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Maintain Stability by Enforcing the Rent Cycle

The purpose of a rental property is simple: to collect rent payments. The process of getting to that point – month after month after month – is anything but simple. Even well-screened tenants can hit a difficult patch in life, and you find yourself in the collections business or facing an eviction.

After 30 years of experience as property managers in Fort Worth, the team members at Specialized have a few solid ideas to simplify the rent cycle process for you. We implement this process for thousands of landlords like yourself every month as we successfully collect those golden ticket rent payments. We guarantee it works.

Here is our local Arlington property management three-step process:

    1. Carefully Screen Tenants. When a renter has adequate income to make a rent payment, you can usually expect that payment consistently on time. Always verify employment and income for tenant applicants over 18 years old.
    2. Communicate Clearly. Set expectations with tenants early. Communicate firm but fair rent policies up front. We learned that when you establish set expectations with tenants early, clearly, and respectfully, the outcome is in their hands. This also means it’s usually a better outcome for all parties.
    3. Follow Up. If rent isn’t paid on time, it triggers the automated collections so not a moment is wasted. Our respectful yet tough team acts like clockwork to enforce the lease and avoid delays.

Specialized also makes it convenient for tenants to submit payments online, so the funds are then electronically deposited into the owner’s account. We work hard to know the backdrop of laws, regulations, and codes so we can work as quickly as the law allows and minimize the number of rent-free days if an eviction becomes necessary. And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, we keep the process professional not personal. That’s easier for us since we’re professional property managers in Fort Worth. It’s what we do.

Put our proven Arlington property management processes, systems, and people to work for you. Call a team member at Specialized today. We’ll get you back to focusing just on one thing: watching the rent payments roll into your account.