Fort Worth Rental Property Management Keeps Neighborhoods Safe

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home, but unfortunately, crime and neighborhood relations are things that we have to consider. As property management experts for over 30 years, Specialized Rental Property Management Fort Worth has seen it all. We know the most common crime cases and when they occur as well as the main reasons why neighbors disagree. Read the following tips below for how to keep your home safe during the holidays and how to ease tension in your neighborhood. We are confident that if you follow these tips and enlist our help, you can decrease the stress in your life and have a great relationship with your tenants and their neighbors. 

Tips for a Crime Free Home 

Most Fort Worth rental property management companies will tell you that although winter can be a magical and special time of year, the holidays also present a challenge for keeping crime away. Burglaries and thefts rise during this time of year with tenants leaving town for long periods of time, so no matter how safe of a neighborhood your property is in, it’s important to be aware and protect your home as much as possible. Some tips for keeping your rental home crime-free are below. 

  1. Every door and window should have secure locks. Make sure that the exterior doors have a deadbolt and that you are changing the locks between tenants. Windows do have to be able to open for fire safety reasons, but it’s your job as the property owner to make sure that every window can lock securely. Remind tenants to double-check that all locks are secure before leaving and that spare keys in obvious places (like under the mat) are removed. 
  2. A security system is always a good idea to be extra safe. There are a variety of options out there and some even have cameras. Just make sure that your tenants know how to use the security system that is installed. 
  3. A good burglar deterrent are motion-sensitive security lights. Place them on walkways so that when people walk by, the pathway lights up. 
  4. Have a neighbor or friend check your tenants’ mail for you or tell the post office to stop sending mail for a while. Burglars will look for signs of unattended homes like overstuffed mailboxes or piled newspapers. 
  5. Get rid of landscaping like shrubs or other items that would be an easy place for thieves to hide when sneaking in or out. 
  6. Have tenants put timers on their TV, lights, and lamps to make it look like someone is home. 
  7. Put your tenants through a thorough screening process before they sign a lease. This way you’ll be aware of any criminal history. 
  8. Hire a Fort Worth rental property management company to secure your property. At Specialized Property Management, we can take care of installing a security system, changing the locks in between tenants, and removing outdoor hiding places. We also have a reliable tenant screening process that ensures you know everything you need to about your tenants before they move in. 

How to Calm Neighborhood Tension

Fort Worth rental property management companies understand that when tenants and neighbors respect each other, the community as a whole is safer and more pleasant. However, not every neighborhood is a utopia and disagreements between neighbors will usually happen at some point. When this happens between one of your tenants and another neighbor, it can create tension and disrupt the peace. That’s when Specialized Rental Property Management Fort Worth can step in to help. We can communicate with tenants for you or advise you on what to do when there is tension


Let your tenants know when something is happening that could potentially affect them. They need to feel like the lines of communication are open and that all neighbors are on the same page.

Careful Tenant Screening

When neighbors know that the people living next to them have gone through the same careful tenant screening that they have, they will appreciate it and feel safer. High-quality tenants tend to be both more responsible and respectful of others. 

Clear Expectations

Fort Worth rental property management companies will explain policies to tenants before they sign the lease. This way, tenants know what to expect, how to take care of their homes, and how best to communicate with and respect neighbors. If policies are violated and a problem does occur, tenants already will know actions that need to be taken.

Noise Caused by Neighbors

Even in single family homes, noise from neighbors can be frustrating. It usually only takes a polite request to resolve a problem, but in case there needs to be interference, you should know local noise ordinances and be able to back up your tenant. 

Noise Caused by Tenants

Make sure you communicate noise policies to your tenants at the time of lease signing and strictly enforce those policies while they live on your property.

Proactive Maintenance

Performing regular property inspections will keep the neighborhood looking beautiful, reduce cause for tension among neighbors, and allow you to know what the property needs. If you are in a community that has an HOA, let Specialized Rental Property Management Fort Worth ensure that you’re not breaking any rules. 

Pet Policies

Pets are wonderful and can help tenants connect with their neighbors, but if tenants don’t pick up after them or keep pet noise under control, there can be problems. Make sure that you have pet policies in place at the time of lease signing and that they are strictly enforced.

Smoking Issues

Smoking policies help to respect the space of others, especially in a neighborhood with children. Tenants should avoid smoking close to the neighbor’s property to avoid smoking-related conflicts.

Responsive Management

When Fort Worth rental property management companies have policies in place that proactively maintain the rental unit and respond to tenant concerns, neighbors feel more comfortable because they have happy tenants in the neighborhood.

A Friendly Attitude

Conflicts can always be diffused quicker when tenants, landlords, and neighbors have a positive, established relationship. Being friendly and open with neighbors lay the foundation for smoother conflict resolution when problems do arise. 

Maintaining a Peaceful Neighborhood

Part of living in any community is living close to people that are different from you. We all have different life stories, hobbies, and opinions on how to do things. Fort Worth rental property management companies understand that all these differences can lead to problems. Loud pets, blocked views, trash problems, curious children, and a number of other issues can cause tension between the best of neighbors. Here are a few suggestions to help keep your neighborhood as friendly and neighborly as possible:

Get to Know Your Neighbors

No one wants to be the first to reach out, but most people will reciprocate if reached out to. Even though everyone is busy, it could make a big difference if you are the one to say hello and get to know your neighbors. According to a Pew Research survey in 2010, the majority of American adults only know some or none of their neighbors’ names. Statistics also show that most of us only trust half our neighbors. Getting to know your neighbors can make future problems much easier to resolve. Try getting together with your neighbors for dinner or at least talking to them about professions, names of children, and common interests. Closer relationships will be friendlier and more helpful in the long run.

Be Friendly During Conflict 

Try to resolve problems by being friendly and polite at first. The less confrontational you are, the quicker and easier solving the problem will be. Fort Worth rental property management companies know that the number one cause of neighborhood conflict is unwanted noise and the most common solution is a friendly request, especially from a neighbor that you are on good terms with in the first place. If diplomacy doesn’t work, a neutral, third party, like a property owner or property manager can try mediation with the problem.

Final Conflict Solutions

If diplomacy and mediation just aren’t making a difference with neighborhood conflicts, residents can take their problems to court. At this point, you have no control over the outcome. A judge listens and makes the final decision. And, remember that going to court is never a cheap solution. Sadly, the ultimate problem fix is moving out.

Conflict is human nature, and neighborhood wars may naturally happen. Hopefully, with diplomacy, or with the help of Specialized Rental Property Management Fort Worth, your neighborhood conflicts can be resolved quickly, keeping you and your neighbors in a peaceful and safe neighborhood. As much as you want your personal space respected, be aware that you also have a responsibility to do your part to keep the peace. Specialized Rental Property Management Fort Worth tries to choose rental units in peaceful neighborhoods, create clear lease agreements, and treat both property owners and tenants with respect. Trust our team of experts to take care of all the details and make sure that both you and your tenants are happy. Contact us today to find out more about our services. 

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