Landlord-Tenant Tips for Successful Property Management in Fort Worth, TX

property management in Fort Worth

We live in a competitive world looking for instant gratification. If a tenant does not feel fully satisfied with the service we provide, he or she will quickly move on. Good customer service is the best way to keep tenants happy and turnover low. Property management in Fort Worth, TX should focus on tenant satisfaction by following these simple pointers:

1. Provide several paths for filing complaints

For a tenant to file a complaint they’ve experienced dissatisfaction with one or more aspects of their experience in your rental property. If the process for filing that complaint is also frustrating, it will be difficult for you to recover and regain a positive perspective from them of your services. By making the communication process quick and easy, your tenants are more likely to be patient and responsive through the process. A few options to include in terms of complaint registries include:

    • An email address to reach you directly.
    • A non-emergency phone number. Be sure available times for using this number are communicated clearly.
    • An electronic submission form via your website or tenant portal.
    • An emergency 24/7 hotline phone number for urgent needs.

2. Always respond

After receiving a complaint, Fort Worth property managers should respond promptly. A good customer service policy is that all lines of communication should be responded to personally by Fort Worth property managers within one business day. If for whatever reason you are unable to respond quickly, apologize for the delay and assure your tenants that their wellbeing is important to you and that you will resolve their problem quickly.

3. Update Often

Most problems take some time to solve. Giving tenants updates along the way will help them know you haven’t forgotten about their situation and that you are moving toward resolving it. Here’s how an update could work:

    • A tenant files a complaint by sending you an email.
    • You respond to the email within 24 hours to confirm you’ve received it and will start working toward a solution.
    • You hire a contractor to fix the problem, and you schedule a time for the repair. You then inform the tenant about the scheduled time of repair.
    • After the fix, you reach out the tenant again to confirm they are satisfied with the fix and that their concerns are completely resolved.

Make a habit of working with tenants quickly and respectfully when they have a concern. Our Specialized property management in Fort Worth, TX wants to help you keep your tenants happy in your rental home for long-term rental property success. Check out our incredible services at

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