Arlington Property Management Guide

When you own rental property, you understand that a vacancy sign means a pause in your cash flow.  Arlington Property  Managers want their property rented as quickly as possible to reliable tenants. Here are some ideas to help you meet your Arlington Property Management goals.


Make the First Impression Count

Arlington Property Managers know that curb-side appeal is critical to attracting reliable tenants. Assess how your property looks as you drive up to see if it invites potential renters to want to see the inside of the home. If your property doesn’t look appealing to you on the outside, chances are it won’t be attractive to renters either.


Check Safety and Security

Before you rent your property to a new tenant, Texas law requires Property Management in Arlington TX to re-key rental property before a new tenant moves in. Property Managers in Arlington TX should be concerned about the safety of their tenants. The law also requires that working smoke detectors are placed adequately throughout the home. Make sure batteries in detectors are new.


Upkeep During Vacancy

New tenants want to feel at home and immediately be able to see themselves living in your property. A good Arlington Property Management decision is to leave the utilities on even during vacancies. Lights and controlled temperatures makes your property feel inviting and ready to be lived in. Lawns and yards can be maintained and mowed. You want potential tenants to be able to see themselves living in your home.


Do your work before you advertise

Homes routinely need maintenance. When a property is vacant, it is a good time to need remodels and repairs. Deep cleaning and replacing appliances should be taken care of before a property is shown to prospective renters. Property managers in Arlington TX should also have all needed remodel work finished and cleaned up before advertising the vacancy. A construction zone is a liability for any any property management in Arlington TX.

We all want to put our best foot forward. When it comes to investment property that you want to rent and keep rented, that means maintaining your property on the inside and outside. It means keeping cosmetic flaws fixed, appliances clean and properly working, and safety and security always in working order.  The way your rental home looks affects the way it feels, and that affects your ability to attract reliable tenants as quickly as possible