Faster Leasing and Shorter Vacancies

Arlington rental property management

Faster Leasing, Shorter Vacancies With Arlington Rental Property Management

As you know, every day your property is vacant, you lose money. That’s why Specialized now offers advanced leasing technology as part of our property management. Arlington, Ft. Worth, Dallas, and surrounding areas can now take advantage of our electronic showings. We’ve already put the system in place for clients, and most of them are experiencing faster leasing.

Putting Advanced Technology to Work

The vast majority of people look at rental properties online before setting up onsite visits. In Arlington, rental property management at Specialized utilizes electronic showings to capture your audience when their interest is piqued. We qualify them for an onsite visit so they can gain access as soon as possible or whenever it’s convenient for them. That way, your property remains top-of-mind.

How Electronic Showings from Specialized Property Management, Arlington, works:

  1.    A prospective tenant views one of your properties, makes a request online, and provides us with a state-issued ID.
  2.    We screen the prospect, verify his/her identity, and require an active credit card for an added measure of security.
  3.    After clearance, the prospective applicant receives a unique code which can be used, for a limited time, to open the lockbox, view the property, and continue the application process.
  4.    We also conduct in-person follow-up viewings and onsite new viewings to make sure the property leases quickly.

People are expecting technology to keep up with demand and to improve efficiency in many areas. By using Arlington rental property management  with our Specialized team, we ensure your prospective tenants are able to utilize advanced technology and view properties when they’re interested. So, in addition to improving the timing of viewings, Specialized Property Management, Arlington, demonstrates to tenants that the property is being managed securely and efficiently. We provide a good first impression before they even unlock the door. Our system is also designed to meet Texas Real Estate Commission’s requirements. Hence, you’ll find the proper disclosures included with your Service Agreement.

Specialized is the Arlington rental property management company with the leading leasing system. Put our team to work for you today and see the difference having an expert on your side makes towards your property investing success.

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