How To Avoid Rental Scams

In your search for apartments or single-family housing to rent in Fort Worth, you should be aware of potential scams. These scammers utilize various ways to lure you in, such as fake rental ads on Craigslist and other websites for properties not legally owned by them. By following your instincts and a few simple guidelines, you can avoid rental scams.

Do not pay any deposit before signing the lease

The only priority of scammers is to get money from you. It is not the norm for a legitimate landlord or property management company to request rent deposits before the completion of an application form, which will provide information on your employment and rental history. Scammers try to expedite the process and sometimes request a deposit before you view the property or sign a lease. An actual landlord would generally want to, at least, meet the individual who will be residing in their properties.

You should do your best to confirm the legality of the person renting the property. Do some research to identify the name of the homeowner or property manager when renting a house. Additionally, you need to ascertain whether the house is in foreclosure or if there are any other issues that would prevent the rental of and residence in the property. In the case of apartments, the main lease generally does not allow subleasing. It is therefore advisable that you rent an apartment only from the property owner or rental manager.

Scammers usually request cash deposits or wire transfers, which should alert you depending on the situation. Avoid cash payments if possible. If you have to pay by cash, make sure that a receipt is provided immediately. By offering low rental rates, scammers can entice persons to pay a deposit to secure the apartment, however, anyone who requires a deposit before signing a lease is more than likely a fraudulent individual.

Ask for a showing/tour of the property

It is important to ask pertinent questions when renting a property. If the person showing you the property does not seem to know the answers or is reluctant to provide answers, then this may be a scammer. If you are not able to view the property and are only provided with photographs and floor plans, then it is probable that the person does not really have access to the property and cannot legally represent it.

By avoiding rental scams, you will save yourself time, money, and frustration. You need to take the time to identify any red flags, such as being asked to pay a deposit before viewing the property or signing a lease. These are not standard operating procedures in the legitimate rental of properties. You need to make sure that you are dealing with the actual landlords or property management companies.

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