Better Denton Property Management

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Welcome to Specialized property management! With over 30 years of experience and the most comprehensive list of services in the area, we are the partner you want to move you on to greater investing success.  Whether you own a single rental home, several condos, or an entire multiplex, our Denton property managers will bring their expertise and integrity to the table to make the rental process for both you and your tenants easier than ever before.

We Specialize in Property Care

  • Proactive Maintenance— Our Specialized team keeps your property well-groomed and well-working through routine and regular maintenance. Repairs are usually cheaper than replacements, and our team works to fix problems early before they become expensive jobs down the road. Our partnership with Home Depot helps us keep your maintenance costs to a minimum as we pass our discounted savings onto you.
  • Regular Inspections— After 30 years of fine-tuning our craft as Denton property managers, we know the benefits of well-timed inspections, including seasonal, rent compliance, rent-ready, move-in, and move-out checks. Your property will never suffer from neglect, as our professional managers will have a constant eye on your rental unit.

We Specialize in Tenant Care

  • In-depth Tenant Screening— The benefits of high-quality tenants are clear— less tenant turnover, reduced crime, reduced property damage. Our careful screening becomes an investment to you. We screen all applicants 18-years and older with credit, employment, rental history, criminal, background, and sex offender list checks.
  • Transparent Communication— Our tenants have 24/7 access to a live person to respond to emergency needs. Policies and expectations are clearly documented and explained at the time of lease signing and throughout the duration of the leasing period.

We Specialize in Financial Care

  • More Affordable Services— Our comprehensive list of property management services is available with no up-front costs, making it completely risk-free. Our transparent costs quickly pay for themselves.
  • Faster Leasing— Our proprietary marketing process places your unit on high-traffic websites. With our promotional tools, such as 24/7 virtual tours and on-site expert leasing agents, we guarantee fewer vacancies. Most properties are leased in under 29 days.
  • Financial Peace of Mind— Online payment options provide tenants an avenue to pay rent with ease and security. Online owner portals give property owners access to financial reports anytime. They also have the security of fast direct deposits and end-of-year financial services.

Of all the Denton property managers, we can’t be beaten. We provide the best services with the best customer service, all for a transparent and affordable fee. Call us today!