DFW’S Largest PM Reminds Landlords to Review Tenant Rights

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Do you understand Tenant Rights and how it can apply to LGBT Communities

Specialized Specialized Property Management encourages landlords to review Texas state regulations and statutes to better understand tenant rights and to ensure they manage their rental units ethically. Fair and ethical housing practices have been a hot topic with concerns about immigration and terrorist threats. Now landlords need to also consider tenant rights in regards to the LGBT community.

Tenants have rights to basic housing needs being met by landlords. “Knowing the laws helps you avoid breaking the laws, especially in Fort Worth property management,” advises Stephanie Mendoza, Director of Operations at Specialized Specialized Property Management. Breaking rental laws means fines and penalties for landlords.

Landlords do have resources to go to for clarification and guidelines to understand what specific rights tenants have.

Texas Attorney General Office


According to the Texas state attorney general’s office, a tenant has a right to live in a safe and habitable dwelling. Heat, water, electricity, locks on windows and doors are required and should be in working order in a tenant’s rented residence. Tenants have a right to:

Peace and Quiet

Health and Safety


Fair Housing Rules


Property managers in Fort Worth, TX are also required to understand and follow Fair Housing rules to avoid discriminatory management practices. “We live in a changing world, and landlords need to stay current on any Fair Housing rule changes,” said Mendoza. “Texas currently doesn’t have specific laws in regard to fair housing and the LGBT community, but that could always change.” Current regulations certainly apply to all groups of people and should be carefully followed.

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