How do Tenants with Disabilities Affect Your Lease Agreement?

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For those with mental or physical disabilities, renting a home may be a better option than purchasing. Fort Worth property managers need to prepare themselves for interactions and contracts with a person who has a disability. There are laws and rights protecting these individuals from discrimination, and unprepared Fort Worth property managers may find themselves in a lawsuit due to even unintentional discrimination. Managers must know that lease agreements or general accommodations on the property must support the needs of those with disabilities.

  1.  The first step is to understand who meets the requirements to obtain legal protection for a disability. This group includes:
      • Persons with a written record of a disability
      • Persons with a mental or physical limitation that prevents the ability to perform major life activities
      • Persons perceived by others as having a disability
  1.  The next step is to understand the legal protections available to this group through Fair Housing Act requirements. This includes protection from discrimination because of:
      • Race
      • Color
      • Sex
      • Religion
      • Presence of children
      • Disability

Rental applications should not ask questions about disabilities, including the severity of the disability. And property management in Fort Worth, TX should be cautious to avoid these discriminatory questions in verbal conversations as well.

  1. Beyond application discrimination, if a protected individual rents your property he or she also has rights to reasonable accommodations. A simplified overview is that the rental property or policies governing your unit may need alterations to accommodate an individual’s disability. Accommodations deemed “reasonable” according to the law are typically paid for by the tenant. The property should be returned to its original condition when the tenant moves out. All accommodations of this nature should be clearly documented in an addendum to your leasing agreement to ensure the terms are clearly understood and followed by both parties.
  2.  Property management in Fort Worth, TX should always be on guard for potential pets that are service animals. Service animals are given an exception to no-pet policies, and landlords are required by law to allow them in the rental property. Service animals are also protected from additional pet fees.


Our Specialized team has the experience and legal knowledge to ensure that all accommodations and lease policies allow tenants with disabilities to enjoy where they choose to live. We are the Specialized Fort Worth property managers owners can trust to keep their rentals and lease agreements in compliance with all laws and regulations. Find out what we can do for the success of your rental investment. Find us at

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