How to Avoid Neglecting Inspections

Arlington property management

Avoid Problems and Increased Expense with Proactive Attention

We second what Francis Bacon and others said about information: “Knowledge is power,”

When it comes to your Arlington rental, property management done well means keeping an eye on your property even when tenant occupied. Why? You don’t know what you don’t know. A lot can happen to a rental property between tenants. Also, it’s hard to make proactive decisions about maintenance, repairs, and lease compliance without real information about current conditions.

Our Specialized solution to empower you with this knowledge is three-fold. 1. We routinely send inspectors to your property. 2. We send you pictures and a report through your online owner portal. 3. If needed, we send in licensed reinforcements to do maintenance and repairs.

Arlington Property Management Inspection Steps

  1. Property and Lease Compliance Inspections

We give tenants advanced notice of the planned quarterly or semiannual inspections. Many appreciate the proactive approach to maintaining the property. We communication this inspection schedule at the time of the lease signing to help manage tenant expectations. We also take photos of the property at move-in to help establish the baseline condition. During the inspection, we assess needed maintenance – inside and outside – taking photos of areas needing attention. We also take note of lease compliance.

  1. Online Owner Portal Reports

All you need to remember is your password to our Arlington property management online owner portal where you receive a dashboard of information about your property. We upload inspection reports, photos, recommendations, and supporting information to help you make the best decision possible.

  1. Proactive Maintenance and Repairs

Based upon your review and direction, we coordinate with appropriate repair or cleaning personnel to respond to any situation we discovered. We also send and follow up with written warnings of any violations we observed. This process is done discretely and respectfully.  
In the end, if you have an Arlington rental, property management is likely forefront on your mind. Conducting routine property inspections – whether you do them yourself or use our Specialized team – not only gives you the peace of mind and information you need but also gives tenants a reason to care more about the property themselves. They are more likely to treat your unit well when they see you do the same. You set the tone. We can help. Call today to put our experience to work for you.

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