Fall Maintenance Tips for Fort Worth Property Managers

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When the summer fun is winding down, Fort Worth property managers are already getting their rental units prepped for the coming colder weather. Fort Worth tenants seamlessly transition from one season to the next without discomfort thanks to proactive property management. Stefanie Mendoza, operations director at Specialized, reminds us that “seasonal inspections keep landlords on top of any maintenance needs their properties have both for changes in the weather and for regular maintenance.” Fort Worth’s leading Specialized team gives tips for fall maintenance inspections:

Safety Maintenance Needs

The safety and security of tenants should be a priority for Fort Worth property managers. Some suggested things to check when conducting a safety inspection can be:

    • Loose carpeting
    • Unstable stairs or railings
    • Hot electrical outlets
    • Working smoke detectors
    • Shut-off valves for gas and water

Seasonal Maintenance Needs

Regular seasonal inspections allow your property management in Fort Worth to take care of property needs that come with seasonal changes.

    • Make sure the home’s furnace is working properly and change filters before the temperature gets cold.
    • Clean out vents and air intake ducts.
    • Check landscape clean-up needs along with winterizing sprinkler systems and hoses.

Fall maintenance keeps rentals well maintained. “ Managers tend to put off preventative maintenance because it isn’t demanding immediate attention like an emergency repair does,” says Mendoza. But, making preventative maintenance a priority for property management in Fort Worth will save owners time and money in the long run.
Our Specialized team has over thirty years of management experience and conducts thorough property inspections for regular maintenance and seasonal property needs. Find out more information about our exceptional services at www.specializedrpm.com

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