When Landlords Charge Fees in Texas

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When you are a tenant leasing a home, you have more than just the rent to consider paying. Tenants will have a better leasing experience when they work with an rental property management company that has clear policies and business integrity. Rental property homeowners can also rely on help from a professional property management to collect rent and fees. Rental success depends on transparent and ethical communication between tenant and management. Let’s discuss what fees landlords can legally charge their tenants.

Security Deposits

Security deposits are collected as insurance for any repairs that need to be taken care of when a tenant leaves a unit. Texas does not have any specific amount limit that a landlord needs to follow regarding security deposits. Owners are required to keep a written record of damages and repairs and the amount of the security deposit that were used to make repairs. Security deposits are required by law to be returned to the tenant within 30 days of vacating the property.

Pet Fees, Deposits,  or Pet Rent

Landlords are finding that allowing pets is an opportunity for a larger applicant pool to choose a tenant from and a way to increase revenue above the basic rent. Some rental property management companies are choosing to charge a monthly rent in addition to the current rent for any pet that is in the home. Other landlords may charge a refundable pet deposit or a nonrefundable fee to cover any future property damage caused by the animal. Whichever you choose to charge your tenant for having a pet, landlords need to remember never to charge fees for service animals as they are not classified as pets.

Other Fees from Property Management

Landlords can charge late fees and returned check fees if rent is not paid in full on time. Sadly, some tenant/ landlord relationships wind up in court and then a landlord is allowed to attempt to recover attorney and court fees from the tenant. All charges and fees should be clearly written in the lease and explained at the time of lease signing. When residents and management have different expectations and understanding of money policies, occupants and owner can become involved in costly lease disputes. Conflicts can be avoided with the help of a professional property management company with experience with collecting and knowing the appropriate fees charge.

The property management company that has the experience to help rental property owners with rent collecting and other fees involved with their rental is Specialized. Owners have peace of mind when the finances of their property are handled professionally and with integrity. Tenants feel more secure with their leasing policies when they have transparent communication and an understanding of collecting and fee policies. Learn more about the leading property management at www.specializedrpm.com

You Should Hear What our Clients are Saying about our Arlington Property Managers

Arlington property managers

Specialized has offered rental property services for over thirty years in the Arlington area. We are proud of what our thousands of happy clients have said about our company and our services. With local expertise, business integrity, and unsurpassed quality services our Arlington property managers are who investors and tenants trust for superior property management.

Arlington Property Managers Make a Difference

A property manager takes care of tenants, property, and owners. When you look at that combination of responsibility, you can see that the care of people is the greater portion of work. Specialized offers tenants and owners access to a 24/7 live-person hotline for help with any property emergency. Our managers are highly trained to handle the variety of situations that come with managing rental property. We also call Arlington home, so our local expertise and close proximity to your rental property mean we can better serve those needs that come up. Here is what some of our clients have to say about their experience with our Arlington property managers:

“Mike in the service department has been very timely in responding to phone calls and email.”

—Shane Z.

“I’ve had several property managers in Dallas, and interviewed scores more. Specialized is simply the best around. Love you guys.”

—Jeremy H.

We Specialize in Your Peace of Mind

Keeping a rental unit maintained and in good repair is an ongoing concern for owners. Tenants also want repairs to be taken care of in as fast a time as possible. Specialized has the proven process that keeps your rental units up to code and well maintained. With seasonal and regular inspections, proactive maintenance, professional remodeling resources, and prompt response to tenant needs, your rental property is carefully taken care of for your peace of mind.

“Ty is a great guy who knows maintenance and is very attentive to the needs of the residents. Prompt service and great customer skills equal a successful company who takes care of its client.”

— Jeremy P.

Our list of services is comprehensive and can help owners with managing a single rental home, several properties in their portfolio, HOA properties, and multiplex rentals. Our clients benefit from our local expertise and professional services that keep their properties maintained and tenants happy. Our company isn’t diversified to the point that we can’t take care of our main objective. We manage residential rental property, and we do that better than any other Arlington property management company. If you don’t believe what we say, just listen to our clients. Learn more about our incredible services at www.specializedrpm.com

Insurance Property Managers in Fort Worth Can’t Live Without

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Owning rental property means you are daily working with people and their things along with maintaining your property. You want to protect your property from damage while you also protect yourself from liability. Our responsible Fort Worth residential property management at Specialized includes having adequate insurance coverage for your rental investment.  Specialized has the professionalism and ability to offer an insurance plan to investors with an InvestPro Residential policy that has high-coverage at a low-rate even if you have just one rental.

