How Your Arlington Property Management Company Helps you Avoid Scary Landlord Stories

Arlington residential property management

A scary landlord tale can be from either the perspective of the tenant or the landlord. Property owners who stay in the business of Arlington residential property management long enough will have stories to tell about interesting tenants and situations. And, tenants with long-term rental experience can have some strange landlord experiences. An internet search of scary landlord stories will bring up stories of property damage, rental maintenance problems, and even landlord home invasions. Even though some situations can’t be predicted or avoided, Specialized is your Arlington property management company that has a few hints on how to avoid the scary rental story whether you are an owner or a tenant.

Landlords Should Never Skip the Tenant Screening Step

A landlord needs to make careful decisions about who will live in their rental unit. Even though applications can’t have discriminating questions about race, color, religion, or disabilities, a landlord can screen every potential tenant over the age of 18 with a background, employment verification, criminal, rental history, terrorist list, and sex offender list checks. Applicant screening is the best way for landlords to get a better picture of who is wanting to live in their units. Specialized always screens tenants as part of the proven process for their successful Arlington residential property management leasing service.

Don’t Forget the Regular Inspection Schedule

Once a lease is signed, and tenants have moved in, landlords should still keep in contact with the residents and check on their rental property with regular inspections. Seasonal, maintenance, and simple drive-by inspections give your Arlington property management company opportunity to check on maintenance needs and lease compliance. Your tenants will appreciate a well-kept property as inspections help you take care of problems before repair needs turn into big ugly monsters.

Specialized has over thirty years experience with Arlington residential property management. Our expert managers work hard to prevent scary situation with tenants and property problems. There is nothing scary about our business integrity and professional management services that have earned us a 98% customer satisfaction rating. And, don’t be afraid to learn more about our services and what we can do for your individual rental property needs at

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