rental property management in Forney


Specialized Property Management is the trusted property management in Forney investors come to with all their management needs. Our professional services offer hassle-free management whether you have one rental or several single family homes, condos, or other multifamily properties. Our full range
of services save you time, money, and stress.

We Specialize in Getting Your Property Leased Quickly


Remodeling and maintenance jobs are done correctly and completely cleaned up before put on any listings to ensure your property has curb appeal for prospective tenants. We make sure units are up to code and are regularly inspected throughout the term of the lease.


Aggressive marketing strategies includes posting your unit on dozens of websites and high traffic rental listings. Eye catching signs are placed on your property. We want your property noticed for faster leasing.


Any inquiries about your rental are answered promptly by trained leasing agents. Your unit is shown to prospective tenants professionally.  We also prepare online video tours of your property for 24/7 viewing by interested renters.


A full range of screening checks are done on any tenant applicant over the age of 18. Screenings include employment and credit checks, rental history and landlord references, sex offender registry. We want the highest quality tenant in your home.


Leases are written in accordance with the Leases & Addenda promulgated by the Texas Association of Realtors. New tenants are educated on all policies and the proper care of your property at the time of signing.


We Specialize in Working with Tenants



Respectful but strict rent collection cycles and online collection process encourages on-time payments. Our goal is that your cash flow is steady and consistent.


24/7 maintenance teams take care of problems with your property whenever they happen. Regular inspections proactively catch repair needs early.


We aggressively try to retain tenants so you avoid costly turnovers.


With our professional property management, Forney tenants have smooth moving experiences from walk-through inspections to depositing refunds.


We Specialize in Professional Property Owner Services


Live Support—

A live person hotline is available 24/7 to address any concern an owner has about the property.

Online Portal—

With internet access at anytime owners can login to our owner’s portal and view financial reports, maintenance records, and check on leasing updates.

Leasing Updates—

While your property is in the leasing process, you can expect weekly updates on where your property is at in the process.


When you are looking at Forney property management companies, you will quickly see that Specialized Property Management is the company with 98% customer satisfaction rating and faster leasing times. We have the proven processes that carefully and professionally manage your property investments without the hassles for you.
Put our Forney property management team to work for you today.