What does the Policy Offer?

    • Overage— not usually covered under other policies
    • Broad Forms— provides wider protection
    • Replacement Cost— better than the usual “depreciated cost”
    • Ordinance and Law— includes $50K with increased limits possible
    • Sewer and Drains— includes $25K for plumbing backups in all locations with higher limits possible
    • Additional Coverage— including flood and earthquake policies
    • Reliable Support— 24/7 customer service hotline for claims
    • Simple Billing— all policies are included in your monthly management service fee

Our policies are written for each individual client to meet specific coverage needs. You don’t need to waste time shopping around for a pre-determined policy that might only fit some of your needs and still cost more than you wanted to pay. We are excited to offer our clients the convenience of a customized insurance policy from InvestPro Residential that can be consolidated for all of your properties. The Fort Worth property managers at Specialized can help you determine what your coverage needs are and find the policy that fits.

What does the Policy Cover?

With InvestPro Residential, owners get replacement coverage not just coverage with depreciation deductions. A master policy also provides coverage on:

Property Damage

    • Wind, hail, tornadoes
    • Sprinkle water damage
    • Theft and vandalism
    • Lightning caused fire damage
    • Even volcanoes


    • Assault and battery
    • Pollution, exhaust, carbon monoxide leak
    • Hostile fire/arson

Insurance from Your Fort Worth Residential Property Management

Rental owners can see that the clear choice for property managers in Fort Worth that can offer a comprehensive list of services, insurance, and business integrity is Specialized. Learn more about your management options at www.specializedrpm.com
Specialized Specialized Property Management is not an insurer or an insurance agent and does not engage in the business of insurance.  InvestPro Residential refers to a master liability and property insurance program issued by one or more top-rated insurance carriers under which clients of Specialized Specialized Property Management can be included as insureds.   The InvestPro Residential master policy is brokered by Swingle Collins & Associates, an independent, licensed Texas insurance agency.  Swingle Collins & Associates is the point of contact for all questions concerning the InvestPro Residential master policy.

The descriptions of the InvestPro Residential coverage are brief summaries only and are subject to the provisions, limitations, and exclusions contained in the actual policy and related endorsements. The information on this website is provided for general informational purposes only and does not include all the terms, coverage, exclusions, limitations or conditions that may be contained in the actual insurance policy. The InvestPro Residential policy itself must be read for those details. A sample policy form can be made available upon request to Swingle Collins & Associates.

What Security Devices are Required For Texas Rental Units?

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Arlington property managers must carefully navigate the lock laws of Texas to ensure their rental properties are up to code. Owners that fail to comply with codes surrounding security devices essentially void lease agreements giving tenants the legal ability to walk away from a property. Also, if a break-in occurs on an unsecured property, the landlord may be liable for stolen or damaged belongings. So, it is important to follow the requirements for security devices in Texas rental units. Purchasing and installing the proper security devices for your units will cost pennies in comparison to the cost of unplanned vacancies or fighting legal action.

Each state may have different lock laws, and so knowing what regulations apply to your properties in various locations is vital to ensuring you are always following the law and keeping your tenants safe and secure. Here are some of the requirements for security devices specifically for Texas rental units:

  • Exterior Door Keyless Bolt— According to Texas Property Code, Section 92, Subchapter D, all exterior doors must have a keyless locking device. Doors that lead to and from the garage and house are considered exterior doors. Doors should also have a doorknob lock.
  • Re-key Doors when Tenants Leave— Within seven days of changing tenants, your unit must be re-keyed. Arlington property managers are responsible for covering the costs of rekeying all exterior doors. According to Texas law, it is illegal to pass the expense of re-keying locks onto a tenant, even if the tenant agrees.
  • Exterior Door Viewer— All exterior doors must have a peephole or door viewer allowing an occupant to see outside before opening the door. Doors with glass windows in or beside the door are an exception.
  • Exterior Sliding Door Locks— Sliding doors must have a pin lock and either a lock on the handle or a bar securing the door from opening.
  • Exterior Window Locks— All exterior windows need a latch, and all exterior doors must have a doorknob lock or keyed dead bolt.

