property management in Frisco

Better Frisco Property Management

When you need the best property management in Frisco, you need to come to our Specialized team of managers. Our thirty years of experience with thousands of satisfied clients have made us the #1 choice for property management in Frisco. You can try our services risk-free with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Incredible Customer Service


Rental property is all about people helping other people have a comfortable living space to enjoy. We can run numbers, plan repairs, and manage with integrity, but we also understand the importance of customer services for both owners and tenants. Our 98% customer satisfaction rating reflects our business philosophy of working with people. We value:

  • Respect for owner and tenant
  • Clear communication
  • Integrity in our business practices


More Affordable Services


High-quality services at no-risk to you. Fewer mistakes and faster leasing times means our fees quickly pay for themselves. And, you can easily budget for our fees because you will never have any surprises with our pricing. Owners enjoy:

  • No up-front costs
  • Never any hidden fees
  • Always clear pricing for the service you choose


Faster Leasing Time


The fewer vacancy days you experience, the greater cash flow you enjoy. Our Specialized team has the local expertise to rent most homes in less than 29 days. Our leasing services include:

  • Property rent-ready preparations
  • Remodeling services with clean-up
  • Online virtual tours
  • Highly trained leasing agents


Carefully Screened Tenant Applications


We understand that placing the highest quality tenant in your rental is the key to the success of your investment. The right tenant minimizes risk to your property and gives you a consistent cash flow. So, we rigorously screen every applicant over 18 years old and check::

  • Rental history
  • Verified employment
  • Background and sex offender lists
  • Credit history


Reduced Legal Risk


You have legal peace of mind with our Frisco property managers on your investment team which includes the services of an in-house legal team to help you with:

  • Risk mitigation policies
  • Eviction and writ of possession services
  • Lease preparation


Financial Services


Owners experience less waiting and more transparency with their money.  Our business with integrity policy is reflected in how we handle the financial side of your investment.

  • Independent monthly audits
  • Owner 1099 preparation
  • ACH/direct deposits
  • Online rent collection
  • Professional collection

Our Specialized Team understands the rental cycle and can offer the most comprehensive rental property management in Frisco. We are ready to start working for you. Call today.