Five Tips From Property Managers: Fort Worth Inspections Made Easy!

Five Tips From Property Managers: Fort Worth Inspections Made Easy!

When you own rental property, it is important to make sure your investment is maintained and staying up to code. You can’t do this properly if you are only inspecting your rental home when a tenant moves out.

Experienced investors know regularly scheduled property inspections are an important part of property management. Fort Worth rental inspections can be easy with these tips!


1.Plan and schedule inspections: Whether you inspect the property quarterly or semi-annually, make sure you have a plan in place to inspect your rental home at regular intervals.  

2.Communicate inspection schedule: Make sure your tenants know at lease signing you will be conducting inspections. Take photos at move in so the tenants know the condition has been documented and will be reviewed.

3.Provide notice before inspecting: Be sure to let your tenants know in advance of an inspection by your property managers. Fort Worth tenants will be glad to know you are proactive in the maintenance of your property.

4.Assess needed maintenance: Inspect all the systems and appliances in the house to be sure everything is in working order and up to code. Be proactive about repairs, don’t leave minor annoyances to turn into major issues.

5.Ensure lease compliance: While you are inspecting you can discreetly check for lease compliance such as the number of occupants, pets, or smoking. Any issues you come across should be addressed in writing after the inspection.


Your rental property should always be inspected, working properly, and up to code. This is easy when you partner with your Specialized team of property managers. Fort Worth landlords trust Specialized because they know we offer quality and professional services and keep you up-to-date. Our owner portal will show you pictures and reports of all inspections, so you’re never in the dark. If you’re looking for expert property management, you need to give us a call today to learn about all our services!

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