There are exceptions to the rules in section 92.153, but Arlington property management companies will be held responsible for not following all the regulations with exactness. Ignorance is not a legal defense, in this case, so know the law and follow it. Our experts at Specialized can guide you through the difficult and complicated intricacies of national and local regulations for securing your units. Give the best Arlington property managers a call today. You can find more information at www.specializedrpm.com

With the Right Property Management in Fort Worth, TX, Rentals Lease Faster

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Summer is always a busy season for real estate. Families move between school sessions. People like to relocate in weather that is not wet and cold. Investors can attract tenants and fill vacancies faster during summer and any season with the proven process for success from Specialized Specialized Property Management. Here are a few tips to get you working in the right direction:

Fort Worth Property Managers Need to Have Property Rent-Ready

Being rent-ready means your property is completely ready on the inside and out for a tenant to move in. Seeing a home that is in the middle of a remodel job requires the prospective tenant to use their imagination to see what the end results will be. You want your applicants to walk in the door and immediately see themselves at home in your rental.

Always Check for Safety Issues

Tenant safety should always be a priority for Fort Worth property managers. Remember to re-key a home immediately after it is vacated. Then, before you have new tenants move in, you need to give the house a thorough inspection for any safety issues that need attention. Knowing the state and federally required safety regulation will help you know what to look for. Always check for exposed electrical wires, shaky handrails, or lose stairs. Smoke detectors and other monitors need to be checked to see if they are in good working order with new batteries installed.

Finish All the Work

Remodeling and maintenance are dirty jobs. Always clean up construction leftovers, tools, and personal belongs before you show a home to an interested tenant. Fort Worth property managers are liable when equipment is left laying around, and unfinished construction projects create an unsafe zone for applicants to walk through.  When a home with fresh paint and clean appliances is shown, people know you are ready for business.

Get Ready to Advertise

Your home is rent-ready. The yard looks good. All your maintenance and remodeling work is finished and cleaned up. Now you can put out the “For Rent” sign. Now is also a good time for your property management in Fort Worth, TX to conduct any final walk-through inspections to make sure your property is completely up to code and following all federal and state housing requirements.
Specialized Specialized Property Management has the experience to get your property rent-ready, up to code, and aggressively advertised, so you have fewer vacancy days.  All we do is property management, and our 98% customer satisfaction rating says we do the job right for your investing success. Our expert team of Fort Worth property managers is ready to get to work for you today. Visit (www.specializedrpm.com)

Arlington Property Management and Real Estate Agent Referral Program

Specialized is an Arlington property management company that can help with your management needs of single family homes and small multi-unit complexes. Real estate agents know the business of buying and selling property. Specialized knows the ins and outs of Arlington property management. We partner with real estate agents in the Arlington area to help agents find more income, more sales referrals, and more time to build your real estate business. As a real estate agent, you can get paid for your rental management referral to us.

Our Management Services

We focus only on leasing and managing property– not the business of selling. With our managing skills, we can get your client’s property rent-ready, conduct inspections, and ensure that the property meets all codes and rental regulations. Specialized has an aggressive advertising process that can attract and screen for the right tenant quickly so vacancy days are shorter. Maintenance and repairs are not a problem for our Arlington property managers who can take care of repair needs as they happen to any property.

Specialized is the Arlington property management company that understands lease agreements and can expertly go from the lease preparation to lease signing.

Watch for the Partner Opportunity

You have different opportunities to offer the services of an Arlington property management company to your clients. Seeing these opportunities can start earning you extra income. Rental property investors will look to you for your advice and experience in finding the best property deals for their investment goals. You know the market trends and where the best rental property opportunities can be found. As you are making those incredible deals, remember the demands of property managing and refer your client to our trusted managing services. Managing those properties yourself will take time and effort away from your real estate business.

