular Inspections

Proactive inspections maintain the value of your unit. We conduct move-in, move-out, seasonal, and rent-compliance inspections so we always know what your property needs.


We Manage Your Tenants Professionally


  • Clear Communication

Tenants and owners both have 24/7 access to their property management in Crowley with a live person hotline ready to help with any concerns or emergencies with your property. Owner online portal allows investors to track any activity with their properties anytime.


  • Thoroughly Screened Tenants

Any tenant applicant over 18 years old is rigorously screened: rental histories, credit checks, employment verification, criminal and background checks are just some of the screening we perform.


We Manage Your Finances Professionally


  • More Affordable Pricing

Our faster leasing process with no upfront costs makes us a low-risk management choice. Our pricing structure is always clear and we never have hidden fees for the services we provide.


  • Faster Leasing Process

A proprietary leasing system guarantees fewer vacancy days for your unit giving you a faster cash flow. We proactively advertise and quickly respond to any inquiries about your property.


  • Financial Peace of Mind

We believe in financial integrity and show this with independent monthly audits. On time rent incentives and online rent payment processes with electronic fund transfers keep your cash flow consistent.


We Manage Legal Responsibilities Professionally


  • Reduced Risk

Our in-house legal team ensures that all aspects of your rental investment follow both local and federal laws and regulations. Our legal team offers council and mitigation policies along with trust account compliance for security deposits.


  • Eviction Protection Plan

To protect you in the case of an eviction, a low monthly cost per property covers the cost of filings, legal fees, and court costs.


Our property managers in Crowley give the kind of service that sets us apart from other management companies. Choosing Specialized Property Management gives you unsurpassed services to both property owners and tenants. Let us show you how our proven processes will work for you.

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