Is Your Rental Home Ready for Winter?

With winter weather on the horizon your Arlington property management company wants to make sure your home is ready for freezing temperatures. The last thing you need is a leaking pipe or broken water heater at your rental property. Before the cold weather hits hard take these steps to protect your property.

  • Walk around the house and cover any outdoor faucets or piping. When outdoor faucets freeze they could burst leading to a huge and expensive issue for your home.
  • Depending on the builder, your home may have indoor pipes running through the attic. If so, these pipes will need extra insulation to prevent freezing. Check the attic and cover any pipes with tubular pipe insulation.
  • If your water heater is an older model consider covering it with insulated blankets.
  • If your rental home is vacant make sure you keep the utilities running. Turn the heater on to prevent anything inside from freezing. You do not need to warm the whole house so it is comfortable for guests, just turn the thermostat to above freezing.

Regular Inspections From Your Arlington Residential Property Management

Regular inspections and proactive maintenance are important steps you can take to protect your home in any weather. Without walking through the home it is nearly impossible to know what needs to be done to protect it from winter weather. At Specialized Property Management we ensure your rental home is taken care of to the smallest detail. With our proven processes and experienced team no Arlington property management company does more to protect your property. Our owner portal allows you to view the latest reports and pictures from recent inspections so you are never in the dark about what is happening on your property. For more information, or to hear about our comprehensive list of services, call Specialized today!

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