Fort Worth Property Management Company Prepares for Fall

Summer is just ending and no one likes to think of coming bad weather. But Fort Worth property managers are already planning their fall preparations for the coming winter weather. Repairs and preparations done now when weather is nice, will save you headache and effort in bad weather later. Then let the winds blow, because you are ready. A few maintenance jobs now will give lots of peace of mind later.


Cleaning up the Yard

Raking leaves and cleaning out flower beds is just one job people think about when doing fall clean up and winter preparation. A Fort Worth property management company will take the opportunity to do a complete outdoor walk through to see what the exterior of a unit and yard needs to have done. When leaves have fallen off trees it is a good time to prune trees and clean up any summer growth that may hang over sidewalks or property lines.  It is also good to prune any shrubs or bushes that block walkways. Also look for electrical lines that may have tree branches growing into them.


Maintain Water Pipes

Fort Worth property management will have at least a day of cold weather day to worry about. Taking care of external pipes can spare you expensive plumbing repairs from exposed, frozen, and broken pipes. Always winterize sprinkler systems if your rental unit has them. Drain excess water from pipes and shut off the water to the sprinklers. Wrap any exposed pipe with a sleeve and detach hoses. Drain any exposed pipe of water to prevent freezing and cracks.


Switching Systems

Either the weather is hot and you need to AC, or the weather quickly changes and the heat is being turned on. Before it gets too cold, it’s a good idea for Fort Worth property managers to get the furnace tuned up with a professional. Tune ups help your furnace stay in good working order. At the same time you can make sure your AC unit is ready for winter and cleaned out of debris and securely covered.  You can also check the level of insulation in the ceiling of your unit to help with both cooling and heating cost. Adding just a little insulation can make a big cost benefit to your tenants.


A responsible Fort Worth property management practice is to always be prepared. Preparation lessens your damage in the winter and which always saves you time and money. It’s a great feeling to know your unit is well maintained and ready for whatever winter blows your way. And ultimately your prep work saves you both time and money.