DFW’s Largest PM Reminds Landlords to Avoid Discrimination

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Discrimination is an active part of our nation’s political conversation today. The topics range from discrimination in the workplace to discrimination in the consumer market to discrimination in our law enforcement and politicians. Because our society is already sensitive to this discussion, DFW’s largest property management company reminds Arlington property managers to be scrupulous when it comes to abiding by the current federal Fair Housing Act which safeguards people from discrimination when renting, buying, or seeking funding for housing in seven specifically protected classes:

    • Religion
    • Familial Status
    • Disability
    • Sex
    • National Origin
    • Color
    • Race

ike Jeppson, COO of Specialized Property Management Specialized in Arlington said, “Fair housing laws are long-time standards in real estate. Landlords that operate their rental units with integrity and care will be aware of the existing fair housing laws and any changes that are made down the road.” Often Arlington property management companies will discriminate in their advertising or the way they conduct their business, doing things as simple as dishonestly changing the availability of a unit.

In addition to upholding all federal laws surrounding fair housing, major cities in Texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth, have created additional regulations to further the protection initiated at the federal level. Dallas is one of 17 Texas cities to also include protections for sexual orientation as part of their list of groups in fair housing rules. Fort Worth includes sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and transgender classes.

“It’s good business to follow the law,” Jeppson says. “And it’s also good business to be more accepting of those around us.” Arlington property management companies would do well to regularly review both federal fair housing laws as well as local additions or modifications to such laws.

About Specialized Specialized Property Management:

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