Other referral opportunities may come when a client wants to sell when the market isn’t at its best. It could be a good time to move that home into the rental market. Specialized is the Arlington property management company that can take the stress out of the renting process.

The Bottom Line

Partnering with Specialized is a simple choice. We pay you $350 per property. Simply refer a new property owner to us, and you get paid when they sign a management agreement. You have no limit on what you can earn. With our superior rental service, your name and reputation are protected. When the homeowner is ready to sell the property, we refer them back to you.

It’s simple. Just register and refer. That extra income will just keep coming.

Avoiding Pitfalls of Homeowners Associations and Property Management in Fort Worth TX

property management in Fort Worth TX

When rental property is located in a Homeowner Association (HOA) community, the responsibilities associated with the area often fall to the property owner and not the renter. Rental property management in Fort Worth, TX needs to fully understand the implications of the community’s regulations and rules, and needs to clearly communicate to both the owner and the renter what their individual responsibilities are with the community.

Knowing the HOA Rules

Homeowner Associations have individual fee schedules and property maintenance guidelines. When you have a property in a HOA community, you also have paperwork, rules, and regulations to follow. Tenants need to clearly understand how the homeowners association affects them. Documentation of the renter’s responsibilities with the associations should be clearly outlined in the leasing agreement.

Screening Tenants

Some Homeowner Associations require a specific screening of tenants by the association before a tenant may lease a property. If this is a requirement, both the homeowner and representatives of the HOA will review tenant applications or participate in interviews. If the homeowner fails to properly screen tenants before referring them to the HOA the property may remain vacant for longer. Fort Worth property management with experience vetting potential tenants can help keep this process moving by fully understanding the requirements of the HOA and then using their experience to quickly work through potential tenants to find a candidate that satisfies both the homeowner and the HOA.

Renting Fees

Residents of HOA communities can be concerned about the care of the neighborhood grounds and facilities by tenants. Because of potential extra wear and tear on the community amenities and extra administration work, an HOA may also charge move in and move out fees with a rental property. Fees are usually reasonable and are covered by the property owner. Your Fort Worth property management company should understand the different fees associated with rental property to avoid confusion with rent rates and tenant fees.

Homeowner Association rental property management in Fort Worth, TX comes with its own set of rules and regulations. These rental situations take more time to understand both HOA rules as well as the local and federal rental laws. Specialized is your partner for all rental situations, including those in a Homeowner’s Association community. With our strong referral program and leasing knowledge, your client will appreciate your real estate skills with buying, selling, or property management in Fort Worth, TX.

Smart Choices in Property Management in Fort Worth TX For Rental Real Estate Success

Property managers in Fort Worth TX

As a real estate agent, you are an expert on property trends and home values in various markets. When the market in an area is turning down, it may make more sense for a homeowner to rent their property for a time instead of selling immediately. As you make this recommendation to a client, you may be asked to take on the management of that property with a tempting offer of some extra income. When management is not your primary skillset and responsibility, property management in Fort Worth TX can actually cut into your bottomline. Teaming together with Specialized, an experienced  property management company in Fort Worth, TX, can increase your income as you divide and conquer the workload according to your strengths.

Partnering for Profit

For a client who did not originally intend on getting into rental property investing, the thought of renting can feel overwhelming. But, if you quickly introduce the idea of partnering with property managers in Fort Worth, TX, the renting process is stress-free. If a homeowner is moving out of the area, the property manager is the trusted eyes and ears that keeps the owner informed about the property. The job of a professional management company should only be managing property- this means security for your client’s property. With our real estate agent referral plan, earn that extra income without the daily added workload, and liability that comes with managing property.

Watching Out for Costs

Rental property has financial benefits that comes with financial costs. The financial aspects of renting include cost of advertising for tenants, cost of proper tenant screening, preparing the home for tenants, and making sure the property is complying with rental codes and regulations. The responsibilities that come with property management in Fort Worth, TX can quickly start to cut into your bottomline. As an experienced property management company in Fort Worth, TX, Specialized can help with costs to add greater returns.

