Fort Worth property managers

Fort Worth Managers Know Fair Housing Issues

A sure way to put your real estate license at risk when managing rental property in Fort Worth, TX is to violate the Fair Housing Act. Whether the violation is intentional or accidental, non-compliance to this law can result in heavy fines and even the loss of your license. To manage property correctly, you need a thorough and current understanding of fair housing.


Denying housing on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, or the presence of children is unlawful. This applies whether renting, buying and selling a home, or securing financing for housing. Although not all cases of discrimination will lead to loss of license, at the very least a complaint may be filed with the real estate licensing board. Fort Worth property managers at Specialized Property Management understand this law and other regulations to ensure the affairs of the rental property are handled within the bounds of the law.

Service Animals

Although property managers in Fort Worth, TX have the right to restrict pets or charge fees for animals, service animals must be treated differently as they are protected under fair housing laws. Regardless of the animal’s size or breed, if it is categorized as a service or assistance animal it is not considered a pet and must be allowed without an extra pet fee.

Emotionally Detached

When a property owner is emotionally attached to the property itself, the owner can risk breaking fair housing laws. Often this emotional attachment comes from owners who previously resided in the home. Their memories and fondness associated with the property will cause them to become protective over it. They may inadvertently discriminate against a potential renter or buyer. Fort Worth property managers need to make landlords aware of these types of legal mistakes. Fort Worth property management can represent the interests of the property owner with the appropriate emotional detachment needed to stay within the bounds of fair housing.

Know the Laws

Not all real estate agents take on property management; the training and expectations for the two roles are different. If you plan on managing rental properties, make sure you protect your real estate license by staying within all the laws that govern property management. The only way to be certain you are staying within the laws of Fort Worth property management is to have a current and working knowledge of those laws.