Avoid Evictions & Protect Yourself

As a landlord, you never want to be faced with having to evict a tenant. You can try to avoid evictions with a rigorous tenant screening process.  Evictions are costly, and usually happen unexpectedly, and can take an emotional toll on you. Evictions are always a costly experience. Don’t make an eviction a personal matter, keep it a business matter. When you are involved with rental property management in Fort Worth, evictions are difficult but still a part of the business of owning rental property.


Follow the Law

Standard court costs and fees can be just the beginning of the costs of an eviction. Some tenants may choose to file a contested eviction case. When an eviction is bounced around in court it can continue to cost you legal fees and well as loss of money from an unrented unit. The process of an eviction can be smoother when you follow the laws and the regulations for rental property management in Fort Worth TX involving evictions. So make sure you file your paperwork correctly and understand the legal procedures to avoid mistakes that will cost you even more in stiff penalties and fees.


Treatment of Tenant

Following the law also includes how you treat your tenant during an eviction or rent collecting process. A tenant should never be threatened or made to feel unsafe because of the behavior or a landlord. A property management company in Fort Worth needs to give proper notification and time frames before any action such as changing locks on doors is taken. It is also unlawful to interrupt any utilities, water or electricity, while a tenant is still occupying a unit.


Looking for a Lawyer

Evictions are an unpleasant part of rental property management in Fort Worth TX.  During the process you need to keep a legal perspective. You may even find that you need to seek legal help and find a lawyer. If you are looking at eviction attorneys make sure evictions are their specialty. You can ask important questions like how long an average eviction takes from start to finish to see if the lawyer really know the process.


Eviction Protection Plan

An eviction can come unexpectedly. But you can consider now looking at an eviction protection plan with a professional property management company in Fort Worth as a protection for you when the unexpected happens. A low monthly cost per property covers the costs for filings, legal fees, and court costs of an eviction. This protection plan does not cover Writ of possessor or set-out cost. But a protection plan can decrease your financial risk with a possible eviction and give you great peace of mind.

No one likes being in the collection business. But you don’t have to feel alone or unprepared in the legal jungle of evictions.