Deciphering Online Reviews to Choose an Arlington Property Management Company

Often the first things people do when researching an Arlington property management company is look at online reviews. But how do you know the reviews are legitimate? How can you get a good picture of how the company operates and treats its clients from the internet? Which sites give an accurate portrayal of each Arlington residential property management company you search? Specialized knows this is an issue for many new landlords who are searching for a reputable company to manage their rental home. That is why we put together this handy guide to understanding the online reviews.

How Property Management Differs From Other Industries

Property management is very different from most other industries. This is because landlords, property managers, and tenants are dealing with a basic human need: shelter. In addition, some tenants are not aware of the laws and rules property management must follow. Anger and frustration may result when they feel their need isn’t being met quickly enough due to one of these laws. Unfortunately, many tenants turn to the internet to write negative reviews with the hope that it will help get their need met more quickly. At Specialized, we know it is important to meet these tenants needs in a timely manner, and help them set realistic expectations based on what is required of us.

Beware of Online Reviews

When you take into account how the property management industry affects you and your tenants emotionally, it is easy to see how and why some reviewers are passionate in their reviews. We want to caution you when you are reading these reviews to keep in mind that research shows customers are more likely to write a review after a bad experience than a good one. For this reason, turn to more reputable sites like the BBB for information about Arlington residential property management companies. Specialized has been in the business for almost 30 years, and boasts a great rating with the BBB and satisfied clients who trust us year after year. To hear more about all our services give Specialized a call today.

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