Legal Issues

Property managers in Fort Worth TX know that rental property comes with liabilities. Tenant-landlord laws are complex, and whether or not you understand the laws doesn’t mean you are exempt from following the laws. Violating codes and regulations can bring costly fines to the owner of the rental property. Specialized has a legal team that knows the laws regarding rental property. Their experience can keep properties within the law and protect homeowners from hefty fines.

Before you learn from the hard knocks of property management in Fort Worth, TX, refer your client to Specialized. You can take advantage of our referral program and your client will have peace of mind with the renting process.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Rental Property Management Business Greener

Fort Worth property managersThe buzz word is green. Almost everywhere we hear about “going green”. Even if you don’t always eat granola or drive a hybrid car, you will agree that being environmentally responsible is a good idea. Responsible property management in Fort Worth TX could include changing a few habits around the office that help the environment. Here are just a few of many ideas that can be used right now to make an office, or home, more environmentally conscious.


— Light Bulbs

Check what types of lighting your office is using. LED lights use so much less energy and last longer than other types of light bulbs. It may seem like an expensive swap at first, but changing fluorescent and incandescent lights for LED is a wise investment for Fort Worth property managers to consider. Not just an energy choice, LEDs don’t contain mercury or toxic gases found in other types of bulbs.


–Ditch the plastic water bottle

Millions of tons of plastic waste is thrown away every year. Some of this waste can be avoided by replacing plastic water bottles in your office. Installing a water filtration system is a great way to save on water bottles. Your water may even be fresher and taste better. Now property management in Fort Worth TX can solve some of the world’s biggest problems with those conversations around the water cooler.


–Choose green vendors

Anything from paper, cleaning supplies, or other office supplies, consider buying for vendors and companies that offer green options and supplies. This could be natural soaps in your rest rooms or using products made from recycled materials. Supporting other companies concerned with the environment is a way to show your Fort Worth property manager’s green intents.


–What paper are you using

Much of our lives is now paperless, but paper is still necessary in an office setting. Look for PCW (post-consumer waste) paper options. This type of paper is made completely from paper that has been placed in a recycle bin.


–Look at your computer

It is easy to just walk away from your computer and have it ready to go the next day. A simple thing of putting your computer to sleep when not in use can save an average of $30 a year per computer and will use less energy.

Fort Worth property managers can do just a few seemingly small office changes that can have bigger environment effects in the long run. Every little caring act towards the planet we live on is great.

Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention: What Property Owners & Landlords Need to Know

property management Fort Worth TXWhether from old buildings being renovated or lead in the water supply or recycling batteries, the potential for lead poisoning is real. Fort Worth property management companies need to be conscientiously concerned about the potential lead in rentals units that would negative health effects on tenants. Trey Brown is a metals toxicologist and faculty associate at the University of Texas at Arlington. He said  that, “childhood lead poisoning in the #1 environmental contaminant-driven disease in the country, and nobody knows this.” Responsible property management in Fort Worth TX requires strict attention to this environmental problem when renovating older rental properties.

Many homes that were built before 1978 may still have lead base paint on the walls. If the exterior of a home had lead based paint then there is also the possibility of the ground around the home having lead contamination. Lead can also be in the water and cannot be seen, tasted, or smelled. Older pipes were often lead or the soldering was lead.

Some tips for Fort Worth property management companies for lead paint in your rental unit:

–It is best to work with one room or area at a time. With heavy mil plastic sheets seal off doorways, vents, and any air ducts to prevent contaminated dust getting all over the house.

–If paint isn’t peeling, you can simply repaint over the lead based paint and “seal” the paint from being exposed. This isn’t a time to skrimp on paint price. Find a quality paint that will last and not just peel off in short period of time. The goal is to completely seal the old paint from exposure.

–If paint is peeling and needs to be removed, it may be best to hire a professional with experience with lead removal.

Choosing to remove lead paint means you need to take extra precautions to keep lead dust contained and keep your exposure at a minimum. Wear disposable work clothes, hair coverings, and gloves. Always use goggles and respirators.

Caring property management companies in Fort Worth TX know the condition of their rental units and the hazards that may need to be addressed with those properties. Where lead poisoning is something that can be prevented with proper care, let’s all work together in the goal to eliminate this hazard.