Duncanville property managers

Professional Duncanville Property Management

When looking for professional Duncanville property managers with high-quality services, investors look to Specialized Property Management. We are the experts with the track record that proves we are the industry leader in property management. If you have one rental, several, or an entire complex of homes, apartments, or condos, we offer a comprehensive list of services that will work for any of your management needs. Thousands of happy clients giving us our 98% customer satisfaction rating saying you can trust that our services will make a difference in your property investment.


  • More Affordable – No upfront costs or hidden fees means you know exactly what you are paying for the services you ask for. We reduce your stress and save you time and money.


  • Quick Leasing – Vacancies can take a hit to your income. Specialized Property Management in Duncanville, TX fill your vacancies quickly. Our proprietary marketing strategies and services quickly prepare your property for leasing and get your unit filled in record time.


  • Tenant Screening – We carefully screen all applicants 18-years-old and older. We perform in-depth credit, criminal, rental history, and employment screenings, ensuring the best possible candidate is selected for your property.


  • Financial Peace of Mind – Property management in Duncanville, TX includes taking care of property finances. We have monthly independent audits, offer secure ACH?Direct deposit of funds, and prepare end-of-year financial statements.


  • Reduced Risk – Our in-house legal team prepares quality lease agreements, provides evictions and writs of possession services, and counsels on legal regulations surrounding rental property, reducing the overall risk of managing your rental property.


  • Transparent Communication – Not all Duncanville property managers are created equal. Our services rise to the top with our 24/7 live person hotlines for both tenants and owners. Owners also have 24/7 access to financial information, inspection reports, and maintenance reports through a secure online owner portal.


  • Most Cost-effective Maintenance – We partner with businesses like Home Depot to provide you the cost-savings of our preferred pricing. We pass our savings along for maintenance supplies and remodeling costs.


Specialized Property Management in Duncanville has the experts that take the hassles of property management from you and give you security and peace of mind in exchange. Whether you are new to the business or a seasoned investor, put our reputation to the test and let us prove our value to you today.

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